The best show on television returned Sunday night with a double four hour premiere. Yes, I’m talking about “24”. The show began with Jack Bauer actually looking quite content. He had a new girlfriend. His daughter, Kim was safe and living with her boyfriend, former agent Chase Edmunds. He was no longer at the Counter Terrorism Unit and he was living in Washington, DC, far away from Los Angeles.

However, a regular fan of “24” knew that the happiness would not last long. Jack’s boss, Secretary of Defense James Heller was kidnapped along with Jack’s new girlfriend, Heller’s daughter, Audrey Raines.

Of course, “24” wouldn’t be “24” without true villains. We have that with the Araz family, a Middle Eastern family ready to wreak havoc on the country.

Jack has his foil with CTU Director Erin Driscoll and he continues to do whatever he has to do to get Secretary Heller away from the terrorists.

If this doesn’t hook you, then you’ll never get into “24”. I admit, I didn’t watch the first season and got into the show midway into the second season, but after watching it weekly, I got really hooked. So hooked that I bought the Season 1 DVD and then watched the entire Season 2 DVD. Yes, I bought the Season 3 DVD and was watching it up to the Season 4 premieres on Sunday and Monday.

The producers always try to keep the surprises to a maximum and maintain the quality of the show. There is unpredictability, but that also means some unnecessary subplots that at times, bog the show down.

Some of the cast from last season have yet to appear including Carlos Bernard (Tony Almeida), Reiko Aylesworth (Michelle Dessler) and Dennis Haysbert (President David Palmer), but regular “24” fans who scan the internet for spoilers and information have learned that all will return at one time or another during this season. As for Kim, she probably won’t come back, although fans who were distressed over “Kimnappings” in the previous 3 seasons can rest assured that we will not see that this season.

And when Jack yelled “WHAT IS YOUR PRIMARY OBJECTIVE” in the first hour of the new season, I wanted to use that line when asking my co-workers for information.

I admit I cannot get enough of this show. Every once in a while, I’ll write a review of the previous week’s show here. Suffice it to say that “24” is back and I’m ready for the roller coaster ride that comes with the show.

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