World Series Notes

Some thoughts following the first two games of the World Series:
– The White Sox are destined. I never usually believe in that nonsense, but have you ever seen a team get more breaks than them? You can start with Pierzynski being awarded first base in Game 2 of the ALCS, followed by the inevitable walk-off by Crede, and the series was never the same. Completely wiped the life out of the California Angels (as Tim McCarver would call them). The same series, Finley doesn??t get the catchers interference call. Then last night, Biggio drops the popup leading to a run. Rowand hit??s the double in left field that hits right smack on the line. Dye gets the hit-by-pitch call when it clearly hit the bat, and Konerko makes a salami sandwich. Bloop after bloop falls in, little ground balls seem to find holes in the infield?

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