What are the video support regulations for the 2018 World Cup?

Soccer: World Cup-Germany vs Mexico
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This is the new feature of the 2018 World Cup: video arbitration assistance (VAR). Like any new technology, this system needs time to adapt. But in a sport where every decision can change the outcome of the match, the margin of error is not allowed. So every use of the VAR is necessarily spied on, contested by everyone.

Very often since the beginning of the competition, the question of why the referee did not call upon the video on such or such action returns in the debates. But as the rules underline, it is the VAR who requests the field referee and not the other way round. If the referees who are in the bus do not consider it necessary to use it, it is the decision of the referees, and not that of the central referee.

Another reminder: the VAR can only be requested on 4 situations:

  • Goal
  • Penalty
  • Red card
  • The identity of the player to sanction

The referee is therefore neither for anything, as he is not allowed to appeal to the video on other situations. So watch your bets, teams that are good at simulations can still bluff the referee. Feel free to share the information with those around you !

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