WWE ‘Monday Night Raw’ Results (1/27): Edge Makes His ‘Raw’ Return, Drew McIntyre Chooses His ‘WrestleMania’ Opponent, More


The 2020 men’s Royal Rumble winner Drew McIntyre kicked off the show. McIntyre says that he isn’t going to play games and will make his announcement. He challenges Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania.  He says that some people are afraid of Lesnar, but he isn’t. McIntyre said that he knows he can beat Brock Lesnar because he Claymore Kicked him over the top rope. He then says that he wants this to be a Claymore party and made a challenge to anyone to fight him. The OC came out and McIntyre decided to wrestle both men.

Drew McIntyre defeated The OC via a Claymore Kick to both men

After clearing the ring of The OC, Brock Lesnar showed up and delivered an F5 to Drew McIntyre.

A video package of Edge and Christian from Wrestlemania 17 is shown.

Another video of MVP is shown.

Rey Mysterio defeated the returning MVP

Aleister Black Looked Strong in a Squash Match with the Black Mass

After the match, Black says he owns his loss at the Royal Rumble. He says that he has made the mistake the last few months of waiting for someone to come knock on his door to pick a fight with him, he is now bringing the fight to the Raw locker room.

Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy come out to the ring. Seth says he almost won the Royal Rumble but was eliminated by the winner. He warned Drew to enjoy it while it lasts, because they (the fans) will turn on him in a blink of an eye. Rollins says he isn’t focused on the negative, but the positive. He says the positives is that he eliminated both Owens and Joe and Buddy Murphy.

Owens and Joe come out. Owens says that Seth is delusional and that he sucks. Joe wonders why Seth is eager to fight them tonight when usually he isn’t. Owens asks Seth where AOP is. Seth brings up video of AOP in his dressing room. Owens says he is glad he no longer has to worry about where they are because the Viking Raiders attacked AOP back stage.

A video of Edge cashing in Money in the Bank on John Cena in 2006 is shown.

Buddy Murphy and Seth Rollins retained the Raw tag team titles against Kevin Owens and Samoa Joe

During the match, Joe took a dive to Murphy and Rollins to the outside of the ring. During the commercial break, medical staff forced Joe to leave the match. Owens continued in a handicap match. Owens held his own for a few minutes, stunning Rollins. However, Murphy was the legal man and rolled Owens up for the win.

Becky is asked if her win against Asuka silenced her doubts last night. She says it did and that the next ar*e she kicks will be because she wants to, not because she has to. Caruso asks her about Charlotte winning the Rumble. Becky answers that if Charlotte challenges her it won’t be the first, but it will definitely be the last.

Humberto Carrillo defeated Andrade via disqualification 

In a back and forth match between Andrade and Carrillo, it looked as though Carrillo would pick up the win. However, after hitting the moonsault, Zelina Vega interfered by breaking up the pin. That would lead to Carrillo winning the match, but Andrade would retain the US championship. Carrillo became angry and pulled up the mat to expose the floor. Carrillo drove Andrade’s head into the floor for his receipt.


Charlotte comes out to the ring to celebrate her win. She says she will challenge for a championship at Wrestlemania, but she’s still thinking about who. Asuka and Kairi Sane interrupt her. Asuka says if she were in the Royal Rumble, she would have won. Charlotte asks if Asuka is challenging her, but the Kabuki Warriors attack her as it breaks for commercial.

Charlotte defeated Asuka via disqualification

During the match, Charlotte had Asuka in the figure 8 submission. However, Kairi Sane interfered by delivering an Insane Elbow on Flair. Sane would continue to beat on Charlotte. When Charlotte tried to fight back, Asuka would pull her partner out of the ring for the save.

The Street Profits recap Monday Night Raw in an entertaining way with Kelly Kelly.

Mojo Rawley comes out to the ring with Riddick Moss. Rowley says the 24/7 title is no longer the hide-and-seek title. He says anyone can come get it. He introduces Riddick Moss and issues a challenge. No Way Jose answers.

Mojo Rawley defeated No Way Jose in a Squash Match

After the match, R-Truth dressed in many different costumes rolled up Rawley to win the title. However, due to a distraction from Moss, Mojo was able to recapture the title seconds later.


Liv Morgan defeated Lana in a short match

After a few spots from Lana, Liv was able to pick up the quick win.


Erik Rowan looked strong in a squash match

Rowan defeated his opponent with the Iron Claw. He leaves with the cage and a smile on his face.

Edge makes his entrance with a thunderous eruption from the crowd. He thanks for their great reaction. He recaps how 9 years ago he was disqualified from wrestling ever again. Ever since then, he wanted to work to get back to end his career on his own terms. He names different wrestlers he was in the Rumble with and says he hopes he sees them down the road. Edge says he doesn’t know how long it will last, but hopes everyone joins him on the ride. Randy Orton comes out and hugs Edge. Orton grabs a mic and says that Edge helped him when he was younger. He welcomed him home and said that last night was special. Orton asks what if Rated RKO got together one more time and the crowd exploded. Edge smiles, but Orton RKO’d him and walked out of the ring. He grabbed a chair and hit Edge with it on the back. With loud chants of “you suck” from the audience, Randy sets Edge’s head inside the chair. He climbs to the turnbuckle, but gets down. Orton removed the chair. However, he grabbed two chairs. He set Edge’s head on one and picks up the other. Orton drives the chair on his head as the show comes to an end.

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