Wonder on the NFL at Week 15

Wild Card Playoffs - Atlanta Falcons v New York Giants

Parity or Mediocrity? What does the NFL really want? There are no great teams. Everyone is happy that it is wide open, but there is a lot of bad coaching and bad football.

NE (11-2) Not great, but better than the rest and always ready to play
MIA (8-5) Just another mediocre NFL team
BUF (6-7) Bye bye Rex
NYJ (4-9) Bowles is totally overmatched

PIT (8-5) Sleeper, could go all the way
BAL (7-6) Even if make playoffs, will lose in first round
CIN (5-7-1) Bye bye Marv
CLE (0-13) I didn’t think anyone could be worse than the 0-16 Lions, but I guess I’m wrong

HOU (7-6) Houston, we have a problem (and his name is Osweiler)
TEN (7-6) Will win the division
IND (6-7) Luck should get hazard pay
JAX (2-11) What have you done to Bortles, Mr. Bradley?

KC (10-3) Put Derek Carr on the Chiefs and they win the Super Bowl easily
OAK (10-3) A year away but very close
DEN (8-5) Oh how the mighty have fallen
SD (5-8) Rivers is entitled to lifetime compensation from the Front Office

DAL (11-2) Dallas can’t win if Dez does not want to play football
NYG (9-4) I thought teams from the Northeast were able to run the football
WAS (7-5-1) Can beat anybody, can lose to anybody
PHL (5-8) So much for Carson Wentz being a beast

DET (9-4) The bubble will burst at some point
MIN (7-6) No offense = no win
GB (7-6) Look out, here they come
CHI (3-10) Total embarrassment on Offense and Defense

ATL (8-5) I thought Quinn was supposed to know something about Defense
TB (8-5) Close, getting there
NO (5-8) Doesn’t Payton know you need a semblance of a Defense for Brees?
CAR (5-8) Cam exposed

SEA (8-4-1) Earl Thomas injury = SEA done in 2016
AZ (5-7-1) Goodnight Carson
LA (4-9) Only the Rams could screw up Todd Gurley
SF (1-12) I suspect they whiff on the 2nd pick overall this coming April

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