Wolves Updates 3/27

Daily Basketball hosts the latest edition of the Carnival of the NBA.
Paul Forrester/SI.com talks to Byron Irvin, Gerald Green’s agent:

“Look, was he immature in some situations? Of course. He came out of
high school; what would anyone expect?” Irvin said. “But he’s a good
kid. I think [this] has humbled him, and now he realizes he has to
fight. But to discount anything he did [in Boston] because he was on
bad teams, well, half of the league is filled with bad teams. Are we
going to discount everyone’s season on a bad team?”

Irvin said at least a half dozen teams have shown interest in Green…
Mike Trudell/Timberwolves site and assistant coach Jerry Sichting preview this week’s games.
Also at the Wolves site , assistant general manager Rob Babcock discusses the team’s scouting process.

Wolves point guard Sebastian Telfair did some agility drills during this morning’s shootaround. But it’s doubtful Telfair will participate in full-scale practice Thursday. Telfair won’t play Friday at San Antonio, and there are just 11 games remaining after that. 
The Timberwolves have dispatched most of their basketball front office around the country scouting NCAA tournament games.
That was St. Louis University men’s basketball coach Rick Majerus dining in Minneapolis the other day with his former Utah star, Michael Doleac of the Timberwolves. 
Kirk Snyder played hard. He played well. He demonstrated that there is a place for him in this league.
But the impact of his performance on Wednesday will go far beyond his play on the floor.
He did something no one has done as well this season.
He hung a nickname on Luis Scola. It’s perfect.
“He’s like Rambo,” Snyder said. “He never backs down from anything.
He’s so aggressive and he hustles all over the place. I think that
nickname is perfect for him. They should start calling him the Rambo
Chris Richard, currently trailing Randy Foye, talks about his NCAA bracket 
Commissioner David Stern got a call recently from an
NBA general manager. The conversion involved a revolutionary idea
regarding a new playoff format.
Teams would continue to qualify for the playoffs
under the current format, with the top eight teams from the Eastern and
Western Conferences advancing. But once the playoffs begin, the teams
would be seeded one through 16 in order of records.


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