White Sox-Twins Game Log II

Originally posted on “Is It Sports?” we did another game log because Ryan wanted redemption for the Twins loss, and guess what? The Sox won again. They won 97 regular season games that we didn’t do live logs of too. We both ate crappy dinners back then, but some things don’t change. The day I’m posting this old post, October 17, 2009, I had Taco Bell for lunch, and I still watch the office. I (Steve) am in black, Ryan is in red.

Well we had so much fun doing the first game log that we decided to do it again for the final game on April 19 between the White Sox and Twins until August 15. If you noticed on the first one, I made the background color gray and put my log first because the White Sox won. The White Sox won this game too, but since I’m a nice guy, I’ll put Ryan’s log first and make it Twins colors so he can at least pretend they won – Steve

Time for another Game Log. They are easy to write, I’m held captive at the computer, and I’m writing about the Twins. Also, it’s a good excuse for the poor grammar and spelling. We’re just doing this on the fly!

Any who, Twins at the Sox, listening to the Hawk and Darren Jackson on the tube.

Top of the 1st
7:05 The Twins game IS on TV today. More of the Hawk and DJ. El Duque on the hill for the ChiSox. Hopefully better luck than last night.
7:07 Shannon Stewart starts the game with a single. After two bases loaded double plays, I’m not exactly optimistic.
7:09 US Cellular looks empty
7:11 And on cue, there is a double play.
7:12 Both the announcers and Steve have mentioned that it’s Joe Mauer’s birthday. Happy B-day Joe.

Bottom of the 1st
7:15 Brad “Wait, I DON’T have to give up a 1st inning homer?” Radke is on the hill for the Twins.
7:18 Two ground ball base hits. At least it isn’t a homer. What a refreshing change of pace.
7:20 Everett with a very close to being fair ball. I’ll take it as being foul though.
7:22 Everett flies out to center, Podsednik gunned down at the plate. Splendid!
7:23 Maybe the ugliest diving catch I’ve ever seen. Looked like it was slow motion.

Top of the 2nd
7:27 My “pick to click” which is apparently a Chicago thing was Terry Tiffee. My pick just clicked all the way to 2nd base.
7:28 Off El Duque’s hand. Trouble on the base paths!
7:32 Lew Ford is at the dish. I’m trying to trade with Steve for him in our fantasy league. I think of this as scouting.
7:35 Ford got hit by a pitch, which is almost bad news if we go by last night. Cuddyer better not suck.
7:40 Torii Hunter was made to look like a fool by El Duque with the bases drunk. Sharp pickoff fake by Hernandez, and the Torii just stumbled in. It was like me at any club I’ve ever been to.
7:42 Cuddyer struck out a few minutes ago, but now we have the LONGEST at bat ever with Nick Punto batting.
7:43 Popped up. We should just stop loading the bases.

White Sox-Twins Game Log IIBottom of the 2nd
7:47 I’ve watched three games now, and I still haven’t seen J.C. Dye in a Sox uni.
7:48 Steve and I were discussing Timo Perez’s homer in the last game we logged. “I think that was a once in a lifetime thing”
7:49 Once again two men on. What is Radke’s problem?

Top of the 3rd
7:51 Got out of the second. Time for taquitos!
7:52 The White Sox poll question. Have I ever tailgated before a White Sox game? Well, yes, but only if you consider taquitos in front of the TV tailgating.
7:54 “Ground ball to 2nd. Iguchi sucks it up.” Sadly, I’m just gonna let that one go.
7:55 DJ is ripping on the Twins farm system for being fastidious. But “that’s where it starts with the organization.” Apparently because the kids know how to put things away, we’re a solid organization.

Bottom of the 3rd
8:02 So…. We got a new pope. That’s kinda nice.
8:03 Iguchi is killing us! But he has such a fun name.

Top of the 4th
8:08 Still no score. Still no scorn at the announcers. Usually by this point I’m livid about something. Even the not scoring with the bases juiced didn’t rile me up to bad. It was a little too expected.
8:11 Just realized this is the second time I’ve sat in my room with the lights off, watching baseball and working at the computer. Is there something wrong with me? I say no
8:13 Two on after a bunt single by Lew Ford. I’m not doing the vintage thing this game, but you totally know it was.
8:15 Double play by Cuddyer. Of course.

Bottom of the 4th
8:19 Two ground outs that didn’t make it off the grass. Nice.
8:20 And now he struck him out. But I’m slightly concerned. Still no runs? This seems like the type of game the Twins like to lose.

