White Sox are hot, are they back now?


0The Chicago White Sox started off the season as arguably the most disappointing team in all of baseball. There was a time when this team was multiple games back from first place in the American League Central and there were plenty of questions about what they were going to be able to do in the future.

Fortunately for Chicago, they’ve managed to turn it around and now sit at 61-56 and are only one game behind the first-place Cleveland Guardians in the division.

White Sox Might Be Back

Plenty of the White Sox players had stuff to say, according to MLB.com:

“Get him in the zone. The main thing. First and second, I want to get the ball in the air,” Sheets said of his thought process as he stepped in for Lenyn Sosa. “I didn’t want to hit something on the ground and get a double play.

“He went to the breaking ball, and my main thought was get something in the air and get something in the strike zone. I was able to do that, and I was just hoping Seby was going to score.”
“It’s a different kind of pat on the back, five innings, he gutted it out,” La Russa said. “He threw a lot of pitches because he wasn’t sharp and they’re good. I’ll remember this one when I think about him a long time because [it could have been], ‘Man, it’s not my day.’ That’s not what he did.”
“I was disappointed. It wasn’t my sharpest outing,” said Cease, who threw 93 pitches. “But it was close enough to keep us in it, and everybody else picked me up. Getting the win definitely helps.”
Verlander wasn’t too happy with how he pitched, according to MLB.com:
“It doesn’t matter top of the order, bottom of the order, middle of the order, I don’t like giving up runs, especially in that situation late like that,” Verlander said. “Not happy about it.”
Chicago is going to have a difficult task on hand for the next two games as they will continue taking on arguably the best team in all of baseball, the Houston Astros.
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