WWE Friday Night SmackDown (10/23) Results And Review: New Match Added To ‘Hell In A Cell,’ Jey Uso And Roman Reigns Face Off, And More

Friday Night SmackDown

This edition of Friday Night SmackDown took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida. This was the go home show for Hell In A Cell this Sunday on the WWE Network.

The show kicked off with the Kevin Owens show. He introduces Daniel Bryan as his guest. Kevin said it means a lot to him that Daniel wanted to wrestle him. He points out they have done it in the past. Daniel said they pushed each other to be better and that’s what he wants for everyone on SmackDown. Kevin asked what his vision of the show is. Daniel said they have the best fresh young talent in the world. He wants a title defended every week more specifically the IC title. Kevin mentioned the tag titles and mentions he has never been tag champion. He proposes to team up with Daniel Bryan to become tag team champions. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode came out saying they are the fresh hot young talent. Roode claims they are the greatest tag team on the planet. The Street Profits came out to the ring. They say they are excited to be on SmackDown and they want the smoke. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura came out saying they have been carrying the tag division. Daniel proposed they test to see how good of a tag team they can be. All of them brawl in the ring.

Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens and The Street Profits Defeated Cesaro, Nakamura, Roode and Ziggler

Review: Pretty good match. I think the team of Bryan and Owens has potential even though it kind seems thrown together.

Otis was in the courtroom for Law and Otis. Ron Simmons was the bailiff and JBL was the judge. Miz cuts his lawyer off and he claimed the law is on his side. Miz claimed Otis has not held the responsibility of the Money in The Bank briefcase and wishes to have it removed. Otis said he won the Money In The Bank ladder match therefore he is the holder of it. Miz’s lawyer thought it was a good argument and Miz fires her.

Daniel Bryan, Kevin Owens and The Street profits celebrated their victory. Sami Zayn confronted him saying that he doesn’t share Daniel’s vision. He said he dictates who gets the title opportunities. He tells Daniel to keep his visions to himself and he will defend it his way.

Bianca Belair Defeated Zelina Vega

Review: Decent match. I’m a fan of Bianca and I can’t wait to see what they do with her in the division on SmackDown.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Shorty G asking why he would want to face Lars Sullivan. He said he is fed up and he finds it disrespectful that he was not drafted. He said he is going to prove himself against Lars.

Lars Sullivan Defeated Shorty G

Kayla Braxton interviewed Shorty after the match to ask about the match and he said he quit.

Review: I feel bad for Shorty G for him to be in this role but this was to build Lars further.

Seth Rollins was interviewed backstage as he talked about bringing Murphy in as his disciples and how he turned his back on him. He said he will take care of Murphy once and for all.

Shorty G was in the back with ice on his shoulder. Adam Pearce checked up on him. Shorty said he has quit being everybody’s smiling punching bag. He said there is only one man that could help him go to the World title main event and that’s Chad Gable.

Bayley sits in the ring with a chair. Bayley said that she can’t seem to get away from Sasha. Bayley said she doesn’t want to sign the contract because she is ungrateful and doesn’t want to give her what she wants. Sasha Banks interrupted with the contract in hand. Sasha tells her she is going to sign the contract. Bayley goes for a swing with a chair but Bayley ducked. Sasha kneed her in the face and wedged a chair in between her neck. Bayley fought out of it but Sasha put the Banks Statement on Bayley with the chair. Bayley signed the contract. Sasha said she will finish what Bayley started.

Back to Otis’ trial, John Morrison testified that he was traumatized by Otis’ attack. He starts crying. Rey Mysterio was on the stand and he claimed Otis should keep the briefcase since he won the match. Asuka was on the stand yelling in Japanese. Teddy Long appeared saying he heard every word of Asuka’s testimony. Tucker took the stand saying that Otis wants to beat the crap out of Miz right now. Tucker said he deserves the beating he got. Tucker goes after him until JBL stopped it. He called for a recess.

As they came back, JBL was about to rule the verdict in favor of Otis until Miz handed JBL a briefcase that contained new evidence. Ron Simmons gives him the briefcase. JBL opens it and it was money. JBL closed it back up. JBL ruled the verdict in favor of Miz and Morrison. He ordered Otis to defend the Money In The Bank contract against The Miz at Hell In A Cell.

Seth Rollins Defeated Murphy

Seth took out a kendo stick after the match. Aliyah tries to convince Rey and Dominik to help Murphy but they refuse. She said she was going to help and leaves to go to the ring. Aliyah came out as Rollins bad mouths Murphy. Seth attacks Murphy with the stick and she comes to Murphy’s aid. Dominik comes out to try to get Aliyah out of the ring. Seth attacks Dominik until Rey Mysterio comes out which causes Rollins to escape. Aliyah helped Murphy up.

Review: The match was really good. The segment afterwards with the Mysterio’s in the ring felt so forced and corny. I’m still not a fan that they are focusing on Aliyah and Murphy in this Romeo and Juliet saga.

A producer knocks on Roman’s door. Paul Heyman answered and the producer tells him its time for Roman to come out to the ring. Paul said Roman works on his time. and closes the door.

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman made their way out to the ring. It looked like it was Jey Uso interrupted him on the screen with a table that has food on it. He claimed that it used to be fun to be his cousin and tells Roman that Jey is right behind him. Jey attacked Roman and grabbed a chair. Roman booted him in the head. Jey fought back with a super kick to the head and a splash off the top rope. Roman got back up and said he understands that if he makes him quit, he is not the tribal chief. He claimed he will make Jey quit and will take orders, respecting him as the tribal chief. He tells Jey he will also be out of the family along with Jimmy and their family. The Hell In A Cell came down surrounding the ring. Jey climbed up it as they stared down each other. The show went off the air.

Overall Review: This was a really good show. It got me hyped for Roman and Jey with the ending segment. I’m also really glad they are dropping the Shorty G gimmick with Chad Gable. The Law and Otis segment was probably the best thing on the show. I loved seeing Teddy Long back on a SmackDown episode as well as JBL and Simmons. It was just an overall entertaining segment. The match of the night was definitely Rollins and Murphy. The Sasha and Bayley segment was pretty good. It did what it needed to do to have Bayley sign the contract but nothing crazy.

Overall Grade: 7/10

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