White Sox-Twins Game Log IITop of the 5th
8:24 As the Hawk explains what a BP fastball is. The BP stands for batting practice, apparently. Needless to say, Stewart hits a BP fastball and turns it into a ducksnort.
8:29 Small ball puts Stewart on third with Mauer at the plate. Pierzynski wants t
o talk about how to pitch to his replacement. I suspect he said something like this. “Hit him in the f’in junk”

8:30 Mauer walks, but not after getting hit in the f’in junk.
8:32 Tiffee bounces one down the line and El Duque tags him. A little shove. I guess it makes up for not hitting Mauer in the f’in junk.

Bottom of the 5th
8:34 According to the trivia question (brought to us by Aflac) Michael Cuddyer has the highest average of any current Twin in the playoffs. That’s like Joe Crede having a multi hit game.
8:36 The cancer is on first base.
8:37 And Crede doubles in the cancer. That’s just not right. But Darren says that the ball looks like it caught a jet stream. Perhaps nobody other than a meteorologist like myself would find that hilarious.
8:40 Sac-fly by Podsednik, but Crede almost missed the plate, which would have been the second time a Sox player missed the plate, which would be almost legendary. Oh well, Podsednik is on my fantasy team.

Top of the 6th
8:44 I’ve started drinking. A hard Mike’s is good to find.
8:47 Two balls smoked by Twins hitters. DJ keeps talking about the jet stream. I keep laughing.
8:48 The good news is Cuddyer singled to load the bases, which is better than the strike out and double play he had earlier. The bad news is, the bases are loaded again.
8:50 The bad news is, Punto pops out. The good news is, it wasn’t a double play!
8:52 %$&!!!!!! Stewart flies out! I’m going to kill!

Bottom of the 6th
8:55 I think I blacked out there for a minute… Has anyone heard from Steve? He hasn’t said anything for over an hour now…
8:57 Darren Jackson sounds not unlike Will Farrell’s impression of President Bush.
8:58 And Konerko goes yard. Crackerjacks.
9:01 The Twins just made some defensive play. I’m still fuming about everything in this game.

Top of the 7th.
9:04 In case you weren’t keeping track, 4 times in the past two games… FOUR… the Twins loaded the bases and didn’t score. Then we just give up runs like it ain’t no thing. Sometimes I just get so angry.
9:06 They put Luis Vizcaino in. Does he not give up double plays?
9:07 Happy flippin’ birthday already Joe Mauer, now stop grounding into bases loaded double plays. Not that you did here. I’m just saying.
9:08 I’m somewhat preoccupied with the bases loaded thing.

Bottom of the 7th
9:10 Stretching
9:13 As with the last log, other TV is distracting me. Scrubs is one of the best shows on television, and they can score with the bases loaded.
9:14 Three up, three down. No Sox left on base.

Top of the 8th
9:18 Still no score out of the Twins. I wonder why that would be.
9:20 ANOTHER DOUBLE PLAY! Does anyone know the number for the suicide hotline?

Bottom of the 8th
9:26 Missed the first two outs. Radke is still in, and nobody is on base. That’s all I know. I’ve been yelling about the bases loaded/double play thing.

Top of the 9th
9:29 I’m a fairly big guy, and I truly think I’m going to have a heart attack.
9:31 “I hope the Twins win so you can rub it in (specific White Sox fan’s) face” Thanks Jen.
9:33 They had this big sampler pack of Mike’s in 4 different flavors. Definitely helping me get through this game.
9:35 “Trying to put some icing on that frosting..” DJ says of the bullpen. No wonder why Americans are so fat.
9:38 Saw a dog get hit by a car today. I think the little guy was going to make it, but still, made my heart jump into my throat.
9:39 Hey! Twins score! Matt LeCroy!
9:40 Pitching change. The 9th inning always lasts FOREVER.
9:44 The Office cracks me up. I recommend it, its on NBC on Tuesday nights.
9:45 Sox win, Sox win. Go to hell Chicago.

Well, as soon as the Twins decide to start driving in the runs that they put on, they’ll be fine. They got 14 hits today. 14! That led, of course, to one run which is totally unacceptable. I’m going to go drink more and not worry about this anymore. – Ryan

Another game log! And I’m actually awake at the beginning of the game this time.

