WWE Monday Night Raw (9/14) Results And Review: Asuka Vs. Mickie James For Women’s Title, Keith Lee Vs. Drew McIntyre, And More

Monday Night Raw
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This edition of Monday Night Raw took place inside the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida with virtual fans in attendance. The show was advertised as In Your Face episode with big matches scheduled such as the Raw Tag Team Champions The Street Profits taking on the SmackDown Tag Team Champions Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura, WWE Champion Drew McIntyre went face to face with Keith Lee, Asuka puts the Raw Women’s title on the line against Mickie James and Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio take their rivalry to a whole other level as they battled inside a steel cage.

Drew McIntyre came out to the ring to kick off the show. He claimed he would rather leave Raw in an ambulance every single night than give up the WWE Championship. He proposes that him and Randy Orton compete for the WWE Championship in a Ambulance Match at Clash Of Champions. Drew showed a photo shopped hospital picture of all the people he has taken out with the Claymore Kick. Adam Pearce interrupted him saying that Randy may not be able to face him in any championship match. Pearce said that if Lee beats him later on in the show, Lee will face Drew for the WWE title instead of Randy. Keith Lee came out to the ring. Lee and Drew shook hands in the ring.

The Street Profits Defeated Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura

Review: The match was good with the spots they pulled off such as Cesaro’s big upper cut on Ford. However, I don’t know why they are having a champions vs. champions match with them on a random episode of Raw. I didn’t see what the point of all of it was but it didn’t take away from the match itself.

Lana and Angel Garza were talking backstage. Lana was upset that Mickie James has a title shot and not Natalya. Angel said her passion for justice is intoxicating. Zelina Vega and Andrade interrupts and Lana leaves. She yells at Garza for flirting instead of focusing on his matches. Angel blames Andrade for losing a match. Andrade and Garza argue until Zelina yells at them saying she can’t do it anymore. Andrade and Garza fight as soon as she left.

The Hurt Business came out to the ring. MVP said that business is booming with Lashley as U.S. Champion and Cedric Alexander is an official member. Cedric said he will do what he will do to succeed. Cedric said being Ricochet and Apollo left him broken. Apollo Crews and Ricochet interrupted, calling Cedric a sellout. Apollo said he always had his back but Cedric said that Apollo never helped him when Apollo was champion. Ricochet said it hurt him more than anything that he betrayed them and that they are coming for him.

Cedric Alexander Defeated Ricochet

The lights went out after the match. Retribution appeared on the screen saying that they are the product of empty promises. They said they refuse to suck up to a regime.

Review: Pretty good match and showing for Cedric Alexander as the new member of The Hurt Business. I hope this helps Cedric make a bigger name for himself than how he has been shown since coming to WWE.

Sarah Schreiber interviewed Mickie James backstage asking how she is feeling going into the title match. She said she has always had what it takes to be champion. She said it could be her last chance to win it.

Adam Pearce yelled at the security guards about Retribution hacking into the show. The Hurt Business interrupt him saying that Adam might lose his job if he doesn’t find a solution. He proposes that they help him out with Retribution. Adam agreed and thanked them for volunteering. MVP said they are all business and it is not a charity work. He said he’ll be sending Adam a bill.

Asuka Defeated Mickie James By Submission To Retain The Raw Women’s Championship

Zelina came out to the ring after the match. Zelina complained about Andrade and Garza. Zelina called Asuka an ingrate and said she is reckless with her title reign that Becky Lynch gave her. Zelina said she is ready to face Asuka for the title. Asuka mocked her but then Zelina slapped her. Zelina left the ring afterwards.

Review: The match was getting really good until the finish. It was really confusing because it didn’t seem like Mickie was the point where she couldn’t continue. I don’t know if something actually went wrong or if that was the plan but it just didn’t look right. Also, they put that match on Raw to set up Zelina Vega being Asuka’s next opponent possibly at Clash Of Champions? It’s not a knock on Zelina but she hasn’t really done anything in the ring as of late to be in a title match at a pay per view if that is the plan.

Charly Caruso interviewed Keith Lee backstage asking if he is excited for his opportunity. He said he definitely is and he will do what he must to become WWE Champion. She asked if he will take advantage of Drew’s injured jaw. He repeated himself saying he will do what he must.

