WWE Monday Night Raw Results And Review (7/20): Fate Of The Raw Women’s Title Revealed, Cruiserweight Star Makes his Return, And More

Monday Night Raw

This edition of Monday Night Raw took place at the Performance Center in Orlando Florida and it was the fallout from Extreme Rules: Horror Show from this past Sunday. The show featured its highly advertised Unsanctioned Match as Randy Orton went against The Big Show.

Seth and Murphy started the show off as they came down to the ring. Seth said what happened to Rey at Extreme Rules will stay with him forever. He said it made him sick to his stomach. Seth asks the fans if they regret what they have done to him and how it lead to Rey’s fate. He said he will not dwell in the past and Raw will be free to have its full potential. Aleister Black came out, saying it was all on Seth’s hands and he will rectify all of it. Him and Murphy go out at it at ringside. Black takes Murphy out as he throws him into the announce table.

Seth Rollins Defeated Aleister Black

Review: Good match between the two. I really hope they do something different with Aleister Black though because his character is in limbo at the moment and I don’t know where this will lead for Seth.

Seth and Murphy attack Black after the match. They throw him multiple times into the barricade. Seth rams Black’s arm into the post then pulls it down onto the floor. Seth slams his hand down over and over on the announce table as well. As Murphy held Black’s head, Seth stomped on his hand. Officials get Seth and Murphy away from Black as they tend to him.

MVP and Bobby Lashley are talking with Ron Simmons backstage. R Truth confronts them saying that Apollo is the real champion. MVP said Apollo failed to show up so MVP is automatically the champion. MVP asked the 24/7 Champion to join them in the ring but they meant a new champion. Shelton Benjamin super kicked Truth and a referee counted the pinball for Benjamin to become the new 24/7 Champion. MVP invites Shelton to join them in the ring.

MVP, Bobby Lashley and Shelton Benjamin came out to the ring. MVP claimed they he became the United States Champion at Extreme Rules. MVP talks about the young punks that are not taking his advice. Cedric Alexander and Ricochet came out to insult them and claim they will be champions again on their own. MVP declared Shelton Benjamin as an Executive of the Hurt Business and wanted to have a tag match with them. Cedric Alexander and Ricochet said they have a partner who is making his return. Mustafa Ali came out to join them. They take out Lashley out on the entrance ramp and take MVP and Shelton to the outside of the ring.

Mustafa Ali, Cedric Alexander, and Ricochet Defeated The Hurt Business

Review: Another good match. Good to see Mustafa Ali back and he looked like he hasn’t lost a step. However, I think this match went on longer than it should’ve.

Randy Orton cuts a video promo backstage, talking about reliving the moment when he took out Edge with a chair to his head. He said it brought him satisfaction even though he made a lot of enemies because of it. He claimed he will punt kick Big Show and he will enjoy ending his career.

Christian is being interviewed via satellite about Randy Orton. He said he didn’t expect what Flair was going to betray him like that and will never look at him or Orton the same ever again. Christian said Big Show is ready for Orton’s traps and can’t wait to see Show knock Orton out cold.

Bianca Belair is interviewed and was asked what people can expect from her going forward. She said her rise is going to be the fastest but then gets interrupted by Peyton Royce. She calls Bianca dumb for sticking her nose into their business. Ruby Riot came to Bianca’s aid and trashes Peyton for not having Billie Kay by her side. Peyton said Bianca should be thinking more and talking less and Ruby will just get beat again by her. Bianca holds them back to have Ruby and Peyton save it for the ring and mocks the Iconics.

Ruby Riot Defeated Peyton Royce

Review: Finally Ruby gets a one on one victory. The match itself was decent. I hope this means Ruby gets some shine down the road and a reunion with her and Liv Morgan.

Charly Caruso interviewed Garza and Andrade about their match. Zelina said they are more than ready because The Street Profits haven’t been around to face them due to them being scared. Andrade and Garza said they have been waiting for this for a long time and can’t wait to beat The Profits. The Street Profits attack them from behind.

