Why Do Australians Love Sports Betting So Much?

Australia’s love affair with sports and gambling has been going on for decades. While the rest of the world was arguing whether the industry was worth legalizing, the Australian government was earning tax benefits from gambling-related activities.

The average Australian gambles $1000 a year. Surprisingly, it’s not that the number of sports punters in the country is on the rise. If anything, advocacy groups have been pressuring people out of gambling for years. So, how has Australia remained the No.1 place to place sports wagers?

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A Sporting Culture

Australians have been enjoying sports for the past 150 years. Soccer is one of the oldest sports in the country, having been introduced in the 19th century. To date, football is still the most popular game in the country.

Basketball, rugby, cricket, tennis, and swimming are also very popular in the country. In fact, the country hosts major sporting events almost every month. The Association of Tennis Players holds their first major title of the year in Australia in January. After that, there are racing, surfing and golf events. Before the year ends, Australia has usually held at least one event for each of the major sports.

With such a strong love for sports, it’s no surprise that Aussies love betting on them. All around the world, sports betting is a big industry if locals love sports. And since the Australian government takes a liberal approach towards betting, people in Australia have learned to love the industry.


It’s hard to gamble in the US if your state doesn’t support sports betting. It’s also not easy when the only allowed bookies live miles away and can’t be accessed online. Thanks to the Australian government support for sports betting, bookies are accessible to everyone who needs them.

It’s not just sports betting that is supported, these games are easily accessible throughout Australia:

  • Poker machines- -visit any Australian city today. Almost every street you visit will have a place with poker machines. It only costs a few cents to play all the slots so if you just wish to satisfy your curiosity, you will suffer very small losses.
  • Casino sites – Aussies that dislike poker machines don’t have to use them. Some of the world’s best gambling platforms are based in the country. If you want to Play New Online Casinos at Australia Casino, simply visit an online casino. You are welcomed with free bonuses and hundreds of games are available to you.
  • Lotto tickets – almost every Australian gambler has tried their luck at Lotto. You can buy the tickets in the streets and online. Most of the tickets cost less than $20 and promise returns worth thousands. Of course, not everyone wins. But with the tickets being available everywhere, Aussies became accustomed to using them.

Well Regulated Industry

Regulation is important with every industry. In betting especially, regulation weeds out scams and promotes a healthy betting culture. Australia learned about proper regulation the hard way after a series of scam sites stole millions from Australians in the 2000s.

These days, you can enjoy betting on any Australian bookie site without the fear of getting scammed. Misleading adverts are almost non-existent and sites can’t register or encourage betting to kids. When you win, you are almost guaranteed you’ll get your wins.

In countries where betting is illegal, nothing is ever guaranteed. Betting sites can always refuse to pay you. Some will close your accounts at will, while others have the worst management you can find anywhere.

Because gambling is properly regulated in Australia, there are few alarmists in the country. Anyone who wants to give betting a try has plenty of legal options to use. In case of any issues, there are numerous avenues to approach and get assistance.

Lots of Ways to Make Money

While winning in sports bets is never guaranteed, people still win. Australian bookie sites make things even better by offering a wide range of wagers for each game. In a regular soccer game, Australian can bet which team will win. They can bet on how many cards are produced or the number of corners present.

With so many things to bet on, most Australians believe they have a chance at winning something through bets. They may not know whether the national rugby team will win the IRB series, but they can comfortably predict which teams it will beat.

Like most developed countries, Australians are not only exposed to small bets. Professional punters can earn millions if they are lucky enough to win jackpots. Almost every betting site in the country runs a progressive jackpot. Every once in a while, someone wins – motivating millions of Aussies to try their luck through betting.

Good Marketing

Gambling companies are a major reason why Australians love betting. Not only do they attract people with good odds but they are also very creative with their ads. Until recently, Australian TVs run gambling ads throughout the day. The ads give you reasons to bet and often in very clever ways. They may mention the risks of betting but the ads are often about getting everyone into wagering.

Throughout history, gambling companies have been extra creative in how they attract Australian markets. From bookies being situated in every city block to pokies in every parlour, Aussies see gambling facilities everywhere.

The companies that pioneered sports betting take the biggest credit for convincing Aussies to take betting seriously. By installing betting machines in all major cities, they slowly hooked millions into the industry. Of course, the colourful machines, clinking sounds, lights, and small wagers also helped convince people to get into betting.

To Conclude

A combination of good marketing, paying out winners and a supportive government helped develop a betting culture in Australia. The country’s love for sports and access to betting facilities made it a culture. Today, 80% of Australians have tried gambling.

They may not always win, but Australians never give up on betting. Once in a while, everyone wins. The lucky ones hit the jackpot and have their lives changed. The good thing, Australians welcome everyone to their gambling sites. If you are an adult and would love to gamble on an Australian casino site, go ahead and give it a try.

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