World Series Game Three – Red Sox 4 Cardinals 1

World Series Game Three - Red Sox 4 Cardinals
The Red Sox came thisclose to shutting the Cardinals down on a three-hit shutout. Alas, much-maligned closer Keith Foulke gave up a dinger to Larry Walker to provide the final margin of score. The home-run by Walker was the Cardinals’ first hit since the third-inning.
Not that I’m complaining, but … why not have Pedro close the game out? Three-hitter? Come on. Two more innings. I guess you have to say, well, Pedro doesn’t do well in the eighth and ninth, and it was only a four run lead. But dang, it would have been nice. But actually, the point is that we won, now that’s all that matters. Now drop two in a row so I can see you clich at home! No, just kidding. It would be nice, but I think I’ll take a Series win at Busch.
What was with that carnival music that the Cardinals were playing during player introductions? That was awful, I couldn’t wait for it to be over.
And for all the talk of Ortiz being lousy at first, how ironic is it that he fires a strike to Bill Mueller in the third inning to erase Cardinals’ pitcher Jeff Suppan? Suppan should have advanced home on a ground-out that found it’s way to Ortiz for the first out of the third, but Suppan got tied up trying to think too much and got nailed off of third. That was the game-changer as Pedro never allowed the Cardinals to threaten again … until Foulke (darn that Foulke!) allowed Walker a home-run.
Good start by Pedro Martinez. No, GREAT start by Pedro Martinez, on the biggest stage of his career. A great jewel he pitched, and now it’s possible for Derek Lowe to a big factor for the fourth straight time in a playoff clincher. Closing out the ALDS against Oakland last year, winning against the Angels this year when Ortiz defeated the Angels… then pitching a gem to defeat the Yankees in Game Seven … and last but not least … Game Four of the World Series.
Part of me feels its too bad they won’t clinch at Fenway … but seriously, isn’t that being a little picky, after 86 years of woe? We were 86’d in ’86, and now we’re getting redemption in the 100th World Series. By the way, if you have yet to see Nike’s commercial about the Red Sox they aired after Game Seven of the ALCS, you can check it out (and save it to your computer!) here. It always gets me emotional. Not sad – that commercial would have made me sad before we came back against the Yankees. Rather, it fills me with pride.
We will be seeing Jason Marquis tomorrow as he attempts to stave elimination off for another day. Indulge me in the what-ifs that would allow us to win (or lose) tomorrow. What if Derek Lowe loses his postseason magic? What if Jason Marquis finally stops the Sox’s clutch hitting? What if the Cardinals’ offense busts through, and carries them to a win? And what if they carry them to another win in Game 5? What if the Cardinals’ bats still stay quiet? What if this, what if that.
There, I feel better. I felt the need to get the “What Ifs” out even though I don’t neccessarily believe in them. I do, however, believe in winning.
Not much to say here, folks. Great pitching, timely hitting, solid defense. One out away. I don’t believe in the Curse, so let’s shut the people up who do.

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