WWE Friday Night SmackDown (9/18) Results And Review: IC Title Match Announced For ‘Clash Of Champions,’ Sasha Banks Appears, And More

Friday Night SmackDown

This edition of Friday Night SmackDown took place once again inside the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida with virtual fans in attendance. The show featured its main event which would be a Samoan Street Fight as Roman Reigns and Jey Uso took on Sheamus and King Corbin. Plus, Sasha banks returns for the first time since she was attacked by Bayley.

The show kicked off with The Dirt Sheet with The Miz and John Morrison. Miz talked about Mandy Rose being traded to Raw. He said he is not trying to play mind games with Otis. He said he is trying to help Otis as he is Mr. Money In The Bank and couldn’t be focused on cashing in the briefcase with Mandy around. Miz claimed that he heard Mandy has already moved on. Otis came out and attacked them. Miz tried to escape until Tucker brought him back in the ring. Otis threw Morrison out of the ring and planted Miz with the Caterpillar. Otis splashed onto Miz from the top rope and pulled all of his clothes off down to his underwear.

Miz and Morrison were interviewed by Kayla Braxton about what happened with Otis. Miz said it was all part of the plan. He called someone on his phone about it during the interview. They smiled as they left the interview without explaining what the plan was.

Cesaro Defeated Gran Metalik

Review: Good match. Nothing really interesting happened in this match, it was just the usual one person from each team face each other before their tag title match at the pay per view. I did like the spot with Metalik landing the hurricanrana from the steel post. It looked really great.

Kayla Braxton interviewed Jey Uso backstage asking him about Roman’s actions. Jey said he trusts that Roman’s got his back since they are family. He said they will go at it at Clash Of Champions but tonight he knows Roman has got his back.

Matt Riddle appeared in a video promo saying that the word Bro is a universal language. He showed how to say bro in all various types of moods.

Alexa Bliss appeared on the stage for A Moment Of Bliss and introduced Nikki Cross as her guest. She said she needed to get Nikki in the hot seat after her win. Alexa said she is happy for Nikki and asked her what her plan of action for the match. She pointed out that she has failed the last time. Nikki said it is different because there is no Sasha Banks to help Bayley. She claimed that she will walk out the SmackDown Women’s Champion at Clash Of Champions. Nikki asked what is going on with Alexa. She pointed out that Alexa hit her with the Sister Abigail last week. Alexa said she doesn’t understand it because she couldn’t control the change going on with her. Lacey Evans came out, mocking them. She said she should thank Alexa for doing what she did because it threw her off her game during the match last week. Lacey said Nikki is too nice and doesn’t have a back bone which is why she won’t beat Bayley. Nikki blew her nose on Lacey’s handkerchief and attacked her.

Nikki Cross Defeated Lacey Evans

After the match, Lacey yelled at Alexa who was at the commentary table. Lacey mentioned The Fiend as she was yelling at her and Alexa went into a trance. Alexa grabbed Lacey and planted her with the Sister Abigail outside the ring. Alexa walked away while still in the trance.

Review: Pretty good match. The highlight of it was Lacey pouring the sanitizer on Nikki’s face. I don’t know how that was legal in the match though but I guess in the world we live in now it is. Otherwise, the match was just a standard match to give Nikki momentum for her match with Bayley.

Michael Cole interviewed Sasha Banks via satellite. She showed Sasha the footage of Bayley’s attack on her. He asked Sasha about the extent of her injuries and she said she is still here. Cole said Bayley claimed she was pretending to be her best friend. Sasha said she is useless to Bayley. She said she heard what Bayley said last week and how they showed the world how they were going to build the company together. She broke down in tears and said they built the division together. She calls Bayley an idiot and said she is nothing without her. She said she is going to take the SmackDown Women’s Championship from her one day. Bayley attacked her from behind with a steel chair. She was about to wedge the chair to her neck until officials stopped her.

AJ Styles Defeated Sami Zayn

Sami attacked AJ after the match and yelled at the referee for not counting the roll up pi while he had the tights. Sami demanded the ring announcer to call him the Intercontinental Champion but Jeff Hardy came out. Hardy attacked Styles and Zayn. Hardy brought out a table and a ladder. Hardy attacked them with the ladder and nailed Zayn with the Twist Of Fate. Hardy climbed the ladder but Zayn escaped the ring. Hardy got the mic and said he is tired of being called a cheat and a fraud. Hardy announced that at Clash Of Champions he will face both AJ and Sami in a Ladder Match for the Intercontinental Championship.

Review: Really good match. What happened afterwards was great as well and I’m excited to see how the three of them face off in a ladder match. That will be an awesome match, no doubt.

Someone handed Heavy Machinery an envelope backstage, telling Otis that he has been served. Tucker opened the envelope and told Otis that he is being sued. Tucker said that Miz was claiming that Otis caused him emotional distress and attacked them during a news show which is a violation of their first amendment right. Tucker said that Otis will have to relinquish the Money In The Bank briefcase or go to court. Otis said that they are in trouble but Tucker tells him that he is in trouble.

Sheamus and Corbin talk about their Samoan Street Fight for later on in the show. Sheamus was interrupted by a security guard who told him that his car was being taken away. Sheamus went out to the parking lot to see but then was attacked by Big E. Big E attacked the security guard since he was the one that helped set up Big E to be attacked by Sheamus two weeks ago. Big E assaulted him all around the parking lot and planted a belly to belly on him onto a car windshield. Big E put the guard in the trunk. Adam Pearce told Big E he has to leave and Big E walked away. Pearce told the rest of the officials to open the trunk.

Roman Reigns and Paul Heyman came out to the ring for the main event. Roman got on the mic, saying this is his WWE. Roman said that if anyone wants it, they will have to take it from him.

Roman Reigns and Jey Uso Defeated Sheamus and King Corbin In The Samoan Street Fight

Review: Good main event. I’m surprised Roman did a lot more in this match than any match he has been since returning. I really like how they teased Roman attacking Jey. I thought they were actually going to do it but it may seem like they aren’t even going to fight until their match at Clash Of Champions. It looks like they are still making it as if it will be a friendly competition for their match.

Overall Review: A really good show. One takeaway of the show would probably be Matt Riddle’s segment with the whole Bro as a universal language. It was okay but it didn’t really connect to me and I feel that they could do something better with him than that. The storyline with Otis being sued since he had attacked Miz and Morrison is an interesting way to get the briefcase off of him. It does seem a little ridiculous that they had Otis win the briefcase at Money In The Bank only to not do a lot with him since then and now he is not even going to cash it in at all if that is the plan. I just kind of seemed like that win was a waste instead of giving the briefcase to someone who needed the win. I really enjoyed Sasha’s segment. I was afraid they were going to have her come back early to challenge Bayley for the title right after Clash Of Champions but this worked exactly how it should’ve with her talking via satellite. I hope they keep Sasha off TV now until possibly Royal Rumble where she could return as a surprise entry into the Royal Rumble match and win it so that she can face Bayley for the title at WrestleMania. Big E getting revenge on Sheamus and the security guard was really great with the intensity that Big E showed. One takeaway from that though was I feel like the beat down dragged a bit and they could’ve cut it short just a tiny percentage.

Overall Review: 6/10


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