Wolves Updates 6/25

McHale doesn’t need any complex strategy here. Pull
the plug on the telephone. Draw the drapes. Sit quietly in the dark
until it’s time to make the selection. Then take the best player
available with the No. 3 pick. Never mind talking up UCLA’s Kevin Love.
He wouldn’t be the best player available. Never mind trading down. It
won’t be worth it.

There’s too much thinking going on over there at Target Center. And it makes me nervous.

The benchmark set by incumbent starting points guards is indeed a
pricey one, with the 24 teams who will return their point men paying
them an average of $8.5 million. Dallas veteran Jason Kidd is the
highest paid ($21.3 million), while third-year Minnesota point guard
Randy Foye is the lowest with a 2008-09 salary of $2.8 million.   


Mayo was an elusive workout for the Wolves,
declining to visit Target Center amid speculation he wanted to play for
a big-market team. 

The Wolves say he denied that during Saturday’s interview, and Fraschilla said it’s a non-issue.
“If they take him third, believe me, he’ll step up
onto that stage,” he said. “Some guys would rather play in Miami or
L.A., but Minneapolis is a great sports town. He’s got a chance to
establish himself immediately. It’s a young team with plenty of cap
room the next couple of years. I think that’s an easy sell.”


McKinney wanted Richardson. Musselman preferred Hardaway. The Wolves
selected Pooh. Blaylock, the 12th selection, and Hardaway, the 14th,
would have superior NBA careers.
The Richardson selection does not rate among the Wolves’ all-time draft
blunders. What it does, though, is remind us that this team’s richest
tradition — almost always coming out of the first round of the NBA
draft with the wrong player — started from Day One…
From Jeff McMenamin/Hoops TV:
However a superstar player is something you can find in the draft and the T’Wolves will have several options available to them at #3 to fill this need.
The player that looks to be the perfect solution to the Timberwolves problems right now is the 6’4” shooting guard out of  USC OJ Mayo…
In their Wolves draft preview, The Big Lead writes that the team should take Brook Lopez with the #3 pick.
Don Seeholzer/Pioneer Press posts the Wolves summer league schedule. The five games are taking place in July in Las Vegas.
Darrin Horn, who coached Lee at WKU before leaving for South Carolina, said the Hornets, Bulls, Magic, Timberwolves, Cavaliers, Pistons and Rockets have spoken with him or a member of his staff about Lee, a four-year college starter. 
To make his case, the 6-foot-8, 240-pound Ewing has crisscrossed the country for workouts with the Chicago Bulls, Charlotte Bobcats, Detroit Pistons, Portland Trail Blazers, San Antonio Spurs, Seattle SuperSonics, Minnesota Timberwolves, Sacramento Kings and New Orleans Hornets.
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