WWE Monday Night Raw (9/21) Results And Review: Go Home Show Before ‘Clash Of Champions,’ Keith Lee Gets Another Chance At Drew McIntyre, And More

Monday Night Raw
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This edition of Monday Night Raw took place once again inside the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida. The show featured matches such as a Triple Threat Tag Team #1 Contender’s Match featuring Seth Rollins and Murphy vs. Angel Garza and Andrade vs. Dominik Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo and Keith Lee gets another chance to challenge Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship if Randy Orton is not cleared to compete at Clash Of Champions as he faces Drew McIntyre in a rematch from last week. Plus, Braun Strowman returns to Raw Underground to take on Dabba Kato.

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The show opened with Retribution invading the ring. They threaten to tear down WWE and rebuild it in their image. They said every Superstar is responsible for the infestation of WWE. They say they will make them pay for their sins. The Hurt Business came down to the ring to confront them but they backed down. MVP threw down the challenge to face them. Lashley called them little kids hiding behind masks and claim they are men. More Retribution members came out. The Hurt Business and Retribution brawled all around ringside. Retribution took them all out.

Sarah interviewed Rey Mysterio backstage, asking about Dominik potentially challenging for the Raw Tag Team Championship. Rey talked about how the Tag Team Championship was his first championship that he won when he first came into WWE and he will be so proud of Dominik potentially winning it.

Angel Garza and Andrade Defeated Dominik Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo and Seth Rollins and Murphy To Become #1 Contenders For The Raw Tag Team Championship

Review: It was pretty good. The only thing is Garza and Andrade already had their spot at SummerSlam to win the tag titles but it looks like they are going to officially break them up at Clash Of Champions which doesn’t even make sense since they were already beating each other up backstage last week. I think they should’ve had Dominik Mysterio and Humberto win here so that Rollins could cost Dominik the match at Clash Of Champions which will then lead to possibly their blow off match at the next pay per view.

Retribution was backstage cutting a promo saying that The Hurt Business bends the knee to the WWE so they are part of the problem.

Kevin Owens appeared in the ring for the KO Show. He said he never thought he would have him as a guest and introduces Shane McMahon. Shane came out to the ring. Kevin said he wanted to put all of their personal differences  with him aside to help promote this big fight with Dabba Kato and Braun Strowman. Shane talks about the fight and how exciting it’s going to be. He introduces Dabba Kato. Owens tells Dabba that he didn’t forget what Dabba did to him two weeks ago and he will get a fight with him. Kevin slaps him. Dabba went after him but Shane held him back. Braun came out to the ring to confront Dabba but Shane told them to save it for Raw Underground. Aleister Black attacked Owens from behind as he pulled Owens into the steel post groin first.

Charly interviewed Drew before his match with Keith Lee. She asked about the fractured friendship with Lee. He said he’s sure him and Lee will laugh about this time but tonight they will beat the hell out of each other. He tells Keith that the drinks are on him when he beats him.

Retribution attacked Humberto Carrillo backstage. They said that the WWE Superstars are the disease and they are the cure.

Drew McIntyre Defeated Keith Lee By DQ

Review: Good match. I’m glad they’re keeping Lee from getting pinned and still making him look strong. I also figured that this was the direction they were going to go. I didn’t think Lee was ready to be put right into the title match this soon.

Orton attacked Drew with a chair. He turned his attention to Keith Lee and attacked him with the chair. Back from commercial, he told everyone that it was shame on them for not believing that he would be ready for Clash Of Champions. He said he’s been the one constant in the locker room for 20 years. Randy went over to the ambulance truck and said he could barely see straight when he was in the ambulance. He realized that’s what Edge, Big Show, Christian, Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels felt like when he kicked them in the skull. He claimed that he remembered exactly what it takes to be WWE Champion. He said the ambulance represents his 14th World Championship and he promised he will make sure Drew gets another ride in the ambulance so that Randy will be WWE Champion once again.

Sarah interviewed Asuka backstage, asking who is a greater threat to her championship. Asuka laughed but then was interrupted by Billie Kay. Kay said that anybody can face Asuka. She was about to challenge her until Peyton Royce challenged her. Asuka asked if they are still friends and they said they are. Asuka tells Peyton Royce that no one will be ready for Asuka at Clash Of Champions and Peyton won’t be ready for her.

Zelina Vega Defeated Mickie James To Earn The Right To Face Asuka For The Raw Women’s Championship at Clash Of Champions

Review: The match was pretty good but I still don’t see how Zelina is a viable challenger for Asuka. I really think they should’ve had Mickie just win it. Nothing against Zelina but it would’ve been a better story for Mickie to try and get redemption for the hiccup from last week.

The Hurt Business and Retribution continued their brawl backstage. They took members of Retribution out.

Footage was shown of Akira Tozawa and a ninja dressed as a ref go in the ocean at a beach. R Truth arrived at the beach with Lil Jimmy and they see a shark fin. Tozawa and the ninja swam away as well. R Truth got his title and Lil Jimmy back after it was taken by the ocean.

