What Legalized Betting Means for Sports Fans Across the United States

In May 2018, the Supreme Court invalidated Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA), a 26-year-old federal ban that barred people from placing bets on sports events in the United States.

This ruling empowered each US state to make its individual decision on whether to allow wagers on sports or not. Before PASPA was lifted, sports betting had been prohibited across the entirety of the US, with the exception of four states – Delaware, Montana, Oregon and, of course, Nevada which is basically fueled by the lights of Vegas.

So, what does discharging PASPA mean for sports fans? The infographic below created by NJ Games suggests that it’s now safe to say that some significant changes were sparked in the way everyday people in the US consume sports.

Practically speaking, there’s a good chance you’re now able to walk into your local NBA arena, settle into a seat, order refreshments, take out your phone and place a bet on, let’s say, whether the teams will score more than 100 total points in the first half. In terms of the average Joe’s perspective, this has the potential to completely refresh an otherwise unimportant regular season game.

While this certainly is a huge change for US-based fans, PASPA’s dismissal actually does nothing more but simply normalize the way millions of people prefer to view and experience sports.

This was one of the main reasons why PASPA was struck down in the first place – people have already been betting on sports in huge numbers and amounts despite the fact it was illegal to do so. Since it’s now legal to place wagers, fans will simply continue to bet in more orderly venues where their wager will help generate tax income.

As you can see, PASPA’s removal was a win-win decision for both fans and sports leagues, as well as for states that can now make a fair amount of profit on the betting industry. As a result, sports gambling in the US is about to become bigger, better, and simply more a part of people’s lives as we continue to move forward.

Needless to say, the new legislation will not be compelling everybody to put $30 down in order to consume a game, but it will make sure that no responsible adult in America feels like a criminal if that’s what they want to do.

However, since we’re obviously dealing with a huge change in US sports culture as well as with something that’s sensibly reserved only for adults, understanding precisely what canceling Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act did is of vital importance.

This infographic clearly explains every string pulled by the cancellation of PASPA. It covers some of the most crucial topics behind the Supreme Court’s decision and explains all the changes that were either already caused or will be caused by recent shifts in law.

The infographic also answers some of the most burning questions surrounding the recently invigorated world of sports betting, like which states have already legalized it, what kind of an economic impact can we expect to see, how PASPA’s cancelation could impact employment rates, etc.

All in all, the team at NJgames.org made sure to provide you with a perfect resource that both entertains and educates at the same time.