WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results And Review (8/28): IC Champion Returns, Roman Reigns’ Surprising New Alliance, And More

Friday Night SmackDown

This episode of Friday Night SmackDown took place in the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida. It was the go home show for WWE Payback as Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and The Fiend sign their contract for their no holds barred triple threat match at the pay per view. Plus, Big E appeared on Miz TV to talk about their heated exchange on Talking Smack.

Security was being enforced for Roman Reigns, Braun Strowman and The Fiend for their contract signing by Adam Pierce. He entered Vince McMahon’s office and Vince tasked him of giving them the contracts to sign for their match. He asked Adam to start with getting The Fiend’s signature.

Jeff Hardy came out to the ring. Hardy said he psyched to be IC champ and wants to defend the title. AJ Styles interrupted, saying that Jeff is a liar and a cheat. He said he had knee injuries before and never had an illegal object on his knee. AJ claimed that he had Jeff beat until Jeff hit him with the knee brace. He said the doctor won’t clear him tonight. Jeff said he is going to issue an open challenge to anyone for the title except AJ. AJ said Jeff is taking advantage of the system. AJ got furious and pushed Jeff. Jeff took him down with a clothesline as the referee tried to separate them. Shinsuke Nakamura answered Hardy’s challenge.

Jeff Hardy Defeated Shinsuke Nakamura To Retain The Intercontinental Championship

Sami Zayn’s music hit after the match. Sami came out, showing off his Intercontinental title. Hardy and Sami showed their Intercontinental title to each other. Hardy looked at AJ Styles who was on the stage. Sami knocked Jeff down with a Helluva Kick and left. Hardy got up and stared down at Styles who tells Jeff that he is in trouble now.

Review: Good match, there was no doubt that Hardy was going to retain. AJ on commentary during the match was really hilarious. I think it’s become lazy now that whenever a babyface holds a title they go with them doing an open challenge. They need to stop with that, it’s becoming too overdone. However, things are going to get interesting now that Sami Zayn is back with the Intercontinental title he never lost. At the same time, we saw this MVP and Apollo Crews on Raw just recently so I don’t like that they’re repeating that same story of who is the real champion but who knows, they could make it a little more interesting.

Sami is shown walking backstage. Kayla Braxton stopped Sami to interview him asking why he attacked Jeff. Sami said he never lost the title and Jeff is a fraud champion. She asked why he wasn’t here to defend it. He said he doesn’t have to explain that to her and walks off after he claimed to be the champion of the world.

Bray Wyatt appeared on the Fire Fly Fun House. Bray showed off the Universal title saying that no one can take it from him this time. He said that its good to see Roman again. Adam Pearce came in with a postman outfit on. He wanted Bray to sign the contract. Adam said there is a connection between Bray and The Fiend. Bray agreed to sign it and he does. Bray said that he felt like he signed a couple of death warrants as Adam left. Bray signed off by telling everyone to let him in.

Matt Riddle came out to the ring. He calls Corbin a coward for not wanting to face him. he dares Corbin to prove him wrong. Corbin’s music hit and he came out to the ring. Shorty G attacked Riddle from behind as he was waiting for Corbin. Corbin said he accepted his challenge on behalf of Shorty G.

Matt Riddle Defeated Shorty G

Corbin attacked Riddle after the match. Riddle went for a kick but Corbin ducked and escaped out of the ring.

Review: Short match but it was pretty good. It was what it needed to be. I’m not too big on this rivalry for Riddle but it is what it is. I feel sorry for Shorty G to be put in this position too, he deserves a lot better.

Heavy Machinery and Big E share a lunchbox full of salami. Bayley and Sasha interrupted them, making fun of them for playing with their meat as they were about to make their way to the ring.

Adam Pearce knocked on Roman’s door to get the contract signed but no one answered. Adam left. As Adam left, the cameras caught up to Kayla Braxton who interviewed Corbin asking him about Matt Riddle. Corbin claimed that he is going to wipe the smug look off Riddle’s face at Payback. He said he will show Riddle that SmackDown is his kingdom.

Bayley and Sasha Banks came out to the ring. Bayley said this has been the most difficult week of their career. Bayley said despite that they are the greatest women’s tag champs of all time. She told Sasha that she’s sorry that she lost the title and she took blame for it. Bayley said she knew Sasha’s history of never successfully defending the Raw title but she wants to move past that to beat Shayna and Nia at Payback. Bayley said they can’t lose at Payback. Sasha said as long as Bayley has her back, they can get through anything. She said Bayley is still her best friend. Shayna and Nia showed up the screen. Nia said she can’t stand them more than Shayna. Shayna said Nia sucked but she’ll partner with anyone to take their titles. Sasha said winning was what they do and they will get her vengeance at Payback.

