Would the Celtics consider trading Jaylen Brown for Mo Bamba?

Shortly after the conclusion of the Celtics improbable* playoff run, I prepared myself for a relatively quiet off-season.

Aside from speculation about Marcus Smart (he’s here next season) and allocation of the MLE and bi-annual exception, I’m not expecting much movement.

Silly me… (via Sporting News)

Sources told Sporting News that Boston has expressed interest in (Mo) Bamba, including interviewing him at the Chicago pre-draft combine two weeks ago. Bamba measured in with a record wingspan of 7-10 in Chicago, reinforcing his status as the most ready-made rim protector in the draft.

In order to move into the top five of the draft, the Celtics would likely have to give up either Rozier or Brown — Dallas (Dennis Smith Jr.) and Memphis (Mike Conley) already have point guards, and would almost certainly prefer Brown.

And Boston probably would have to include this year’s draft pick, as well as at least one pick next year, when the Celtics own Sacramento’s pick (protected for the first overall pick) as well as Memphis’ pick (top-eight protected).

I realize it’s rumor season and 95% of this stuff never comes to fruition but WHAT IN THE HOLY HELL?!?!?

First off, I refuse to believe Danny Ainge would move Jaylen Brown and TWO #1 draft picks for Bamba. REFUSE. Brown, a former #3 pick, showed massive improvement this season.

But if Danny Ainge really likes a player, we know he’s not afraid to go for it. Here’s Bamba’s scouting report:

A truly elite physical specimen in terms of length, Mohamed Bamba jumps off the page with his 7’9” wingspan and 9’6” standing reach … This kind of size allowed him to immediately burst on to the NCAA scene as an elite rim protector with the measurables to translate this skill to the NBA … His lateral quickness is also very good for a player who measures in at 7 feet tall. This makes him a capable pick and roll defender and someone who roam the entire paint area with little effort.

Protect the rim and defend the pick and roll? Hmmmm.

A combination involving Terry Rozier, the Sacramento pick and more makes a lot more sense but might not be enough to get the deal done.

I’d rather run this unit back, have Rozier around as insurance for Irving’s knee, and address the small holes in free agency.

*I refuse to join the ranks of certain sports talk hosts criticizing this team for choking. I don’t care that the Celtics held home court advantage, and series leads of 2-0 and 3-2 vs Cleveland. They were massive underdogs. Not to mention their two best players are 20 and 21 years old.