WWE Monday Night Raw Results And Review (8/31): #1 Contender For WWE Title Revealed, Tag Team Disbanded, And More

Monday Night Raw

WWE Monday Night Raw took place once again inside the WWE ThunderDome at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida. It was the fallout from WWE Payback last Sunday with Seth Rollins vs. Rey Mysterio being one of the featured matches for the night.

Randy Orton came out to the ring to kick off the show. Randy said that Drew deserved the fractured jaw that he got last week. He talked about Drew claiming that Randy had been given everything. He claimed he will go on to face McIntyre again at Clash Of Champions. Orton showed a fake picture of Drew in the hospital with Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Edge, Big Show and Christian. Orton laughed at it but then Keith Lee came out to interrupt. Lee reminded Orton that he beat him at Payback. He said he gave Orton no choice but to bask in his glory. Lee claimed he should get the opportunity at the title since he beat Randy. Dolph Ziggler attacked Keith Lee from behind as he was talking. Lee fought him off but Ziggler planted him with a DDT.

Keith Lee Defeated Dolph Ziggler

Review: Good match. Lee and Ziggler kind of gelled really well together. There was no question that Lee was going to advance here and he definitely should’ve. Lee is off to a good start in terms of in ring action since he now has victories over two former World Champions.

Shayna Baszler and Nia Jax were interviewed. They were asked how they were able to co exist. Shayna said she was able to get Nia out of her way so that she can make them both tap. Nia claimed that she threw them around the whole match. Asuka interrupted saying that she has no new challenger for her Women’s title. Shayna berated Asuka for interrupting. Asuka yelled back at them and went face to face with Nia Jax. Asuka left.

Adam Pearce told security backstage that he wants to make sure Retribution doesn’t cause havoc.

Charly Caruso brought out Asuka to the ring. Charly asked Asuka who is deserving to challenge her. She said she has beaten many great women but it doesn’t matter who is ready for Asuka because Asuka is ready for anything. Mickie James came out, saying Asuka is probably one of the greatest women’s champion of all time. Mickie said she is going after the title. Natayla and Lana interrupted. They say Mickie is stuck in the past and doesn;t deserve to get a title shot. Lana claimed to be a trend setter and Natalya is the leader of the division. Lana said Mickie will have to go through her. Asuka said she is ready for them. Lana and Natalya went after Asuka and Mickie. Asuka and Mickie take them out of the ring.

The Viking Raiders was backstage with Cedric Alexander. Demi Burnett wished them good luck in their match. Angel Garza showed up as they left, smiling towards Demi’s direction.

Mickie James Defeated Lana

Review: The match was okay. It’s basically what it should’ve been with Mickie squashing Lana. I’m sorry but Lana is way better in a managerial role than a competitor. I’m glad Mickie is getting the spotlight as a potential challenger for Asuka. It’ll help get Asuka over as a champion even more and she’s the bigger star that Asuka could go one on one for the title.

Charly Caruso talked about Aleister Black attacking Kevin Owens last week. Randy Orotn came out of Black’s locker room. Charly turned to see Randy coming out with a smile on his face.

The Iconics were interviewed about their match against Ruby and Liv and if they are worried about disbanding if they lose. The Iconics talk about their journey to come to the WWE. They said they had each other and they won’t let them tear apart everything they built. They claim they will be back on top of the Women’s tag division.

Aleister Black attacked Kevin Owens as Owens made his way down to the ring for his match with Randy Orton. Black knocked Owens out with Black Mass. Kevin demanded the referee ring the bell to start the match. The referee rang the bell.

Randy Orton Defeated Kevin Owens

Review: Short match. I wasn’t expecting Black to interfere but I guess this was to set up Black and Owens feud and it was obvious Randy was going to get the win.

Charly Caruso interviewed Rey and his family. She asked about Dominick’s opportunity. Rey said he couldn’t ask for more. He said injuries happen and he would think of no one better to replace him than his son. Dominick said his confidence is on a whole other level after Payback and he will beat Rollins in their match.

MVP hosts the VIP Lounge with Shelton Benjamin. He introduces the new United States Champion Bobby Lashley. MVP claimed that Apollo disrespected him and the end result was Lashley taking his title. Lashley gloated about his win and he will get Apollo back after he attacked him after the match. Cedric Alexander came out to interrupt them. MVP kept Lashley and Benjamin at bay. MVP asked him if he has a change of heart. Cedric said he doesn’t have a change of heart and he didn’t come alone. The Viking Raiders attacked them from behind.

