WWE ‘205 Live’ Competitor Reportedly Told Not To Come Back After Recent Match

Lio Rush Ricky Martinez

Lio Rush has been exhibiting a complete character overhaul since his debut on 205 Live. After spending most of his career in Ring of Honor and NXT as a silent underdog, Rush is now donning a cocky hustler character, who is only concerned about making money.

This character shift from Rush has caused him to ascend up the 205 Live rankings, and a title match could be in the very near future. However, for his recent opponent, a career in WWE is apparently over.

According to the Wrestling Observer Live, Rush’s recent 205 Live opponent, Ricky Martinez, was heavily criticized backstage for excessively selling a move executed by Rush. Martinez stood straight up, did a half-turn and flopped to the ground after being hit with an enziguri from Rush. This bump infuriated WWE brass backstage so much, “to the point where they brow-beat the guy” and informed him that “he would not be invited back.”

In the land of 205 Live, even with interesting characters, like Rush’s current one, and frequent outstanding matches, the positioning of the brand is pretty much in a dead zone.

Just before Rush’s match with Martinez, he slowly walked to the ring cutting a promo about former Cruiserweight Champion Akira Tozawa, and then put Martinez over as “more qualified” to face him than Tozawa. Despite doing his best to elicit a jeerful reaction from the crowd, he barely received anything.

As seen in the above video, Martinez barely even showed theatrics when selling that enziguri, and went out of the ring after getting hit with it. In fact, he was impressive in the match, and had the look and skill to be a good addition to the 205 Live roster. However, due to the quirks of WWE management, Martinez apparently will not be seen on the show again.

Hopefully, Martinez can use this match with Rush as momentum to land more independent matches, if the report is indeed true. Moreover, it also shows that one does not necessarily have a secure position in the WWE by just being skilled in the ring. Apparently, half-turn selling is a make or break decision as well.

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