WWE ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ (10/30) Results And Review: Jey Uso Receives His Consequences, Qualifying Matches For ‘Survivor Series,’ And More

Friday Night SmackDown

This edition of Friday Night SmackDown took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida with virtual fans in attendance. This was the fallout from Hell In A Cell as Jey Uso will face his consequences after losing the I Quit Hell In A Cell match against Roman Reigns.

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The show kicked off with Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman coming out to the ring. Jey Uso was already in the ring. Jey grabbed the mic from Paul Heyman before he could speak. Jey said he doesn’t give a damn how hard he beat him and he didn’t beat him. Roman said he made Jey quit so he needs to accept the membership to fall in line. Jey said he does not respect him. He blames the Universal title for Roman’s behavior. Jey asked how could he use Jimmy to make him quit. Roman said it’s what he has to do to be the face of the WWE. Roman said the whole family is behind him and if Jey doesn’t fall in line, he is out of the family. Roman asked Jey what is he going to do. Jey said he hates him. Roman said he is sure Jey hates him but he loves Jey. Roman tells him that by the end of the night, Jey will fall in line. Jey was crying in the ring as Roman left.

Kevin Owens Defeated Dolph Ziggler To Qualify For Men’s Survivor Series Match

Review: Really good match. I don’t believe there was doubt that KO was going to be on the SmackDown side of the team.

Natalya talked to Adam Pearce backstage for the Survivor Series team. Billie Kay interrupted to show why she wants to be a part of it. Bianca Belair said she is ready to lead the team. Adam Pearce announced a match between the three of them to determine who will be in the Women’s SmackDown team.

Corey Graves interviewed Lars Sullivan and introduced him as Lars. Lars scolded him as he asked if he should be called the Freak. Lars said he was 10 years old when he was called The Freak as they called the Freak Show. He admitted he cried about it and he was trying to show kindness. He said all of them laughed at him. Lars said the laughing stopped and screaming started which caused him to not be allowed at school. He said he will inflict pain and humiliation on anybody who stands in his way. He claimed he will make this world hell on earth.

Murphy and Aliyah talked backstage. She said her dad and brother won’t talk to her about him. Murphy claimed he is not the same person he once was. He wants to apologize to Rey in front of the whole world.

Bianca Belair Defeated Billie Kay and Natalya To Qualify For Survivor Series

Review: Good match. I’m glad they went with Bianca to be a part of the team. No doubt that she will shine in that match.

Carmella appeared in a video promo saying she is the one who calls the shots and makes her own rules. She will do whatever it takes to get ahead. She announces she will be on the show next week to prove why she is untouchable.

Murphy and Aliyah made their way to the ring. Murphy said he has done terrible things to the Mysterio Family but he wants to apologize to them face to face. He calls out Rey and Dominick. They don’t show up. Seth Rollins came out to the ring. He said Rey and Dominick are never going to forgive him. He claimed they will never accept the relationship with him and Aliyah. Seth claimed he will accept and forgive him. He said there is a place for them in the greater good. He calls Rey overprotective and Dominick a coward. Dominick came from behind and attacked Seth. Murphy tried to get Dominick off of Seth but Dominick shoved him. The two of them fight and Rey comes out to attack Murphy. Rey went for the 619 until Aliyah stopped him. Aliyah said she loves him as Rey tried to get her to come with them. Aliyah refused and they left the ring. Rey and Dominick left as she kissed Murphy in the ring.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Daniel Bryan backstage about his match with Jey Uso. Daniel said he expects the best Jey Uso even after his confrontation with Roman Reigns.

The Street profits were in the ring hyping their match against The New Day at Survivor Series. They say they are serving L’s instead of serving pancakes.

The Street Profits Defeated Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

Review: Good match. That spot with Cesaro dumping him over the barricade was unbelievable. This was to give the Profits momentum for their match with New Day at Survivor Series.

Sami Zayn was backstage talking about his match with Bobby Lashley. He said he is proud to represent the champion of the people. He claimed himself to be a hero and represent the people in every country. He said the IC Champion is greater than the U.S. Champion.

The New SmackDown Women’s Champion Sasha Banks came out to the ring with Bayley’s steel chair. She said she took the one thing Bayley loved the most which she promised she would. She said she thought Bayley was her sister but when she tried to end her career with the chair, she realized who she was. She tells Asuka that she will prove why she is the best of the best. Bayley came out saying that Sasha can’t hang on to a title. She said the chair is also hers and she complained about Sasha forcing her to sign the contract last week. Bayley claimed Sasha can’t beat Asuka without her in her corner. She challenges Sasha for the title next week and claims Sasha will have another short title reign. Sasha accepted the challenge.

Jey Uso Defeated Daniel Bryan To Qualify For Survivor Series

Roman Reigns came into the ring after the match. Jey told him he is with him and he is the head of the table. Jey kicked Daniel in the head and landed a splash on him off the top. Jey said he understands now and he loves Roman. Roman tells Jey to make Daniel understand. Jey beats down Daniel Bryan outside the ring and clears off the announce table. Jey went off the top rope and splashed onto Daniel Bryan through the announce table! Jey continued to beat down Bryan as the show went off the air.

Review: The match was good. I didn’t expect the storyline to go right to Jey turning heel and joining Roman. It played in well with his conflict throughout the match though and the even the aftermath of the match was great.

Overall Review: Good show. This show was to show who would advance to Survivor Series so did what it needed to do. The matches were really good. I absolutely loved the Roman Reigns/Jey Uso segments as always. The Lars interview was in theory a good idea to give us more about Lars but then he talked about how he was bullied for being a freak. In all honesty, they got to stop with all the bullying references. I understand why they do it but this gets so repetitive with a lot of performers and stories. It was just a turn off for me. The Bayley/Sasha segment was pretty good and it set up their rematch which will be interesting to watch next week if they will have Sasha retain the title. The promo with Aliyah kissing Murphy I’m sure a lot of people saw coming including me. I’m not too big on it that this is where the whole Rey and Seth rivalry has gone to but it is what it is.

Grade: 6/10


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