WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results (5/29): IC Tournament Matches Changed, NXT Star Announced As A New Addition To The Roster, And More

Friday Night SmackDown

The May 29th edition of SmackDown took place at the Performance Center in Orlando Florida. The Intercontinental Championship Tournament continued with semi final round matches including Daniel Bryan vs. Jeff Hardy and AJ Styles vs. Elias.

Footage opens up the show of a car accident involving Elias and Jeff Hardy. Elias is stretchered out by ambulance. Braun Strowman is interviewed being an eye witness to the accident saying he called 911 and that the car came out of nowhere. According to Braun, the guy jumped out of the car and ran off. Officers and officials found Jeff Hardy who is hurt. Paramedics claimed they smelled alcohol on him and the officers put hand cuffs on him. They put Jeff Hardy in the patrol car as Elias is going in the back of the ambulance.

An official tells the locker room the situation. He informs them that Elias won’t compete and neither will Jeff Hardy. AJ suggests him and Bryan fight to determine the winner of the tournament. Bryan suggests AJ and Daniel face off against different opponents. Sheamus and Corbin try to get involved in the tournament even though they got eliminated. The locker room try to claim that they want it. The official makes the decision to have a battle royal where the winner will face Daniel Bryan and the winner of that match will face AJ Styles in two weeks to determine the IC Champion.

Sheamus Wins The Battle Royal To Advance To The Intercontinental Championship Tournament

Sonya Deville cuts a backstage promo bragging about her victory over Mandy Rose in the mixed tag match last week. She claimed she will handle Lacy Evans later on. Lacey appeared behind her as Sonya is talking and attacks her from behind. Lacey calls her a nasty and says she’ll see her out there.

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Shorty G confronted Cesaro and Nakamura backstage. Cesaro tells Shorty G he could either walk away or face him later on in the night. Shorty G nailed him with a right hand, and accepted the challenge.

Sonya Deville Vs. Lacey Evans Ended In A Count out

They continued fighting on the outside. Lacey gets in the ring demanding they finish their fight. Sonya tells Lacey that it will be on her terms.

The Forgotten Sons cut a video promo. Wesley Blake talked about use to being like everyone else until he joined them. He said it’s time to put blood on their hands.

Alexa and Nikki come out to the ring for A Moment Of Bliss. They welcome The New Day as their guests. Nikki gave them a present which happened to be Scottish pancakes made by her. The New Day give them coffee beans in return. Big E puts them in Alexa’s coffee. Alexa asked if they have tag teams that stand out to them. They say The Forgotten Sons stand out. The New Day ask them about the Iconics. Bayley and Sasha Banks interrupt them. They insult Alexa and Nikki saying they are the best tag team. Sasha takes her jacket off and throws it at Alexa. Alexa insults Sasha asking her where is her title since the rest of them are champions. Sasha and Bayley mentioned they were the first tag champs and they want their titles back. Bayley tells Alexa that Sasha wants to face her right now. Sasha is annoyed and yells at Bayley saying she is not prepared. Alexa drop kicked Sasha as Bayley got out of the ring.

Sasha Banks Defeated Alexa Bliss

Shorty G Defeated Cesaro

A video promo is shown of Otis and Mandy relaxing by a pool. They are drinking champagne and toast to their alone time. Mandy says she was going to take a nap. Otis left her be. A dream sequence is shown with Mandy fantasizing about Otis and making out with him. That was interrupted as Otis dived into the pool, splashing Mandy and waking her up. Otis apologized to her and brought her into the pool. They make out in the pool.

Kurt Angle announced a new Superstar to come to SmackDown: Matt Riddle.

Kayla Braxton was interrupted by Sheamus as she was talking about Riddle. Sheamus says he’ll kick Daniel Bryan’s face one more time later on. He hopes to become a grand slam champion. Daniel Bryan confronted him. Sheamus asked him if he’s got something to say. Daniel kicks him in the knee, then laughs and walks away.

Daniel Bryan Defeated Sheamus To Advance In The Intercontinental Championship Tournament Finals

Jeff Hardy ran into the ring after distracting Sheamus to cost him the match and attacked him. Sheamus escaped out of the ring. The show ended with Hardy’s music playing and trying to regroup from his injuries as he greets the trainees.

 Overall Opinion: This was a better show than they’ve done as of late. The PC trainees helped as they have done this week.

I wasn’t expecting Jeff Hardy and Elias to eliminated in the tournament like this. I am skeptical about them using Jeff Hardy’s addiction as a storyline based on wrestlings history with using wrestlers addiction in the past. However, it’s furthering along Sheamus and Hardy’s rivalry and I’ll wait and see how this plays out before I hold judgement on it.

The Moment Of Bliss segment was good. I think New Day was just wasted on here because the main point of this was to set up the tag rivalry with Sasha and Bayley. I think this would’ve been better without New Day involved.

The Otis and Mandy segment was the most entertaining promo in this show. Otis continues to be the star along with Mandy who really makes this as great as Otis does.

The best match of the night was the main event between Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. Those two always have great chemistry with each other. Maybe I would’ve saved Hardy returning for next week but it still worked to have Bryan advance in the tournament and furthering Hardy and Sheamus’ rivalry.

The rest of the matches I felt were subpar except Shorty G and Cesaro having its moments.


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