Why you should just call a cab or get a hotel rooom when you got the money…

This is not hockey related but it does have to do with a former Phoenix athlete…

Charles Barkley was arrested for DUI the other night. He was out partying with Urkel and some football player when he left with a women. He rolled through a stop sign and told the cop he was in a hurry because he was going to get oral sex from the women (he admits to previously being serviced by her).

His mug shot is horrid. He looks really, really bad. It is so sad. He was such a great basketball player and he looked good when he was playing.

Here is the link to the article on Arizona Central. So far it is the place that has had the most information. I suggest reading it, as there is so much more than the little tidbit I gave you. There is also a lovely mug shot picture.

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