WWE Monday Night Raw Results And Review (8/10): Legendary Female Star Returns, Randy Orton Takes Out Another Legend, And More

Monday Night Raw

This episode of Monday Night Raw came back to the Performance Center in Orlando Florida. It was built to continue the buildup for WWE SummerSlam this coming month with Randy Orton going one on one with Kevin Owens and Asuka taking on the SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley with Asuka’s Raw Women’s title opportunity on the line.

Samoa Joe kicked off the show with a contract signing with Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio which also includes Dominick’s WWE contract. Joe introduced Seth Rollins and Dominik Mysterio to the ring. Dominik entered with a kendo stick and Seth didn’t think Dominik is a man by bringing a stick. Joe held the kendo stick instead and Joe claimed that it is sad that Seth is making a kid who has no training and has no choice but to face him. Seth said Dominik made the wrong choice and it will go the same way as Black but with Joe. Seth claimed that everyone stepped on him, having no choice but to become the Monday Night Messiah for Raw. Dominik said that the greater good that Seth fights for is for himself. Seth said Dominik is becoming a WWE Superstar because of him so he wants Dominik to thank him. Dominik said his dream is also to kick Rollins’ ass. Seth said that Dominik won’t last 10 seconds in the ring with him. Seth proposes that he wants Dominik to use any weapon including the kendo stick on him at SummerSlam so he will have no excuse when he beats Dominik. They sign their contracts with Dominik signing his WWE contract. Seth demands Dominik sit out in the crowd so he can watch what he does to Humberto Carrillo in their match. Humberto came out for the match.

Seth Rollins Defeated Humberto Carrillo

Murphy attacked Dominik after the match. Seth joins in but Dominik fights back. Seth and Murphy continue their beat down as Seth used the kendo stick on him. They ripped off his shirt to have Seth nail him with the stick on him. Seth used the kendo stick again while they had Dominik tied to the ropes. Seth tried the Curb Stomp but Dominik ended up knocked out cold.

Review: The match was what it was but the beat down on Dominik was definitely the best part coming out of that.

Andrade, Garza and Zelina came out. Zelina claimed that she did not poison Montez Ford last week. She said she doesn’t thrive off her men’s success, she creates it. She said that they want the Raw Tag Titles and they will get it at SummerSlam.

Angelo Dawkins Defeated Andrade

After the match, Bianca Belair went after Zelina Vega to transition to their match.

Review: Pretty good match. It is the kind of match you would get here with these two but it didn’t serve much purpose other than it was the usual one man from each team face each other to build up their SummerSlam match.

Bianca Belair Defeated Zelina Vega

Charly Caruso interviewed her after the match, asking if she had evidence of Zelina poisoning Montez and said she knows that she can be that sneaky to do it. Charly asked about his condition and Angelo said Montez ain’t missing the biggest party of the summer.

Review: Really good showing by both of them. Belair mostly shined in this match like she  always does and Zelina having a good showing as well with her ability in the ring and to show facial expressions as she is telling a story.

The Hurt Business are in the ring for the VIP Lounge. MVP said he is not in a celebratory mood but more like pop ligaments and tendons. MVP said he told everyone that their was a conspiracy against them. He claimed the lights beat him last week not Apollo. Apollo Crews came out, saying that he is just making excuses. MVP said Apollo made excuses that he couldn’t appear at Extreme Rules. Apollo said it doesn’t matter now that he has the U.S. title that MVP paid thousands of dollars for. Apollo continued on saying he doesn’t care about Lashley or Benjamin but cares about turning out MVP’s lights at SummerSlam. Apollo attacks them and throws MVP’s couch out of the ring.

Shelton Benjamin Defeated Apollo Crews

Bobby Lashley was about to put the full nelson on Apollo but MVP stopped him, saying he needs Apollo healthy for SummerSlam. He lets go but then Apollo lands a kick to MVP and escapes the ring.

Review: It was good just had another uncreative finish with the distraction/ roll up win. I think Apollo should’ve won this match to help build him as a credible champion going into SummerSlam to be honest.

Footage from earlier on showed the Retribution group throwing cinderblocks through the glass door of the Performance Center.

Mickie James returned for an interview talking about what she is planning on doing. Lana and Natalya interrupted saying that Natalya is the best in the women’s division right now. Mickie said Natalya rides off of her family’s success and said she will see Natalya next week.

