WWE Monday Night Raw Results (6/8): Last Show Before ‘Backlash,’ Edge And Christian Reunite, And More

Monday Night Raw

Monday Night Raw took place at the Performance Center in Orlando Florida with PC trainees and NXT stars in attendance. This was the final show before Backlash which will air this Sunday on the WWE Network. Segments for the show included the return of The Peep Show where Christian had Edge as his guest. Also, The Street Profits took on The Viking Raiders in a decathlon.

Asuka came down to the ring for her match. The Women’s Tag Team Champions Sasha Banks and Bayley came out, interrupting Asuka. Sasha and Bayley brag about becoming the tag champions. Asuka tells them that this is her ring and dares them to fight her. Bayley said they are allowed to go to any brand they want with them as the champs. Charlotte Flair interrupted, telling them to wrap it up so that she could beat Asuka in their match. The Iconics interrupted, saying that it will be a triple threat match for the Women’s Tag Team titles at Backlash with them facing Bayley and Sasha Banks and Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss. Bayley and Sasha take a shot at Charlotte for losing her NXT title. Charlotte said she doesn’t need a title to be relevant and calls them garbage. Bayley and Sasha attack Charlotte. The Iconics attacked Asuka. They all brawl in the ring. Charlotte and Asuka throw them out of the ring as they go to commercial break.

Charlotte and Asuka Defeated Bayley/Sasha Banks and The Iconics In A Triple Threat Tag Match

Charlotte dived off the turnbuckle to take down Asuka as she had her back turned after the match.

Rey Mysterio was about to interviewed by the Raw commentary team until Seth Rollins came out. He kicked Byron Saxton off the table. Seth said he has been waiting to talk to Rey and waves hi at him. Rey looked at him in disgust, calling him an SOB as they went to commercial.

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Back from commercial, Rey said his eye is healing but any further damage is high risk. He said he doesn’t know when he’ll be cleared but he promised that Seth will pay for what he did. Seth said he wants to invite Rey and his son Dominic next week so that he can show that his sacrifice was for the greater good. Rey said he’ll come back soon to get payback on Seth. Out of nowhere, Aleister Black jumped Seth over the announce table, assaulting him.

Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo Defeated Austin Theory and Murphy

Seth Rollins came out with Rey Mysterio’s mask and music. Murphy and Theory beat them down. Seth finished off Black with the Curb Stomp.

Charly Caruso interviewed Randy Orton. She asked Randy how he is preparing for his match with Edge. Randy warned her that there will be two guests on Christian’s Peep Show.

Christian introduced his close friend Edge as his guest for The Peep Show. Christian tells Edge that he thinks Edge is running on fumes. He said that Edge can’t even pull off the greatest wrestling match ever in his prime. Edge said that this isn’t the same Edge as he has seen in the past. He said he doesn’t know how many cylinders he has left in the tank. Christian asked what happened to Edge. He said if the real Edge is not going to show at Backlash then he should go home. Christian tells Edge that now he believes in him. Randy Orton interrupted on the screen. Randy tells Edge that he will humiliate him until he is a broken man who will be a stay at home dad where he belongs. He claimed that Edge is over. Edge said it’s not over and walked out.

Charly Caruso asked MVP about Bobby’s attack on Drew last week. MVP is talking about Bobby being on the VIP lounge later on until he sees R Truth trying to hide. MVP calls R Truth a clown. Lashley came from behind, putting him in the full nelson hold.

The Street Profits and The Viking Raiders Decathlon Ended In A Tie

Apollo Crews came out saying that he is excited to defend his title at Backlash. He announced that it will be Andrade vs. Angel Garza vs. Kevin Owens where the winner will face Crews for the title. Andrade’s music interrupted Crews. Owens attacked Garza and Andrade as they came down to the ring for the match.

Andrade Defeated Angel Garza and Kevin Owens To Become The #1 Contender For The United States Championship

McKenzie interviewed Charlotte Flair. She was about to bring up her losing the NXT title until Flair told her that she wasn’t pinned. She claimed she elevated the NXT Women’s Division and now she’s main eventing Raw. Asuka interrupted, shouting at Charlotte. Charlotte asked her if she takes anything seriously. Asuka slapped her across the face after she told Charlotte that she does.

Angel Garza and Andrade argued backstage until Zelina confronted them to shut them up.

Kurt Angle gave his opinion on the Edge vs. Randy Orton match at Backlash. He talks about how chemistry is important for creating great wrestling matches. Angle said he thinks Edge will come out victorious.

Drew McIntyre tells Viking Raiders that they will celebrate with turkey legs when they beat MVP and Lashley later on.

MVP welcomed everyone to the VIP Lounge. He was going to introduce Bobby Lashley as his guest until Drew McIntyre interrupted. He said MVP forgot to introduce him as WWE Champion. MVP asked why he’s here. Drew talked about Bobby and Lana having an argument backstage. MVP said he is talking about the full nelson that Bobby will put on Drew to win the WWE Championship. Drew said MVP has not held any world titles in his career so he doesn’t understand why Bobby is taking advice from him. Drew was about to give MVP the Claymore until Lashley came in the ring. Drew tells Lashley that he will have to take his title from his cold dead hands. Drew head butted MVP. The Viking Raiders came down for their match with Lashley and MVP. The Street Profits came down to watch the match with Drew.

Bobby Lashley and MVP Defeated The Viking Raiders

Ivar took a shot at MVP. Lashley attacked him with the full nelson submission hold after the match. With The Profits trying to break Lashley’s hold on Ivar, Drew McIntyre hit Lashley with the Claymore Kick, knocking Lashley out of the ring.

Charlotte Flair Defeated Asuka

After the match, Nia planted Asuka with the Samoan Drop. The show ended with Asuka lying in the middle of the ring with Nia walking back up the stage.

Opinion: Another decent show. This wasn’t one of their best go home shows before a pay per view but it had it’s moments.

The highlight of the show was the Peep Show with Edge, Christian and Randy Orton. All 3 of them delivered a lot of emotion. This may not turn out to be the greatest wrestling match ever but they deliver possibly one of the best promos ever.

The best match was possibly the main event with Charlotte and Asuka. Even though they had a match earlier on in the night which was a bit of a cluster for me. Their one on one match was way better.

Andrade winning the #1 contender’s for the U.S. title makes sense. I wouldn’t have mind if Garza got this especially with his upset win over Kevin Owens a couple of weeks ago. The three guys worked very well together in the match and hopefully it leads to Andrade turning face as a new change of pace for his character.

The VIP Lounge segment was what it was. It didn’t get me too hyped for their title match on Sunday though.

The other matches were filler and didn’t really add too much to the show as any notable significance.








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