The Street Profits Defeated Angel Garza and Andrade

Review: Good match. I figured Garza and Andrade would get the win to make them the next contender’s for the title which would have made a little more sense. However, they might do something else to have Garza and Andrade earn their shot.

Andrade and Garza argue backstage but then Zelina breaks it up and yells at them. She tells them she’s got to fix this problem.

Bayley and Sasha Banks came down to the ring. Bayley told everyone to show respect for Sasha who she claims is the new Raw Women’s Champion. Sasha said she fought to get the title instead of Becky handing it to her like she did with Asuka. Sasha said she did not steal the title and Bayley had to referee the match since the referee was down. Bayley said she had to do the right thing and make the count for Sasha because she is a role model. Banks claims herself as two belts Banks and they celebrate. Asuka and Kairi Sane interrupt saying Sasha was not ready for her. Asuka was yelling at Sasha that the belt is hers. Sasha dared her to come get it. Asuka was about to come down until Stephanie McMahon appeared on the screen. She tells them that nobody won at Extreme Rules so next week it will be Asuka vs. Sasha Banks for the Raw Women’s Championship to determine the rightful champion. She tells Sasha that if Bayley gets involved in that match and if she gets disqualified, counted out, pinned or submitted then she will lose. She wishes them good luck. Asuka and Kairi Sane run into the ring to start the next match.

Shayna Baszler was watching Bayley and Kairi Sane compete backstage. Charly asked Shayna if she has an interest in the match. Shayna said that she has an interest in it like a shark has interest in its prey.

Kairi Sane Defeated Bayley

Review: This was a surprise to me. Then again, there has been word going around that this was Kairi’s last TV taping so she was going to go out with a bang. If this was the last time we see her then it was a good match to end it.

Drew McIntyre was interviewed about his win at Extreme Rules. he said he’s a bit banged up but he’s glad he is still the champion. He said he will go out to the ring to discuss the future of his WWE championship reign.

Drew McIntyre came out to the ring. He gave Dolph props for the stipulation that he came up with. He said almost doing things has been the story of Dolph Ziggler’s career though. He said he wants a worthy opponent at SummerSlam. Dolph interrupted, saying he saw fear in Drew’s eyes at Extreme Rules. Drew said he beat him so he has nothing left to prove to Dolph. Dolph continued to say that he saw fear. Drew said that Dolph is embarrassing himself then knocks Dolph down. Drew said his answer is no then leaves. Dolph said he deserves that match and he deserves another match. he wants Drew to name the stipulation. Drew accepts and walks away. Dolph asked what it is but Drew said he is going to tell him the stipulation right before the bell rings.


The Big Show cuts a video promo backstage, saying that Randy has had an incredible year so far with all the people he has taken out. He knows how much in jeopardy his career and health is in to compete in this match. He talks about traveling on the road together with Randy in the past. He said it might be the end of the line for The Big Show but he will do anything and everything to make sure Randy doesn’t end his story.

Randy Orton Defeated The Big Show In An Unsanctioned Match

Review: It was a good match, just that it felt more like a no holds barred or an extreme rules match than an unsanctioned match though. Other than that, it did what it needed to do and give Orton another victim to build more momentum to possibly be the next challenger for the WWE Championship.

Orton punted Big Show in the skull after the match. The show went off the air with Randy celebrating the win.

Overall Review: This was a pretty good follow up from Extreme Rules. The night flowed pretty smoothly with the exception with majority of the matches having commercial breaks which at least a couple of matches should have commercial breaks on a show in my opinion. The promos were really good especially the promos from Randy and Big Show before their match. I hate it when they have to do rematches from the pay per view to show it on Raw especially the big titles like the Women’s title and the WWE title. It really doesn’t give people incentive to watch their pay per views if they are just going to run back on TV a week or two weeks later. It’s a habit they got to kick in my opinion but the show itself was pretty good.

Overall Grade: 6/10

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