Why does UCONN play cupcake games?

OK I am actually writing this blog during the UCONN-Morehead State basketball game and it makes me wonder, why does UCONN schedule games likes this. We are actually paying Morehead State $90,000 to play this game. The Morehead State coach didn’t even want to play this game. He felt his team was not to the level of UCONN. Well he was right about that one. There are only a select number of teams in the country with the talent level of UCONN.

I do understand why a school like Morehead State will play the game. One, it’s a financial gain for the athletic program. Two, it’s good for recruiting. But what gain does UCONN actually get. Another W in the win-loss columns. What happens if one of the stars gets hurt in the game. Now I do know that injuries can happen at any time but why risk one of the nation’s top players in a meaningless game. It is good practice for the players before they depart on holiday break to run the plays and get prepared for the upcoming rigorous Big East schedule.

Next up on the Huskies schedule is another cupcake in Stony Brook. Although there is one difference in this game, Stony Brook is coached by former UCONN player Steve Pikell. After Stony Brook, the Huskies take on their “in-state” rival, the Quinnipiac Bobcats.

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