Top of the 1st
7:06 – Game just got underway. Why are we doing this again you ask? Well I’ve got nothing at all to do tonight. I mean nothing. I think there’s a chance that I’ve completed my last homework assignment ever and my senior design project is pretty much finished. So thanks to the Bulls getting blacked out in the state of Indiana, we got yet another White Sox-Twins showdown, coming to you live from U.S. Cellular Field!
7:08 – Leadoff single by Shannon Stewart over “El Duque” Orlando Hernandez. Since this is only a 2 game series, the Sox are already in their 5th sweep attempt of the year, and they haven’t gotten one yet, so this doesn’t bode well.
7:12 – It’s Joe Mauer’s birthday today, and I just found out I’m older than him…
7:14 – El Duque gets out of the first, and I’m really hungry

Bottom of the 1st
7:16 – Alright, following the Hawk’s orders its time for us to select our Picks to Click. I’m going with Carl Everett and his 3 HR in the last 2 games. Meanwhile, Podsednik gets a leadoff infield hit.
7:18 – Base hit for Iguchi! I like the way this is going already
7:22 – Wow…Everett hits a no-brainer sacrifice fly and amazingly Torii Hunter guns out one of the fastest guys in baseball, Scott Podsednik, at the plate. I have to admit I’m impressed.
7:24 – Jacque Jones makes an amazing diving catch on Konerko. Why couldn’t we be facing the Indians defense?

White Sox-Twins Game Log IITop of the 2nd
7:27 – Te
rry Tiffee steps up to the plate. Like almost every Twin player for me over the past 13 years…who?
7:28 – And of course he hits a double. Now you see why I loathe the Twins.
7:29 – El Duque, if you break your pitching hand, you have to go back to Cuba. Do you really want that?
7:32 – The old saying goes, make a great catch; hit a home run. Just replace “hit a home run” with “strike out embarrassingly” and you have Jacque Jones
7:36 – Bases loaded for Michael Cuddyer, and I couldn’t be less worried
7:37 – Cuddyer watches a fastball right down the middle. He Gone!
7:40 – If El Duque walks in a run on Nick Punto…
7:41 – Full count, and Torii Hunter gracefully slides into second like he spent an evening with his good friend Jim…Jim Beam.
7:44 – And El Duque gets out of it after throwing about 70 pitches that inning and a near horrible collision between Iguchi and Timo Perez in right. Three English words for you to learn, Tadahito, I, Got, and It.

Bottom of the 2nd
7:46 – I love this logic. Well we’re going to sit Jermaine Dye tonight and he usually hits 5th, so oh well, you can hit 5th Timo. And before I can even finish typing this, Timo is down on strikes.
7:47 – Darren Jackson picked Aaron Rowand as his Pick to Click. Rowand might as well just go sit back on the bench right now.
7:50 – Well I think I’m going to make this a Taco Bell night. I’m heading over there as soon as this inning is over. Meanwhile, the “cancer” (A.J. Pierzynski, not what I’ll get from eating too many tacos) and Crede get a hit.
7:51 – Uribe pops out and I’m getting food.

Top of the 3rd
Twins didn’t score….good!

Bottom of the 3rd
8:08a – I’m back and now its time to watch the game while enjoying chalupas and Dos Equis. When I got up to Taco Bell, there was a cop car, a country music station van, and a whole lot of people just standing around staring. I have no what was going on, but I was hungry, wanted to watch the game, and remembered I’m living in West Lafayette, Indiana.
8:08b – As for sports notes in my car, the station that usually has the Sox games WMVP 1000 (which sounds crappy but comes in here) has the Bulls on (down by 2 to the Knicks…how?) and the Cubs were leading the Reds on WGN 720. There is a difference with really old announcers. You’ve got senile and lovable, but then you have just plain stupid. Harry Caray was the former, Ron Santo is the latter.
8:09 – Everett strikes out and Iguchi is thrown out in another well executed Ozzie scheme to end the inning.

Top of the 4th
8:13 – Time to eat, I’m going to run back and forth from my living room to my room to type this because even though the carpet in my room has been puked on 3 times by 2 different people just since I’ve lived here, I’m still not dumb enough to eat Taco Bell in here.
8:15 – Michael Cuddyer grounds into an inning ending double play with runners on 1st and 2nd. I love this guy! Can he face us every night?

Bottom of the 4th
8:19 – Timo Perez is averaging hitting the ball 30 feet per at bat.
8:21 – Wow this game is boring so far.

