What is Versus Doing? Part 2

Last year, I wrote a post about Versus signing off too quickly after a playoff game in favor of showing Professional Bull Riding. Tonight, I ask again, what is Versus doing? There have been times during the playoffs when Versus has depended on Canadian TV partners CBC or TSN to show games from Canada or the West Coast after it has aired a game from the East Coast.

Well, with only one game tonight, Versus has not sent a crew to televise Game 6 of the San Jose-Dallas game, it instead has relied on TSN. I don’t know what exactly owner Comcast is making on Versus, but you would think that with a game in the US, the company would be able to have its own announcing crew on-site.

But instead, Versus has only its studio crew in New York doing wraparounds in between periods while TSN shows promos for its programs that don’t air in the United States. It’s not as if Comcast does not have money, quite the contrary. If you want to depend on CBC or TSN, just show their coverage throughout the playoffs and don’t send any crews. Their coverage is better than Versus’ anyway, but for a network to say it will give the NHL top priority, this is not how to show your love.

Apparently, NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman doesn’t care because he has his money from Versus. This is just atrocious.

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