WWE Monday Night Raw (10/12) Results And Review: Final Night Of Draft, #1 Contender For Women’s Title Revealed, And More

Monday Night Raw

This edition of Monday Night Raw took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida with virtual fans in attendance. It was the second night of the Draft that included matches such as a #1 Contenders Battle Royal to determine who will face Asuka for the Raw Women’s Championship, Seth Rollins bids farewell to Raw before his move to SmackDown, Mustafa Ali explains his alliance with Retribution and Kevin Owens would go one on one with Aleister Black in a No DQ match.

Randy Orton kicked off the show. Randy guaranteed that he will take Drew’s title at Hell In A Cell. He talked about Drew capturing the title at WrestleMania and he claimed he will end Drew’s legacy. Drew McIntyre came out saying that he got back up when Orton punted him down. He promised last week that he was going to kick the crap out of Randy. Drew ripped his shirt off and went after Randy in the ring. Orton and Randy brawled all around until Randy escaped.

Stephanie McMahon came out for the first round of the night. Raw picked The Fiend, SmackDown picked Bayley, Raw picked Randy Orton, SmackDown picked The Street Profits and Raw picked Charlotte Flair.

Kevin Owens Defeated Aleister Black In A No DQ Match

Review: It was a good match. It just really disappoints me that Aleister Black was just losing match after match to Kevin Owens throughout the whole rivalry and I think it has really hurt his main roster career.

Stephanie McMahon announced the second round of the Draft. Raw picked Braun Strowman, SmackDown keeps Daniel Bryan, Raw picked Matt Riddle, SmackDown picked Kevin Owens and Raw picked Jeff Hardy.

The Miz and John Morrison hosted The Dirt Sheet in the ring. They mock Heavy Machinery splitting up. Miz introduced Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke as their guests. Miz wanted Mandy to thank him for being a part of Raw. Mandy accused of being petty which was why he put her on Raw. Miz asked Dana about being Mandy’s tag partner and Dana said she is certain that her and Mandy are friends. Miz asked about their opportunity to be in the Women’s Battle Royal later on in the show. Mandy was about to talk about it until Natalya and Lana interrupted. Lana said she is the girl to talk to instead of Mandy and Dana. Mandy pointed out that if they weren’t busy making Tik Tok videos then they could win a match. They all brawl in the ring. Mandy and Dana beat them down until Lana and Natalya escape.

Miz and Morrison introduce their next guest after they came back from commercial until Lars Sullivan came out. Miz left the ring, leaving Morrison alone with Lars. Miz tried pulling Morrison out of the ring but he let him go as soon as Lars looked at him. Lars planted Morrison onto the mat.

Adam Pearce met with New Day and The Street Profits. He tells them that they have to switch titles now that New Day is on Raw and Street Profits are on SmackDown. They switched them. Ziggler and Roode complained about not challenging Street Profits for the titles. New Day offered to defend the titles against them later on. They accepted.

Stephanie McMahon announced that The New Day will defend the Raw Tag Team titles against Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode later on. In the next round, Raw picked Retribution, SmackDown picked Lars Sullivan, Raw picked Keith Lee, SmackDown picked King Corbin and Raw picked Alexa Bliss.

Seth Rollins came out to the ring. Seth said he wanted to soak it all in now that it is the end of an era. He said it is difficult moment for the Raw fans since this will be the last time he will be on the show. Seth asked if anyone could fill his shoes on the Raw roster but he said no. He said he doesn’t leave Raw on a sad note but then Jeff Hardy interrupted. Seth said Jeff is not a leader and tells him to get out of the ring. Jeff said it is his ring now that he is on Raw. Seth said Jeff should be focused on Lasr Sullivan on SmackDown. Seth wished him luck and left. AJ Styles came out saying this wasn’t Monday Night Raw anyways. He called himself the footprint. Seth and AJ argue over AJ’s comments. Hardy attacks both Seth and AJ outside the ring. Jeff challenged them to a triple threat match.

AJ Styles Defeated Seth Rollins and Jeff Hardy in a Triple Threat Match

Review: Good match. It was the type of match you would expect out of them. I did not expect Elias returning though, I’m glad he is back.

Stephanie McMahon announced Raw’s pick would be Elias. SmackDown keeps Sami Zayn, Raw picked Lacey Evans, SmackDown keeps Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro and Raw picked Sheamus.

Dana Brooke and Mandy Rose Defeated Lana and Natalya

After the match, Natalya tells Lana that it isn’t working out and she’s done. Lana was left in the ring crying.

Review: The match was okay. It was just filler and I’m still not buying the team of Mandy Rose and Dana Brooke though. I’m glad the Lana and Natalya was short lived because it was doing nothing for either of them.

Ricochet confronted The Hurt Business backstage and said he wants to retire this rivalry. He said he wants one last match with The Hurt Business and if he wins the beef is over but if they win, he joins The Hurt Business. Cedric Alexander accepted the challenge.

Angel Garza Defeated Andrade

The lights went out after the match. Alexa Bliss and The Fiend appeared. The Fiend and Bliss nailed Zelina Vega and Andrade with Sister Abigail.

Review: The match was pretty good. I’m glad that Garza recovered as quick as he could. I don’t know if Garza is a face but he is much better off as a heel.

Stephanie McMahon announced the next round with Raw picking Nikki Cross. SmackDown picked Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode, Raw kept R Truth, SmackDown picked Apollo Crews and Raw kept Dabba Kato.

The New Day Defeated Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode To Retain The Raw Tag Team Championship

Review: Good match. I don’t think there was any doubt that they were going to retain. It sucks that Roode came back and is barely winning a match.

Charly Caruso interviewed Elias about what he did to Jeff Hardy. He said he does not forgive Jeff Hardy for hitting him with the car this past summer. Charly said the criminal was still at large and it wasn’t Hardy. Elias said a car won’t be able to stop him and they will celebrate his return to Raw next week with a concert.

Ricochet Defeated Cedric Alexander By DQ

Review: The match was pretty good. I’m glad that this whole rivalry is settled and The Hurt Business can move on to hopefully better things.

Stephanie McMahon came back out with the final round. Raw kept Titus O’Neal, SmackDown kept Carmella, Raw kept Peyton Royce, SmackDown picked Aleister Black and Raw kept Akira Tozawa.

Nia Jax was on the mic before the battle royal saying that either her or Shayna are winning it so she suggested for all of them to toss themselves over the top. They all attack them to begin the match.

As the battle royal was going on, Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre brawled backstage.

Lana Won The Women’s Battle Royal To Become #1 Contender for the Raw Women’s Championship

Review: I was expecting Charlotte Flair to come in at the last second to get the win but I was not expecting Lana to get the win. This was obviously not the best decision but this is all to set up something for Asuka after she destroys Lana.

Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre came out to brawl all around ringside. Officials tried to break them up as they continued fighting. The show went off the air with them separated.

Overall Review: This was an average episode of Raw. The only thing I really look forward to was who else was going to be drafted next. For the most part, it was interesting to see Jeff Hardy go to Raw, Matt Riddle go to Raw and Kevin Owens go to SmackDown. The last round I expected to be exciting but it gave us Titus staying on Raw and Akira staying on Raw which just felt like a waste. Also, I don’t know if this actually happened or not, but did the Ali segment with him explaining his alliance with Retribution happen? That was advertised and I don’t think that happened at all on the show. Correct me if I’m wrong but that’s how I saw it. Randy and Drew’s segments just kind of fell flat to me. All they did was brawl and there wasn’t really anything else they do to each other to make it more interesting. No weapons or table spots or anything like that. I think they could’ve done better with that.

Overall Grade: 5/10


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