Why Is There No News About Aaron Rodgers And Lamar Jackson Right Now?

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What a difference a week makes!

Last week, NFL insiders and fans were embroiled in the Aaron Rodgers and Lamar Jackson storylines.

Are they leaving their current teams?

What is happening behind the scenes?

Now everything has gone radio silent.

What does it mean?

It could mean a few things including the following:

1. Behind-The-Scenes Work Is Being Done For Rodgers Trade

Aaron Rodgers: "Other teams in NFC North always think it's their year"

In the case of both quarterbacks, there could be closed-door negotiations going on.

The New York Jets are shuffling the roster as recently as today by trading wide receiver Elijah Moore to the Cleveland Browns.

The Jets front office could be trying to work on the roster while negotiating with Green Bay concurrently.

2. Teams Have No Sense Of Urgency On Lamar Jackson

Why Is There No News About Aaron Rodgers And Lamar Jackson Right Now?

Teams could wait until after the NFL Draft in late April to talk with Lamar Jackson.

They may not want to give up a first-round draft pick in 2023 due to other roster needs and may be inclined to defer that until 2024 and beyond.

Lamar Jackson’s situation is one that should command more attention than Aaron Rodgers.

He is a young player in the prime of his career whereas Rodgers is a veteran with limited playing time left.

Agents for Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, and Jalen Hurts are paying close attention.

If it comes down to guaranteed money and Jackson does not get a deal similar to Deshaun Watson’s, it is unclear what the precedent is for NFL quarterbacks.

Is Watson the only one who gets that type of deal, and the market resets itself with Jackson and those who follow him?

If Jackson is back with the Ravens for a one-year deal, it puts him in the exact same situation in 2024.

In 2024, he could be competing with even more free-agent quarterbacks given the number who signed one-year contracts for 2023, most notably his 2018 draft mate Baker Mayfield.


Deshaun Watson’s trade and contract was the landmark deal of the 2022 offseason.

It remains to be seen what transaction will be the “it” one of 2023.

Will it be Rodgers or Jackson, or could it be Jimmy Garoppolo or Derek Carr or someone else?

We will have to wait and see.

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