Where Have You Gone, Nino Espinosa?

MLB: New York Mets at Pittsburgh Pirates

Zack Wheeler did something on Sunday that only five other Mets had done in history.

The first two of these instances happening in the same doubleheader is mind-blowing.

The last one, until Sunday, was done by the late Nino Espinosa. who pitched a complete game that day. So now, I give you … Nino Espinosa vs. the Phillies:

Okay, so it wasn’t the exact game from 1977, in which Espinosa’s RBI came off Steve Carlton. But this is from July 31st, 1978, when Espinosa didn’t do so well against Dick Ruthven. But no matter. Let’s use Zack Wheeler’s accomplishments to spotlight Nino Espinosa. Because what else are we going to accomplish this season?

Hopefully Wheeler won’t be traded to the Phillies tomorrow for Richie Hebner.

Today’s Hate List

Can we try not to overreact to Devin Mesoraco saying that he’s love a trade to a contender? First off, read the entire quote. Second, I’d love to root for a contender. But unfortunately I have a no-trade clause which was signed in blood by Satan. So everybody please calm down.

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