Ivar is talking to a girl backstage trying to impress her but Erik, Ricochet and Cedric retrieve him for their match. She said she thinks Ivar is cute but Erik not so much. Ricochet and Cedric laugh as she walks away and saying bye to Ivar.

The Viking Raiders, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander Defeated Akira Tozawa and the Ninjas

Akira was rolled up by a ninja after the match to get pinned. The ninja was revealed to be R Truth who regains the 24/7 title.

Review: This match was pretty much pointless until they got to Truth pinning Tozawa to regain the 24/7 title. This was just kind of waste for Ricochet, Cedric and the Raiders. I think they should’ve just done without the match to have Truth pin Tozawa to regain the belt.

Charly Caruso interviewed Drew about watching Randy’s match earlier on and what he told Randy last week. Drew said Randy is not about helping the younger stars and holding the torch. Drew said he is going to rip that torch out of his hand and kick him in the head. She asked if Kevin ripped the torch out of Randy’s hand in their match. Drew said if that happens then he and Kevin will have a long talk about the future of Raw.

Before the match, The Iconics talk trash to the Riot Squad, saying that no one cares about their drama. They said they will continue to beat them and continue their dominance in the Women’s Tag Team Division.

Peyton Royce Defeated Liv Morgan

Review: Okay match. I like that they’re putting in the element of both Riot Squad members not fully trusting each other just yet.

Raw Underground returned in it’s second show with Riddick Moss taking out his opponent with a KO shot.

Asuka Defeated Bayley To Become The #1 Contender For The Raw Women’s Championship At SummerSlam

Review: Really good match. It was kind of slow in the beginning but then it picked up with the submission holds and counter holds they were able to pull off in the match. I don’t think there was doubt in anyone’s mind that Asuka was going to get the win.

Arturo Ruas is introduced at Raw Underground and knocked out his opponent with a spinning kick to the head. Shane asked if anyone wants to step up to Arturo next but no one wanted to do it.

Dabba Kato returned to Raw Underground, dominating another competitor. Shayna Baszler appeared after the KO win. Shane asked if anyone wanted to take on Shayna but no one was willing to do it. Shayna took out one of them from the crowd. All the other females tried to go at Shayna but she took all of them out.

Footage in the parking  lot of the Performance Center showed Retribution destroying ta car that was flipped over.

Randy Orton Defeated Kevin Owens

Review: Good match. Kevin put up a good fight against Randy and obviously this was designed to give Randy more momentum for his match with Drew. Where this leads Kevin Owens? I’m not sure. I was also surprised the match happened and ended so early to go to a segment though.

Randy Orton went on the mic after the match, telling Ric Flair to stay with him in the ring for a surprise. Randy said he had every right to be upset at him because the match with Owens wasn’t necessary. He said he can’t be angry at him though because he is the Nature Boy and he’s taught him every thing he knew. Randy recalled Ric bailing him out of trouble when he was 22 years old. He said he doesn’t respect Ric anymore because he is a liability to him. He claimed that Ric took Randy under his wing because he wished that Randy was the son he had. Randy mocks Ric, saying that he is not the Ric Flair that he use to look up to him. He said he will take the WWE title for the 14th time at SummerSlam. Ric said the old Flair is gone and he does like being the spotlight, wanting Randy to beat his record. Ric recalled being in intensive care and wanting to be the people that he loved and all he wants is to be there for Randy to break the record. They get emotional and Randy hugged him. Randy low blowed Ric from behind and punt kicks Ric as the lights went out for a brief moment. They came back on with Flair out cold. Drew ran out to the ring as Randy escaped. Drew yelled at Randy that he is going to hurt him bad. The show ended with doctors and officials tending to Ric Flair.

Overall Review: This show was pretty good. Randy and Ric’s promo to end the show was  a great drama filled segment. Raw Underground was a little more enjoyable than last week especially with Shayna Baszler being a part of it. It makes sense to have her there with her MMA background and dominate like she did.  I didn’t like the Retribution segments with how they were played out. The security guard is just yelling at them to stop it and go home. That’s literally all he did and he stood down when Retribution told him to go home. If you want them to be really menacing, they should’ve just attacked the security guard. The guard also just watched them destroy the glass door. I thought that was dumb. The car flipping over part was also ridiculous because how could all 5 of them flip over a car like that? I’m not liking where they are going with this Retribution angle but I’m still holding a little bit of hope they could get back on track with it.

Overall Grade: 6/10


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