What is the difference between Cruiser bikes VS BMX bikes?

If you are looking for any bicycle, you should consider your needs first. Different bikes are perfect for different types of purposes. The cruiser bike and BMX bike are of two different types. If you are interested in these two and choose one of them, the article is for you. If you go through the article, you will have a clear idea of these two and it will be easy for you to choose one.

Cruiser bike

If you are looking for a bike focusing on comfort more than speed, a cruiser bike can be your choice. Having a big body, padded seat, and a wide handlebar, a cruiser bike can ensure a comfortable ride. 

May 26, 2017; Indianapolis, IN, USA; Verizon IndyCar Series driver Oriol Servia rides his bike during Carb Day for the 101st Running of the Indianapolis 500 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports
  • The first requirement of comfort riding is a bike that keeps your body in an upright position. A cruiser bike is specially designed for this purpose. The rider can keep the body straight. The broad seat with the soft pad will enable the rider to sit comfortably. This configuration will give you no pain. 
  • Cruiser bikes are mainly for casual bikers. If you want to roam around during your weekend, this bike is for you too. Now, you can easily understand that they did not design it for speed. The flat tires and heavyweight of this bike are responsible for its slow motion. However, you can speed up to 15 miles per hour. And for the flat tires, you can ride over the road dirt without being punctured.
  • You can choose a cruise bike for city riding as well as along the paved paths. The tires of the cruiser bikes are tough enough to ride on the pavements and the route full of dirt. 
  • The frame of the cruiser bike is durable enough. You can modify your cruiser bike with light and fenders. You can also attach a saddle bag to carry lightweight goods.

BMX bike

The term BMX means bike motocross. Bike Motocross is an off-road bike racing held on the tortuous and bumpy route. So, it becomes evident that a BMX bike is mainly used to ride on off-road tracks. 

  • Mainly the young generation admires BMX bikes. It enables them to do tricks and make awesome wheelies. The BMX bike is modified for jumping from higher places. It also enables to move faster.
  • The seat is not comfortable for a long time. As it is designed for speed and doing tricks, you have to consider these points.
  • The frame of the BMX bike is light and strong. But there’s no chance to modify with lights or something. Because it is not needed for this bike actually.

Cruiser bike vs BMX bike

The following differences between the two will clear your idea about them.

Oct 11, 2018; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Martin Habada (CZE) competes in the Mixed BMX Freestyle Park Men’s Small Final in the Parque Mujeres Argentinas, Urban Park. The Youth Olympic Games, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mandatory Credit: Simon Bruty for OIS/IOC Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports


The frame of cruiser bikes are larger in size and usually made of steel. However, there are some new models that are lighter because of using aluminum.

On the other hand, the frame of the BMX bike is made of aluminum and carbon mainly. For which the frame is lightweight as well as strong.


The diameter of the wheels of a cruiser bike is usually 26 inches with a flat tire called balloon tire. This type of tire can easily roll over the road debris.

The wheels of the BMX bike are usually 20 inches to 24 inches in diameter. They are strong and specially modified for rapid changes of direction and jumping. 


The cruiser bikes have mainly coaster brakes as this type is enough for the cruisers. If you need a little more speed, then you have to use a rear coaster brake.

Most of the BMX bikes use rear brakes only. It helps them to spin the handlebar so fast which stabilizes the bike in rapid cornering and jumping from high.


The handlebars of the cruiser bikes are large and a bit curved to the back so that you can easily keep your hands at ease. However, this arrangement will not let you turn quickly.

On the contrary, the handlebars of the BMX bikes are straight. This helps the rider to grip strongly and ride faster.

Oct 11, 2018; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Inaki Iriartes ARG competes in the Mixed BMX Freestyle Park Men’s Big Final in the Parque Mujeres Argentinas, Urban Park. The Youth Olympic Games, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Mandatory Credit: Simon Bruty for OIS/IOC Handout Photo via USA TODAY Sports


We just tried to give you an idea about cruiser bikes and BMX bikes. We have also given some considerable differences between the two. 

Both are efficient in their own needs. If you need a bike to roam around comfortably, then choose a cruiser bike. And if you need a bike for off-road biking, BMX bikes will be perfect for you. Now, the choice is yours.