Wolves Updates 10/10 Part 2

Two new Wolves blogs:
Scott Henneboehle takes over for Anthony at Wolves Watch.
Twolves Rube Nation has a nice collection of recent videos of the team.
Tony Mejia/CBS Sportsline previews the team’s upcoming season.
Click here for videos of Kevin McHale, Ryan Gomes, and Al Jefferson from Tuesday’s practice in London.
Andrew Baker/Telegraph also comments on the game.
From Mad Dog’s last diary entry at the Pioneer Press:
Coach Randy Wittman has pretty much installed a lot of the framework of the offense. He has really emphasized defense, too. I think he really wants us to be an exciting team, an up-tempo team and a team that has an offense where everything is predicated on reaction. That’s what I’m taking from the offense he is installing. It’s pretty complicated, but again, it’s all based on reaction. It allows guys like Randy Foye, Sebastian Telfair and Marko Jaric to take what is there and react to it.