Why Pedro Martinez Really Called Out Yankees On Twitter

MLB: Los Angeles Angels at Boston Red Sox

Pedro Martinez is at it again. This week he sounded off against the Yankees on Twitter.

“The Yankees don’t seem to have the energy of a winning team. I understand some key players are injured, but they don’t seem to be hustling out there.”

But did his latest slap at the Yankees really show his genuine concern? Or,  could it be that his feelings are still hurt?

The truth is, Pedro has never gotten over the drubbing the Yankees gave him in September of 2004. That was when they rocked him for 13 runs and 17 hits combined in back to back starts. It was a beating that resulted in him calling the Yankees his “Daddy.”

Then in the American League Championship Series, the Yankees blasted him some more. He posted a 6.23 ERA when the Red Sox needed him the most. “I just tip my cap and call the Yankees my Daddy,” he said according to Democratic Underground.

And Pedro likely still has nightmares. He can still hear Yankees fans chanting. Instead of “lets go Yankees,” it was, “who’s your Daddy? who’s your Daddy?”

He deserves all of it. Remember that Yankees-Red Sox bench clearing brawl when he cowardly picked on an aging Don Zimmer?

“I just had to react and defend myself, kind of,” he said according to the New York Times. “But the tweak that it took made me look like a monster that just came in to play Yankee Stadium. And you know what I did, go out there, compete, and nothing else. I remember getting back to my dugout and seeing middle fingers. My mom, poor mom. I’m glad she’s blessed by God because all those curses were, I mean, unbelievable.”

As  always, Pedro saw himself as the victim. Those nasty Yankees fans were to blame. There was just no way he could have avoided Zimmer. But that would have meant challenging one of the Yankees players.

And that is something that was never going to happen.




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