Cedric Alexander and MVP came out. MVP said they will make Retribution know why they are The Hurt Business. Cedric said his match with Apollo is about him getting even with Apollo for all the times he took advantage of him to be United States Champion. Apollo and Ricochet came out. Apollo said the only thing they care about now is punching him in the face. Apollo said he will also be a two time United States Champion after Clash Of Champions.

Apollo Crews Defeated Cedric Alexander

Review: Really good match. It’s the type of athletic high flying match you would see out of them. Obviously, Apollo had to get the win for the momentum for the U.S. title match with Lashley which I’m okay this time in the way they did it. They don’t want to fully job at Cedric at the same time they don’t want to have Apollo lose in the match so this probably the best way they could’ve done it.

The Hurt Business attacked Ricochet and Apollo after the match. They sent both of them into the barricade. Lashley finished off Apollo by putting the Full Nelson on him.

On Raw Underground, Arturo Ruas took on Dolph Ziggler. Dolph Ziggler knocked him out with a sleeper hold. Shane McMahon had Brianna Brandy interview Braun and he said he is sending all these guys home to their mommies. He said he’s also got no problem giving Shane these hands.

Seth Rollins came out to the ring with a folder. He said he thought he was done with the torment that the Mysterio Family has put him through but he saw that WWE.com posted a series of photos on the Mysterio Family. he puts the photo up of the Mysterio Family and reveals he has something in the folder. He calls the family out to the ring. They came out to the stage. Rey said they intend to give him a beating like they did to Murphy. Seth said he has grown to respect them. He said he has the results of a DNA test if Rey is Dominik’s father. Seth revealed that Rey is not the father. Rey said they’ve been down that road before and he is trying to drag the family name into the mud. Seth said that the test possibly refers to Aliyah instead of Dominik. Seth said Aliyah was consoling Murphy and that’s not what a Mysterio does. Rey said they already spoke about that and he taught his daughter to be kind and compassionate. He calls her naive and knows nothing about their world. Aliyah gets offended and walks off. Angie joins her. Rey and Dominik go after them. Seth said he wasn’t trying to drive a wedge between them and apologizes. He leaves the ring afterwards but smiles as he heads towards the stage.

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax Defeated Lana and Natalya

Shayna and Nia attacked The Riot Squad as they were by the commentary table. The Riot Squad retreated. Nia grabbed Lana and gave her a Samoan Drop through the announce table.

Review: This was pretty much a squash as it should have been. That’s really all I got for this match.

Charly interviewed Drew to see how he was doing. Drew had an ice pack on his face, saying that he is going to take Randy’s head off at Clash Of Champions but tonight he is going to pick a fight.

Rey Mysterio and his family talk backstage. Aliyah said that she doesn’t need to be protected anymore, she’s 19 years old. She walks away from him after she reminds Rey of him calling her a naive 19 year old girl. Rey went to go after her but Angie stopped him.

On Raw Underground, Riddick Moss took on Erik. Moss knocked out Erik with a big right hand to the jaw. Shane asked Dabba what we can expect from the fight. Dabba said he will rip Braun into pieces.

Asuka Defeated Peyton Royce By DQ

Zelina Vega came out to attack Asuka during the match. Asuka fought back and tried a swinging back elbow but Zelina left the ring.

Murphy came up to Aliyah backstage, apologizing to her if he had caused her any harm.

Raw Underground returned with Dabba vs. Braun. At one point, they throw a guy into each other outside. Braun knocked out Dabba with a right hand shot and multiple right hands to the face.

The Hurt Business Defeated Retribution By DQ

All the members of Retribution attacked The Hurt Business. Drew McIntyre came out with the rest of the locker room. They all drive Retribution out of the ring. Randy Orton came out and planted Drew with an RKO out of nowhere. The show ended as Randy stood tall over Drew in the ring.

Review: This was ridiculous storyline wise why Retribution would be given WWE contracts and wrestling. Hopefully, they explain why they have those contracts. The match itself was pretty good until the finish with the thumb to the eye by the illegal man. Also, how are they following the rules of the whole match until the finish when they are supposed to be a violent group. I know they put in this weird rule that it is a DQ if the illegal man attacks the legal man but it’s just dumb in my opinion.

Overall Review: This was not an easy Raw to sit through. The matches were good and some of the promos were great including the Randy Orton promo and even Cedric’s promo was not bad at all. Everything else as an attempt to be a go home show for Clash Of Champions was lackluster. The promo was Seth Rollins kind of felt flat because it looked like they were going to go back to Dominik not being Rey’s father again like they did with Eddie Guerrero in 2005 which I was not too thrilled. Then, they switched to Aliyah being sympathetic towards Murphy. I don’t have a problem with them doing a storyline with Murphy and Aliyah but the way they introduced that was kind of weird and confusing. Seth was saying that he thinks Aliyah is not a Mysterio because she was showing concern for Murphy? I don’t understand that. Raw Underground I thoroughly enjoyed with how the knockouts looked especially the Riddick Moss and Erik fight. The Retribution storyline has improved a bit now with how the masks look even though they may look like something out of The Dark Knight movies but again they got to reveal who is behind this group eventually now that they revealed that they have a WWE contract.

Overall Grade: 5/10

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