What's next for the Buffalo Bills?

Tyrod and Zay

The fact that the Buffalo Bills traded away Tyrod Taylor wasn’t a surprise- what was the surprise is that they traded him now, over a month away before the NFL Draft.

Currently, Buffalo only has Nathan Peterman, last year’s 5th round pick, and Joe Webb, who has switched between receiver and quarterback over his career.

In exchange for Taylor, the Bills added a 3rd round pick.

Now the real question is, who will be the Bills starting quarterback in 2018? There was already a belief that it wasn’t going to be Tyrod, that’s now done. But who takes over?

We access the situation, and we see three scenarios.

1- Trade for a QB. Think Nick Foles or Trevor Siemian.  Even while Foles was sitting on the bench in Kansas City backing up Alex Smith, the truth is, he isn’t a bad quarterback at all.  Buffalo ran a lot of RPO plays (read-pass option) with Taylor, which is the same offense where Foles has exceled in.

2- Sign a free agent QB. In this scenario, Buffalo has their pick of the litter. AJ McCarron, Mike Glennon, Josh McCown, and Jay Cutler could all be options for the Bills. In this picture, Buffalo would seem to indicate that they don’t believe Nathan Peterman is their future starter. Signing McCarron could give Buffalo some leeway into not having to move up into the Top 10 to draft a QB, but instead, sit and wait for their quarterback later in the first round.

3- Draft a QB. This seems to be the trend right now for Buffalo. A trade with Cincy allowed the Bills to move up from 21 to 12, and they seem to be in position to move even farther up to take whoever it is they covet. Be it Josh Rosen, Josh Allen, or Baker Mayfield. My money, would be on Josh Allen.

(I’ve had this article ready to go for several days, just hadn’t finish it. Now it’s done, and better to finish it now with free agency in high gear right now)

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