What Color Jersey Is Each Team Wearing In Super Bowl 57?

Super Bowl 57 trophy

The Philadelphia Eagles and Kansas City Chiefs face off on Sunday evening in Super Bowl 57.

The Eagles have announced that they will be wearing green jerseys, and the Chiefs will be wearing white jerseys.

Find out how well each team played in the selected jerseys in 2022.

The Eagles Soar In Green Jerseys

The Eagles are 5-2 when wearing their green jerseys in 2022.

In their three previous Super Bowl appearances, the Eagles also wore green.

The 1981 green was a kelly green; whereas the 2005 and 2018 green jerseys were the darker more contemporary shade.

The Chiefs Win In White Jerseys 

The Chiefs are 6-2 when wearing the white jerseys this season.

In four previous Super Bowls trips, the Chiefs are 2-2.

However, they only wore the white jersey one time in Super Bowl 1 against the Green Bay Packers.

In the other Super Bowls, they wore their trademark bright red jerseys.

It is unclear if the Chiefs will wear white or red pants with the white jersey.

In the aforementioned Super Bowl 1, they wore all white, and it was subsequently banned by head coach Hank Stram after that loss and was not worn again until decades later.

Does Jersey Color Matter?

History points to a prevalence of white jersey teams winning the Super Bowl.

Fox Sports reports that in the previous 56 Super Bowls, 36 teams wore white jerseys and 20 wore non-white jerseys.

This is probably a coincidence because jersey color does not dictate Super Bowl success; otherwise, everyone would be vying to wear white.

Fans Will Be Wearing All Jersey Colors

One thing is for sure, there will be jerseys of all colors in State Farm Stadium on Sunday night.

We can expect throwback Eagles jerseys in kelly green, black Eagles jerseys, white and red Chiefs jerseys, and maybe even Arizona Cardinals burgundy jerseys as well.

The next question is what color the Super Bowl champion t-shirts and hats will be.

The AFC and NFC Champion apparel revealed two weeks ago is mainly gray in color.

We will find out soon enough on Sunday night.


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