Wha?? No hockey?!?!?

Oh my god, I have to go a whole week without hockey? How will I ever manage?? I need a fix…
So far, I have just been working out and catching up on my sleep. I’ve also watched a couple TV shows I normally don’t get to watch on Thursdays. I usually have to watch them on the weekends.

I know there is All-Star game stuff to watch this weekend, but really…it’s just not the same! I will be watching it though, mostly to support Doan and Bods.
In other news, Shumway has stepped aside as CEO. Moyes will now be taking over the Coyotes while Shumway will focus on other aspects of Moyes’ businesses.

Shumway has been good for the Coyotes organization, but I could see where Moyes would want to do this. It gets another salary off the Coyotes books and Moyes more involved with the day to day workings of the teams, as he may retain some ownership. It sounds like they are looking for investors and part-owners to help Moyes out. It doesn’t look like they are going to completely sell the team off.

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