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Happy Apple Cup/Thanksgiving Tuesday Cougs.  Here's hoping all is well with you and yours as the long holiday weekend approaches.  Just a quick post today to let you all know that hey, we got together and actually TALKED last night!  Well, not together, I mean we got on the phone and talked and all that as we are scattered throughout the country.  But it was good to get everyone back together and talk some Cougs, ala the WSU Football Blogfather Show.  Check it out…

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In this episode, we mainly talk about the progress of Connor Halliday and the team in general over the last two weeks, and a tiny bit on what lies ahead.

Some quick links-n-such out there on a busy Tuesday:

While there are still no promises, it sounds like New Mexico might be the most likely destination at this point for postseason play.  Per Bud Withers at the Times, sources say Bill Moos has been talking with the New Mexico Bowl, so that very likely might be the end result when it's all said and done.  Personally I would love to see the Cougs end up in the Heart of Texas Bowl, a New Year's day bowl in an area that is familiar with Mike Leach and could generate some extra possible ticket sales in what is considered a minor bowl?  Leach is still a pretty big deal back in Texas and having his name associated with the game might create a little buzz for a game that might be overlooked by the masses?  

But we'll see.  No matter what though it sure seems like there won't be a repeat of 2006 when Arizona and WSU were both left home with 6 wins.  This year it sounds like there won't be any bowl-eligible Pac-12 schools left out in the cold, what with such a great season the conference has had overall and the national reputation that has been excellent this year.  

So if you were someone who popped off to Bill Moos last year during the dark days?  Moos remembers….and says you probably shouldn't plan on buying bowl tickets this year:

Moos’ message was clear: If you’re not with us now, you won’t be with us when we start winning.

“I answer all of those emails, then I send them to the Cougar Athletic Fund to see what their gift history is, and what their ticket purchase history is,” Moos said via telephone Monday as he drove back to Pullman from his ranch outside of Spokane. “Pretty amazing — about 85-90 percent of them are not members of the CAF.”

“I’ve got a no-bowl ticket file, and I want people on board and believing in what we’re doing, and trusting how we’re going about it. If they don’t want to be on the train, the train’s already pulled out of the station.”

Read more here:

Alrighty then.  I guess one can look at that one of two ways – 1) It's not like we should be in a position to kick anyone off the WSU bandwagon if they are willing to write a check, so exceptions might be made?  But 2) at the same time I respect Bill Moos' decision to tell the haters to basically pound sand.

I guess the reality is that in the day and age we live in, it's an era of ease of communication.  Back in the day if someone wanted to get something in front of the AD of a school, they would have to write it out and take the extra effort to actually put it in an envelope and physically leave the basement and get it off in the mail.  But those extra steps might have provided a few moments to think it through and ask yourself if it's really worth it in the long run?  But today it's far, far too easy to write a nasty email and click send to someone before you really think it through, and it's a much more knee-jerk-reaction type culture online these days (don't believe me, go on Twitter during a Coug, UW or Seahawk game!).  And of course, these days everyone has a voice and they are going to use that voice to react to what's going on.  So when you recall the depths of where things were a year ago, it's not all too surprising that Moos had his share of bitching come across his inbox!

All for now.  Enjoy your Tuesday and of course, GO COUGS!

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