Bobby Lashley Defeated Erik

Review: Okay match. It pretty much was a Lashley showcase match.

Sarah interviewed Kevin Owens about why Aleister Black would attack him. He said he doesn’t know why but he wants to know how much pain he will inflict on him so that he runs back to his hiding spot. He said he will show what happens when someone picks a fight with him.

Shane McMahon talks with his doorman by the Raw Underground door until Braun Strowman appeared, saying that he wants to fight. Shane opened the door for him and he went in.

Murphy came into Seth’s locker room. Murphy wanted to apologize for what happened to him last week. Seth said to let it go and look to the future. He said he needs Murphy to do his role in the steel cage match. Murphy agreed.  Seth slapped him across the face and told him that his role is to stay backstage.

Charly Caruso interviewed Dominik about the steel cage match. He said he is not going to back down from any challenge especially a steel cage match. Rey said he and the family will be out there to support him.

Seth Rollins Defeated Dominik Mysterio In A Steel Cage Match

Seth looked like he was going to attack Murphy with the kendo stick but he put it down. Seth threw Murphy into the barricade and into the cage. Seth yelled at him and walked away as the family checked on Dominik in the ring.

Review: Good match. I think at some point Dominik’s got to get a win over Seth. Seth winning here was definitely the right move but at some point there has to be a pay off where Dominik pins Seth. I thought it was ridiculous that they got to keep involving the whole Mysterio family every time Dominik has a match though. They honestly had no business being at ringside while this match was happening.

Shane McMahon brought back Raw Underground with Dolph Ziggler defeating an opponent. Riddick Moss stepped up to him. Braun Strowman interrupted the fight and took them both out.

Charly Caruso interviewed Drew McIntyre about what Keith will do in their match. He said he was about to say something about Keith Lee possibly not kicking out of the RKO from his match last week. Lee thinks that Drew thought Randy would beat him last week. Lee reminded him that he beat Randy at Payback and he will beat him later on to get a shot at the title. Drew said he is not afraid. Lee kept putting his hand up to Drew’s head until Drew decked him with a right hand. Lee and Drew ended up brawling until officials try to separate them.

Back at Raw Underground, Titus O’Neal entered as Braun Strowman continued taking out people. Titus took Braun down and tried to take out Braun but Braun knocked him out after a take down followed by a series fo right hands.

Kevin Owens Defeated Aleister Black

Review: I didn’t like the finish of the match with the lights going out only for Black to get pinned. The match itself was okay but just having the lights flicker to cause Black to be distracted was kind of a dud to me. I also thought this rivalry was going to be a whole lot more but it doesn’t seem that way.

Drew McIntyre was getting ready for the match backstage until Lee attacked him from behind. The two brawled until Adam Pearce separated them and told them that if they don’t stop fighting, the match is cancelled.

Riot Squad Defeated Natalya and Lana

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax attack Natalya and Lana after the match. Nia picked up Lana and planted her with a Samoan Drop through the announce table.

Review: Short match but nothing special. There was no question that Riot Squad was going to get the win to build for their title match.

Braun Strowman continued to dominate Raw Underground. Riddick Moss stepped up again but got knocked down. Ziggler joined in so that him and Moss could double team Braun. Braun fought them both off. Dabba Kato stepped up to Braun but Shane told them that they will fight on Raw Underground next week.

Drew McIntyre Vs. Keith Lee Ended In A No Contest

Retribution came in and attacked both men in the ring. The Hurt Business came out and brawled with Retribution around ringside. Lee and Drew dove onto all of them outside the ring. The show ended with everyone down.

Review: The match was really good. I didn’t mind Retribution ending the match all too much as it really kind of made sure that neither man got pinned and it kept the story line going for the night with The Hurt Business being the backup for Adam Pearce in case Retribution got involved in any way to the show.

Overall Review: This show was not that watchable. There was just questionable finishes like the Raw Women’s title match. The matches itself were good and so was Raw Underground. Braun Strowman definitely fit in that environment and the cliffhanger for him to face Dabba Kato was even better. I want to see how they will go at it in that segment for next week. Dolph Ziggler being on commentary was pretty good but I think the commentary got better once MVP got on it. He’s the perfect fit for a heel commentary personnel.

Overall Grade: 5/10


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