Why is Ashlee Simpson even a Celebrity?

After watching her on Saturday Night Live messing up her own vocal track, only to blame it on her band, I wondered why Ashlee Simpson was even worth watching. She is the younger sister of Jessica Simpson, who is hotter and more talented. However, Ashlee’s and Jessica’s father wants the younger Simpson to be successful, so the spin was her lip synching problem on SNL was due to “acid reflux disease”.

So what explanation do we use to blame her pitiful performance at the Orange Bowl last night? Mad Cow Disease? Screaming Dog Syndrome? Problems with the lighting? After she yelled her performance (live at the Orange Bowl halftime, not lip-synched), she was booed. I would like to hear what excuse her father will give this time: she couldn’t hear the band, Trace Adkins set the bar too high, Kelly Clarkson stole her acid reflux medicine, who knows?

All I know is that even the NFL Network which really has no reason to be talking, picked on Ashlee Simpson’s performance. Screaming and yelling through a song is not the way to go and the fans at the Stadium formerly known as Joe Robbie in Miami let Ashlee know what they thought.

Once again, this is evidence that the marching bands from both the University of Southern California and Oklahoma would have been sufficient halftime entertainment instead of pulling has-been acts and force-feeding them to an increasing cynical public.

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