WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (5/1): Money In The Bank Qualifiers Announced, Jeff Hardy Announcement, And More

Friday Night SmackDown

This edition of Friday Night SmackDown took place once again at the Performance Center in Orlando with no fans in attendance. Matches that were scheduled included Money In The Bank Qualifying Matches like Otis vs. Dolph Ziggler and Carmella vs. Mandy Rose, plus Daniel Bryan taking on King Corbin.

Daniel Bryan comes out before his match to say that he is excited to compete in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match. He says this will be the first time he competes in an office building. He talks about winning the Money In The Bank contract nine years ago and says it was the most pivotal moment in his career. He’s sad that Drew Gulak would compete with him but Corbin ruined it. He calls Corbin out.

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Corbin comes out, mocking Bryan for taking out Gulak last week. Corbin says he’s won the match before too. He claims he will do it again. Daniel mocks Corbin for his unsuccessful cash in with the contract. Corbin calls Daniel tired and desperate. Corbin says he’s stronger and smarter and he will prove it.

Daniel Bryan Defeated Baron Corbin By DQ

Corbin goes to attack Daniel after the match but Daniel puts him in the Yes Lock on the ladder. Nakamura and Cesaro help Corbin to attack Daniel. Corbin throws him into a stack of ladders set up by the entrance way.

Universal Champion Braun Strowman made his way to the ring. Braun says the Wyatt Family is in the past. Before he can say he will retain at Money In The Bank, Bray Wyatt interrupts him. Bray introduces a story to him called The Black Sheep. He says the sheep looked a lot like Braun. He says the sheep left without saying goodbye and abandon the shepherd. He says the happier ending will be the shepherd finding the sheep to take what made the sheep happy. Braun dares him to come down to say it to his face. Bray just waves goodbye at him.

Sheamus Defeated Leon Ruff

They show Chapter 4 of Jeff Hardy’s Redemption story.

Sheamus is watching all of it by Michael Cole and Cole announces that Jeff Hardy will be on the show next week. Sheamus says he will be on the show next week as well.

Otis and Mandy are interviewed by Kayla Braxton. Otis is excited that he’s got the opportunity to compete in the ladder match. Mandy says her focus is on Carmella rather than it being on Sonya. Mandy says she’s got this and kisses Otis on the cheek.

Carmella Defeated Mandy Rose To Qualify For The Money In The Bank Qualifying Match

Sonya Deville attacks Mandy after the match, attacking her all around outside of the ring. Officials stop Sonya for doing more damage.

Otis checks on Mandy as she is being treated by one of the WWE doctors. Dolph walks up to Otis as Otis leaves the medical attention area, asking if Mandy is okay. Otis gives him a intimidating and threatening look. Dolph walks away from him.

The Forgotten Sons Defeated The New Day

Tamina is interviewed by Kayla Braxton. She said it took 4 women to beat her at WrestleMania. She said she will beat Bayley at Money In The Bank. Sasha confronts Tamina, trying to be friendly with her until Bayley attacks from behind. Lacey Evans saves Tamina and joins the fight. Officials separate them.

Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler talk about Otis being the guy that gets the sympathy award. Dolph says that he is a winner as he claims he will beat Otis to go on to win the Money In The Bank contract again. He says he will slide next to Mandy as the new champion.

Otis Defeated Dolph Ziggler to Qualify For The Money In The Bank Ladder Match

The show ends with Otis celebrating his victory. He will be joining 5 other competitors in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match that will take place at the WWE HQ in Stamford Connecticut.




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