What Do You Want To See On Saturday? – Purdue edition

Jeff at The BBC

The record! – Tomorrow, a victory will give Ohio State a tie for the most consecutive road wins in the Big Ten (17).  We’ll get to break the record against Penn State, but first we have to tie it.

Foot on the gas pedal – This team has the talent, the motivation, and the desire to absolutely destroy a team on the field.  Despite a 4-game stretch of wide-margin victories, I don’t think we’ve seen what the Buckeyes can really do when they’re playing a truly great game.  Time to change that.

MINIMUM of 40 points – Purdue has the 11th-best scoring defense in the Big Ten.  Toledo scored 31 on them.  I demand 40, at least.

ANYBODY except Glen Mason or Matt Millen in the booth – The last two weeks we have been subjected to the worst color commentation I have ever witnessed.  I’m beginning to envy Vincent Van Gogh.

You – Yes, you.  I want to see YOU back here on Saturday.  We do a live chat during every game, in partnership with Our Honor Defend, Men Of The Scarlet And Gray, and The Buckeye Blog.  Also, Eleven Warriors and the Columbus’ Dispatch’s Ken Gordon have their Twitter feeds sent through our chats.  Be here, it’s a hell of a lot of fun.  This one time, at Buckeye Chat, we talked about the best way to see Matt Millen die, for about 30 straight minutes.


Shut Out – Yeah, I’m greedy. But this should be another chance to do it.

Hall Yes! – With Boom out, we know Saine’s going to go insane (see what I did there?). I want to see a score from The (other) Pride of Jeanette.

Prior Pryor – Remember the QB from the Toledo/Indiana games? Let’s bring him on the trip with us, shall we?

Still nothing on the year… and with the way the Boiler’s sling it around, you’d think this would be the chance.

Too Much To Ask? – I’d love to have a game without a false start penalty before my daughter goes to college. She’s almost three, so time’s running out.


Lots and lots of scarlet and gray – I will be making the trip west this weekend for my first road Buckeye game. I want to see lots of fellow Buckeyes in West Lafayette and I would also like to hear an O-H-I-O or two make its way around the stadium.

Offense – Any sort of movement of the ball from the guys wearing white jerseys will do.

Thaddeous Gibson getting sacks – The guy that has shut down offenses almost by himself (see the Illinois game) only has one (credited) sack this year. It would be nice to see that number tripled against the pass happy Boilermakers. Then again, Purdue will probably try to hit us with a bunch of quick passes in the flats, and Gibson has been dropping back in coverage quite a bit, so an INT for Gibson (who at this point is one of the few lineman without one) would be acceptable as well.

Saine with 100+ on the ground – I mentioned this in my week 7 look at the running backs, but nothing will help out Pryor more than establishing the run game. It would be great to see Saine break 100 for the second time this season. The last time he was in Indiana, so he has that going for him right off the bat.


Brandon Saine run for 100+ yards –  The disappointing running game from last week cannot continue.  Saine needs to pick things up where everyone else is leaving off.

Terrelle Pryor throw for 200+ yards and 0 Interceptions –  It’s a pipe dream right now given how Pryor is looking as a passer.  I’m convinced that he’s suffering from too much information and not enough experience to sort it all out.  A good step in the right direction is to look awesome against a weak Purdon’t defense.

Hurt Coleman continue his meanness streak –  So much for the ‘nameless defense’.  Both Ross Homan and Coleman are making names for themselves.  I’m looking for Coleman to have another monster game and hopefully make Purdon’t’s quarterback cry.

Another Special Teams touchdown –  We’ve gone a very very long time since seeing a Kickoff returned for a touchdown in Ohio Stadium (previous was in 1997).  It would be nice for this team to start returning kicks on a regular basis, especially with our anemic offense.

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