Adam Pearce asked Drew Gulak where Braun is and Drew wants to attack braun for what he did to him last week. Drew took a chair and nailed Braun in the back with it. Braun stood up and Drew tossed the chair to Adam. Adam said Drew did it and all he wants is for Braun to sign the contract for the match at Payback. Braun said that he is not signing it until he gets Gulak in the ring right now. Pearce agreed with it.

Cesaro told Nakamura that he needs to make sure he is on the same page with him and not just go out to challenge Hardy earlier. Sami Zayn came up to them and hugged them. Cesaro and Nakamura didn’t look too thrilled. Cesaro pointed out that they weren’t thrilled about Sami just disappearing. Sami said that was his plan to give them space to bring them closer together. Cesaro asked Sami to leave so that he can converse with Nakamura as a team. Sami agreed to let them converse and left.

Braun Strowman Defeated Drew Gulak

Pearce appeared on the stage with the contract. Braun signed the contract and shoved it back to him as he left.

Review: Well this was exactly what we would think it would be and that’s a slaughter. It’s a shame that Gulak who is another talented performer is stuck in this position but it was designed to build for the Universal title match.

Kalisto talked with Lucha House Party, telling them to stay back here and show them how it’s done. As he left, Cesaro and Nakamura attacked Metalik and Dorado from behind.

Cesaro Defeated Kalisto

Kalisto argued with Lucha House Party after the match in the ring. Kalisto shortly made up with them afterwards.

Review: Pretty good match. Kalisto looked really good with the offense he delivered including that head scissor dive he landed on Cesaro. Of course, they had to go with the always classic babyface distraction roll up win. Whatever, I hope they get away from this rivalry and branch Kalisto out on his own.

Adam Pearce confronted Vince McMahon saying that he has Bray and Braun’s signature but he couldn’t get Roman to answer the door. Vince told him that he should kick the door down or he’ll toss him in there to get the signature. Adam left the office as Vince excused him.

Tamina confronted Nikki backstage to ask her how Alexa is doing until Alexa came in to hug them. Alexa said she’s doing great. Nikki reminded her of what The Fiend did to her, causing Alexa to freak out and slams the coffee cup that Nikki had in her hands on the ground. Alexa walked away, leaving Nikki and Tamina shocked.

Miz and Morrison go over their plan with Sheamus for their 6 man tag match. Miz and Morrison propose to Sheamus to not let anyone of them in the ring. Sheamus tells them to just follow his lead. Miz and Morrison argue about it.

Adam Pearce knocked on the door and then went inside. He found Roman and gave him the contract. Roman told him he needs a moment to look at it.

Big E and Heavy Machinery Defeated Miz, Morrison and Sheamus

Review: Solid main event. I’m glad they gave Big E a main event match here and it was what you’d expect from a 6 man tag with them. Nothing special but it was what it was.

Roman Reigns tells Adam Pearce that he will be at Payback to defeat Braun and Bray to win the title that he never lost. He tells Adam that is not a prediction that is a spoiler. The camera turns and Paul Heyman is siting next to him, telling Adam to believe that. The show went off the air with Roman and Paul sitting together.

Overall Review: This was a pretty good show. I wouldn’t say it is one of the best they had since moving to Fox but it did have its moments. I’m glad to see Vince McMahon back on the screen as his character. Obviously, he’s not going to be the evil boss that he once was but I’m happy to see him whenever he’s on because he won’t be on screen forever. I’m glad they also went the route of getting them individually to sign the contract the entire show instead of the usual contract signing segment we are use to seeing. The matches were decent but nothing really noteworthy or spectacular. Sasha and Bayley’s promo was really good with how they continue teasing the inevitable split. Having Nia and Shayna on the screen wasn’t really needed but it was okay. I will say despite the show being somewhat average, it had a really great cliffhanger ending with Roman showing that Paul Heyman is now in his corner. I suppose that means that Roman is a heel after all. I’m not going to say for sure that he is officially a heel but I like this new direction. I believe it’s a turn that he so desperately needs. I was also surprised that there was no Retribution on this show. I don’t know why that was but that was kind of odd. Alexa’s segment with Nikki and Tamina was pretty good. It’s starting to show how The Fiend had changed her and it will probably lead to a feud with Nikki Cross. So that was cool as well.

Overall Grade: 5/10

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