WWE “Monday Night Raw” Results (3/2): Randy Orton Gives Explanation For His Actions, New Champions Crowned, More

Monday Night Raw
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   Monday Night Raw starts off with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Heyman says he knows his job is to hype them up on WrestleMania, but that the main event is a sham. He calls Drew McIntyre a fraud. Heyman goes on to remind people about the Royal Rumble. He tells that McIntyre was only able to eliminate Lesnar because of the assistance of Ricochet. He calls McIntyre names and says Lesnar will squash him at WrestleMania.

   Drew McIntyre, with determination in his eyes, interrupts Paul Heyman. He steps right up to Brock, but the champion doesn’t seem to take him seriously. Lesnar goes to leave, but charges toward him. However, McIntyre was ready and flattened Lesnar with a Claymore Kick. With a grin on his face, Drew McIntyre exits. Brock laid flat for a few moments, but was able to roll out with the help of Paul Heyman. A very disgruntled and angry Lesnar bumbles up the ramp, only for McIntyre to reemerge and Claymore Kick him once again. Lesnar tried to return to his feet, but the Royal Rumble winner flattened him for the third time.

Championship match between Buddy Murphy/Seth Rollins and The Street Profits are next. The Street Profits grab the mic during their entrance and say they have been waiting their entire careers for this moment. They say they will become the new tag team champions.

  The Street Profits defeated Rollins/Murphy to become the new tag team champions

During the match, AOP tried to interfere. While the referee’s back was turned, KO gave Rollins the stunner. The Street Profits capitalized for the win.

After the match, Rollins says he and Murphy are challenging the Street Profits to regain the titles at Elimination Chamber. As far as Owens goes, he says KO can pick the time and place. He says Kevin Owens will get “crucified”.

Ricochet challenges Riddick Moss for the 24/7 title next. After a high competitive match, Moss is able to defend his title successfully.

    Riddick Moss defeats Ricochet to retain the 24/7 championship

AJ Styles with the OC make their way to the ring. Styles grabs the mic and says he isn’t in a good mood. He shows what happened at Super ShowDown. He then explains how everyone, including people like Mark Wahlberg are trying to give him advice. Styles tells “Marky Mark” he isn’t going to take his advice and that he is now on a collision course with the Undertaker.

Aleister Black then made his entrance for his match with AJ Styles. Styles tells Black to hold his horses and that he will only get to AJ by going through Karl Anderson.

    Aleister Black defeated Karl Anderson

Styles grabs the mic and says Black now has to fight Luke Gallows to get to him.

     Aleister Black defeated Luke Gallows via disqualification

Styles and Karl Anderson interfered and took down Black, giving him the win. AJ is now ready for his match against Aleister Black.

AJ Styles defeated Aleister Black via Phenomenal Forearm

The match was mostly an AJ show. He took down the wobbly Black time and time again with back breakers, suplexes, and finally with the phenomenal forearm. He pinned Black with the signature pin of the Undertaker for the win.

Ruby Riott is asked if she ever predicted the Riott Squad would break the way they have. Ruby says that people always prove their loyalty or disloyalty in a single breath. She says now she is only looking out for herself. There are no friend in the Elimination Chamber.

Ruby Riott vs. Liv Morgan with Sarah Logan as the special guest referee is next.

    Liv Morgan defeated Ruby Riott via a roll up

After running into Logan, Ruby Riott tries to put away Morgan. However, Logan didn’t count as fast as Riott thought she needed to. She got in Logan’s face, turning her back on Morgan. Morgan rolled up Riott and Logan delivered a fast count for the win.

Liv things Sarah Logan is on her side, but Logan makes sure Morgan knows that isn’t the case. She flattens Morgan and is standing tall over her former friends.

No Way Jose asks Erick Rowan what is in his cage. Rowan says he has just been waiting for someone to respectfully ask what is in the cage. He opens the cage and pulls out a giant tarantula. No Way Jose and his conga line run away screaming. The Great Reveal Folks.


Shayna Baszler defeated Kairi Sane via submission

During the match, Becky Lynch came out to sit at commentary. Shayna made Kairi tap out to the Kirifuda Clutch. After the match, Lynch held her title up high.

    Rey Mysterio and Humberto Carrillo defeat Andrade and Angel Garza

In a fast paced back and forth match, Mysterio and Carrillo were finally able to put away Garza and Andrade. Mysterio took care of Garza with the 619 while Carrillo got the win over Andrade.

Beth Phoenix comes out to give a medical update on Edge. Randy Orton interrupts and attempts to extend his hand to her. Beth calls him a “son of a b**ch” and says if anyone needs to hear what she has to say it is him. Randy cuts her off and says there is no possibility after what he did to Edge he would wrestle again.

Randy goes to tell the story of how he met Edge. He says what Edge said to him gave him confidence to perform in that ring. He goes on to say how they fought all over the world and then became a tag team. Orton says that he then got a little too close to the sun and he made bad life choices. He says that Edge saved his life and reached out and grabbed him out of the hole he dug himself in. He says because of Edge is the reason he can be the father and husband he is. Orton tells Beth that he did what he did to Edge so Edge would be around to be the father and husband he needs to be. He claims he knew that somebody would try to make their name off of Edge and try to put him in a wheelchair. He calls Beth an enabler and says she doesn’t love him because she encouraged him to come back and fight. Orton says he loves Edge and their two girls more than Beth does. Beth smacks him in the face and kicks him in the stomach. Randy Orton retaliates and gives Beth Phoenix the RKO.


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