Top of the 5th
8:25 – Shannon Stewart gets a single and steals second. Scott Podsednik would be doing a lot of that too if he ever got the single
8:30 – I just realized the AL Central has a lot of talent at catcher: Mauer on the Twins, Pierzynski on the Sox, Victor Martinez on the Indians, or course, Ivan Rodriguez on the Tigers, and I even heard that guy Buck on the Royals is supposed to be good too, but I still have not seen proof yet this season that his franchise is still in existence.

Bottom of the 5th
8:36 – The Cancer just metastasized to 1st base.
8:38 – Crede hits a double and the Cancer reaches Stage IV and scores! 1-0 Sox. Hold on, let me got make sure its not raining sulfur outside…
8:40 – It’s all clear, but that Crede RBI double was a close call. Now we have a runner on 3rd for the by-product of the 2nd worst trade in White Sox history, but who knew Sosa would get on the roids?
8:41 – And Podsednik gets him home with the sacrifice. 2-0 Good Guys!

Top of the 6th
8:46 – Randy Johnson just lost to the Devil Rays. I love it.
8:48 – Cuddyer got a clutch hit? I guess if Crede can do it, anyone can.
8:50 – El Duque can cause a lot of heart attacks.
8:51 – Punto puntoes out of another RBI chance with the bases loaded.
8:52 – Hernandez manages to get out of another tough inning. Whew!

Bottom of the 6th
8:55 – Oh no Darren Jackson is doing play by play this inning
8:58 – Konerko blasts out #7 of the season! But Hawk isn’t around to call it. Oh well, I’ll do it for him, YOU CAN PUT IT ON THE BOARD…YES!! 3-0 Sox
9:01 – Timo singles and Rowand doubles but then gets thrown out on a bad call. The floodgates are open.
9:03 – Pierzynski comes just short of homering off his old team, but Torii Hunter makes a jumping catch at the wall to rob us again.

Top of the 7th
9:05 – Uh oh, Luis Vizcaino is in now. El Duque “scattered” 10 hits over 6 innings. Unbelievable. Ryan is typing to me in the largest font possible in frustration.
9:10 – I wonder what the record is for most hits in a game by a team with no runs scored, because the Twins are being shut out with 11 hits.

Bottom of the 7th
9:14 – Uneventful 1-2-3

Top of the 8th
9:19 – And the Twins hit into ANOTHER double play! I don’t get it, but I’ll take it.
9:22 – More boredom ensues

Bottom of the 8th
9:26 – Everett strikes out again, but they just showed that Konerko home run replay. That made me feel a lot better
9:27 – Not only are we getting hits off Radke, now we’re trying to break his knees.
9:29 – “I mean, the past two games, you guys haven’t really beat us, if you had just pounded us then, oh well, but we are just plain rancid!” Ryan’s a little bitter

White Sox-Twins Game Log IITop of the 9th
9:32 – Shingo is in now to put this one into the win column yet again.
9:34 – I just made a fantasy baseball move. I got rid of Juan Uribe from my beloved Sox and picked up Clint Barmes from the Rockies, who I never heard of before this season. He’s hitting .429 with 4 HR and 10 RBI so far, and I’m just following the golden fantasy baseball rule…pick up whoever is doing well on the Rockies. Everyone thought I was crazy for picking up Vinny Castilla last year, but I think its safe to say I got the last laugh.
9:35 – “Me: I just picked up Clint Barmes. Go Rockies!
Kevin: F$&@ You!
Me: Why?
Kevin: I was gonna pick him up soon, I hate you!”
Kevin’s a passionate person
9:36 – Shannon Stewart gets another hit! Is that like number 7 of the game? Jeez…
9:38 – Here comes the guy the Hawk has nightmares about, Matt LeCroy.
9:40 – Shaky Takatsu gives up the first run of the game for the Twins to LeCroy. 3-1. Damaso Marte is coming in.
9:43 – Uh, oh. The fact that Marte is in just sank in.
9:44 – Aww man, I just realized I’m missing The Office on NBC. You need to see this show if you haven’t yet.
9:46 – Looks like Marte got Mauer out.
9:46 – The Sox sweep the Twins! So let’s see now…The Sox are 4-1 against the Twins and 4-2 against the Indians and 10-4 overall. 2 games in first all by themselves. It was Ryan’s idea to do this again today, and I’m guessin
g he was looking for some redemption after the first time we did this, but if your team is going to get 14 hits and only score 1 run, that is only going to lead to a long, frustrating season. Bring on the Tigers! – Steve

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