WWE Monday Night Raw Results (6/1): U.S. Title Match Takes Place, Rey Mysterio Speaks On Retirement, And More

Monday Night Raw

This episode of Monday Night Raw took place at the Performance Center in Orlando Florida. Matches and segments included Rey Mysterio’s retirement ceremony and Apollo Crews defending the U.S. Championship.

Seth Rollins, Murphy and Austin Theory made their way to the ring. He talks about Rey Mysterio saying he might not have the guts to announce his retirement. He calls Rey to humble and modest to call himself a legend. He says he will lead Monday Night Raw into the future and it is his duty to pay tribute to Rey Mysterio. Seth presents a career highlight package for Rey. Seth says it will be his honor to personally induct Rey into the Hall Of Fame. Aleister Black comes out and attacks Seth.

Aleister Black Defeated Seth Rollins

Murphy and Theory attack Black after the match. Humberto Carrillo came in to try and help him but he was beat down as well. Theory and Murphy make Black watch as Seth planted Humberto with the Curb Stomp. Seth Curb Stomps Black as Murphy and Theory hold him.

Charly Caruso interviewed Angel Garza and Zelina Vega. She asks Garza about his victory against Kevin Owens last week. Garza and Vega claimed their win as triumphant becuase they took what they wanted. Garza gave Charly a rose but then Vega took it away from her and ripped it in half.

WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels talks about Edge and Randy Orton facing off in the greatest wrestling match ever. He thinks they could deliver the greatest match ever. He picks Edge to win.

Lana confronted MVP backstage, telling him to stay away from her husband. MVP says he has no desire to get caught into any attention seeking drama she’s bringing him into. She accused MVP of being a leech to use Bobby Lashley. MVP tells her that would make two of them. Lana slapped him across the face. MVP smiled as she walked off.

Kayla Braxton introduced the new United States Champion Apollo Crews out to the ring. Apollo came out and Kayla congratulated him on his win last week. Apollo talked about feeling good about the win and he still can’t believe it’s real. Kayla asked about his challenger tonight. Apollo made the decision to have Kevin Owens challenge for his title. Kevin Owens came out to the ring. Owens congratulated him. He said he appreciated the offer but he claimed that this was coming out of pity. Apollo said it’s all about respect. Owens said he feel bad about it but Apollo kept telling him he deserved it. Kevin said he felt bad because Apollo’s title reign is coming to a short end.

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Kevin Owens Vs. Apollo Crews For The U.S. Title Ends In A No Contest 

The match gets thrown out after Garza and Andrade attack both of them in the ring.

A tag team match becomes official for Angel Garza

Kevin Owens And Apollo Crews Defeated Angel Garza And Andrade

Kayla Braxton interviewed Asuka. She asked Asuka about Kairi Sane facing Nia Jax and asked about facing Charlotte later on. She claimed the Empress doesn’t bow to anyone.

The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders go bowling. The Raiders dominate the game. The Profits were failing miserably with gutter balls. They drank goat milk with the Raiders, spitting it out and getting hit in the foot with the ball. The Raiders get kicked out of the kitchen and one of the people working there said that Ivar was cute but not Erik. The Street Profits started scoring over and over making a comeback due to the music playing in the alley. The Raiders scored the winning strike against them with Ivar sliding down the lane with the ball.

The Iconics and Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross go at it backstage before Nikki and Billie Kay’s match to the point where an official tried to separate them.

Billie Kay Defeated Nikki Cross

Charly interviewed Drew McIntyre. He said he loves challenges and he doesn’t mind giving MVP another Claymore. He said he also doesn’t mind Bobby Lashley getting involved as well.

Rey Mysterio talks to Tom Phillips, Samoa Joe and Baron Saxton. Rey says that he doesn’t know if he’ll be able to compete again. He said he’s been thinking about it for some time. Rey said he wasn’t chosen by some higher power, Seth made a clear decision to take his eye out. His son Dominic appeared next to him saying that Seth is no messiah and something needs to do be done about him. Rey said damn Seth for nearly taking his eye out and making his family suffer. He said he will never forgive Seth for what he did to him and his family. Dominic said that it’s an eye for an eye for Seth.

Nia Jax came out for her match. Nia claimed Asuka’s title reign as well as her friendship with Kairi is all smoke and mirrors. She says she is the victim and she will expose Asuka at Backlash.

Video footage is shown of R Truth pinning Rob Gronkowski dressed as a gardner to win back the 24/7 Championship while Rob was trying to make a Tik Tok video.

Nia Jax Defeated Kairi Sane

Asuka confronted Nia in the ring after the match but then Nia left the ring and headed backstage.

Randy Orton cuts a video promo. He talked about watching Undertaker’s Last Ride documentary and Ride Along on the WWE Network. He said that Ric Flair and Edge have both said that Randy Orton is the greatest wrestler of all time. Orton said that Edge was right about him being complacent and just taking a pay check. He said all he had to do was wake up, lace up his boots and win. He claimed Edge’s storybook ending is going to end with the three letters: RKO.

Charlotte Flair came out to the ring. She tells the PC trainees to shut their mouths as they boo her. She claimed she wants all of them to be the next Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai so she can make them bow down. Charlotte claimed that Asuka wants to be like her with all of the accomplishments she had achieved.

Charlotte Flair Defeated Asuka By Count Out

After the match, Nia Jax clotheslined Asuka, taking her out.

Charly Caruso interviewed Lana about slapping MVP earlier on in the night. Lana said Bobby told her not to go out to the ring during his match but he said nothing about MVP’s match.

Drew McIntyre Defeated MVP

Lashley put the Full Nelson on Drew after the match. The show ended with Drew trying to fight out of the submission hold.

Opinion: Not a bad show. I would say last week was better compared to this. The PC trainees in the audience I think were louder and more engaged than last week with helped the show.

The matches of the night fro me were Seth Rollins and Aleister Black and Asuka and Charlotte Flair. The ending to the Charlotte/Asuka match was actually a let down for me. It just didn’t seem like too much a creative way to end the match and the whole distracted babyface finish is so overplayed.

The U.S title match was going good until they had Garza and Andrade come out. As soon as they cut to commercial during the beat down, I knew exactly where it was heading. They had a impromptu tag match with them and it is another outdated and over done segment/match.

The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders competition segments are kind of getting old pretty quickly.  They were pretty entertaining at first but now something has got to change and I’m not digging the Raiders being too much of a comedy tag team.

The best promo was Rey Mysterio and Dominic. Dominic is improving a bit when it comes to promo work but he has a ways to go. However, Rey cut a great promo on Seth where you can actually believe he is going to eventually be out for blood for Seth.

The main event between Drew and MVP was what it was. Wasn’t the best way to end the show even with Bobby having Drew in the hold until they faded to black.





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