Worst defense in the Doba era?

I write this with 10 minutes left in the SECOND quarter…and ASU nearly has over 300 yards of total offense. Think about that for a minute – ASU, with a frosh QB making his first road start, in 40-degree weather, has 300 YARDS OF TOTAL OFFENSE in the second quarter.

I will have to go back and look up some of our worst collective defensive efforts per season, but I have to believe this unit will go down as one of the worst in school history. The downward spiral vs. UCLA, Cal and USC was as brutal a 3-game stretch as I can remember in terms of sheer yards and points allowed, and now, this will take the cake. They are HORRENDOUS.

I know it’s fashionable to hammer young Alex as he learns how to excel in this offense, but when you have a defense that is this bad? It makes you wonder if offensively they hit the field every possession thinking they have to “hit a homerun” so to speak. It’s like having a bunch of bats, but no starting pitching or bullpen. Too much to overcome I’m afraid.

WE WILL LOSE OUT. Oregon will track-meet us next week. UW will suddenly discover a balanced attack and will total-offense us with 500 yards and 35 points. Welcome back to 3-and-8-ville.

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