Cedric Alexander and The Viking Raiders Defeated The Hurt Business

Review: Okay match. I would say that it is another simple roll up victory like they always do but at least this time it had purpose to tease Cedric joining The Hurt Business at some point.

The Hurt Business attacked Cedric Alexander backstage until Apollo Crews and Ricochet came to his aid.

Liv Morgan and Ruby Riot Defeated The Iconics, The Iconics Must Disband

Review: The in ring action wasn’t all that great but I’m glad the end result is the Iconics splitting up because it is about that time that it happened. I’m happy Liv and Ruby are getting a tag title shot to further their status as a team to be viable challengers for the titles. Again, you have the vintage roll up win. I don’t understand why can’t they just beat The Iconics straight up by either Ruby or Liv knocking them out with one of their finishers. Seriously, enough with the roll up finishes please.

Seth Rollins and Murphy came out for Seth;s match with Dominick. Seth berated Murphy for kicking him in the head and getting pinned by Dominick. He tells Murphy to leave so that he can’t afford Murphy to make a mistake that will cost him the match. He tells Murphy that he disgraces him and he will defeat Dominick on his own. He smacks Murphy on the back of his head as he left the ring. Dominick attacked Murphy from behind as he made his way to the ring.

Seth Rollins Defeated Dominick Mysterio

Rollins planted Dominick with another Curb Stomp after the match. Rey and his family are worried sick for him as they watched on backstage.

Review: Good match. I’m getting more and more impressed by how Dominick has handled himself in the ring. It was good in terms of how Dominick would almost pull off upset wins over Seth but in the end Seth winning was the way to go.

On Raw Underground, Titus O’Neal took out an opponent. He took out another opponent with head butts. Riddick Moss stepped up to Titus. Moss took out Titus after a low blow and a right hand shot.

The Street Profits mock Andrade and Garza as they show a board saying that it is their scouting report of them.

Footage was shown of Akira Tozawa and his ninjas not getting through the garage of the arena. R Truth rolled up Tozawa as the toll person was dressed as a referee, counting the pinfall to crown Truth as the new 24/7 champion.

The Street Profits vs. Andrade and Angel Garza In A Tornado Tag Match Ended In A No Contest

Retribution attacked The Profits, Andrade and Zelina around ringside during the match and Angel Garza escaped with Demi.

Review: The match was looking pretty good until Retribution showed up. I’m still not into the whole Retribution angle. Now they just randomly come in to attack people which is kind of ridiculous. There needs to be a reveal of who they are at some point.

Adam Pearce yelled at the security team that they are supposed to do their job and not let Retribution in.

Shane McMahon tells the Iconics who were in Raw Underground to cheer up after their loss. Jessamyn Duke took on Avery Taylor. Jessamyn took her out quickly. Marina Shafir took out an opponent of her own. Peyton Royce threw Billie Kay into the ring ring with Jessamyn Duke and Kay gets knocked out with one kick to the head.

Charly Caruso interviewed Apollo, Ricochet and Cedric asking Apollo if its wise to fight Shelton Benjamin on Raw Underground. He said the old Apollo is gone and he is more angrier than ever. Ricochet claimed that what they got is stronger than anything else. They enter Raw Underground.

Apollo Crews and Shelton Benjamin fought on Raw Underground. Apollo and Shelton jump outside the ring as they fought. Ricochet and Cedric got involved with The Hurt Business. The Hurt Business took them all out in the ring.

Angel Garza was backstage with Demi trying to leave with her. She refuses to leave since he abandoned Andrade and Zelina. Angel said they are trained fighters and they can handle themselves. He said he is concerned for her safety. Retribution came out through the door, attacking a security guard. Angel ran away, leaving Demi behind. Demi ran as soon as Retribution was heading towards her.

Randy Orton Defeated Seth Rollins and Keith Lee To Become #1 Contender For The WWE Championship

Review: Good main event. I don’t think this loss hurt Keith Lee at all since he really put a lot of effort into this match with the power spots and he did not get pinned after Randy took him out with the RKO which tells you that they are protecting him. It was the right way to go about it.

Overall Review: It was an okay average show with some good stuff to it. Raw Underground had a good line up of people fighting including Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir since they fit into that environment. The Retribution angle really needs to go especially with how they showed up tonight. They got in the building at the end yet they didn’t show what else they would do after that. It just concluded with that. With how everything was structured with the promos and matches, it had a pretty good flow but i would say the segments and even Raw Underground was probably better than the actual matches that were scheduled on the show. The matches I mostly liked were the #1 contender matches even Kevin Owens and Randy Orton despite it being short due to Aleister Black’s interference.

Overall Grade: 6/10

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