What Does Turkey’s Group Stage Elimination Say About So-Called “Dark Horses”?

This Euros has been a tournament of many successes and upsets, and there are still so many to go. Turkey was considered by many to be the dark horses of the competition, but their dreams came to an end and they were eliminated from the tournament. With this has then come a spotlight on these so-called dark horses.

Standing Out Amongst Talent

It is quite common to find stories of dark horses emerging simply because there is so much talent on offer in a tournament like the Euros. Many of the players here will play for the best teams in the world. On top of this, the national teams themselves will often be fantastic, with many of them having multiple World Cup or prior Euros titles under their belts.

Due to this, it can often mean that any team ranked below them will be referred to as a dark horse as they start to progress. Even a team like Turkey, not one that you might immediately think of when considering European football, has its fair share of expert players, and they know what it is going to take to win matches.

Interest From the Bookies

So-called dark horses will often attract a lot of interest from the bookies and other experts, as they will have a more interesting trajectory throughout the tournament than other teams. Whether you are betting online at Casumo or checking out the odds at another popular site, you can often find some intriguing options for dark horses.

These do represent the classic underdog story, something that everyone loves. If you want to stay clear of the big teams, checking out what the dark horses are predicted to do might offer you some interesting paths to follow.

Always a Chance for an Upset

Of course, there is always the chance for a dark horse to come through and cause a major upset in the competition. Yes, it might be more likely that we will see them get knocked out by the bigger and more established teams, but there is equally a chance that they could progress successfully.

The Euros 2020 has already been a tournament of twists and turns so far, so it will be fascinating to see how things progress in the later stages. Though a dark horse like Turkey might have been knocked out early, there is always the chance that another will rise to the challenge. Dark horses do often fall by the wayside, but there is also a chance that they can dominate the competition.

There are definitely some teams left competing in the Euros who are dark horses, and equally there are many favourites who have been knocked out. Waiting and watching for the champions of this tournament is likely to reveal some incredibly interesting games. Who will come out on top? A firm favourite, or a dark horse racing for victory? Only time will tell who the winner will be!