WWE NXT (10/21) Results And Review: New Champions Crowned, Undisputed Era Attacker Revealed, And More


This edition of NXT took place once again at the Capital Wrestling Center inside the WWE Performance Center in Orlando Florida. Matches on the show included a triple threat match involving Kushida, Tommaso Ciampa and Velveteen Dream. Plus, the NXT Tag Team Championship was on the line as Breezango defended it against Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish of the Undisputed Era.

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Kushida Defeated Velveteen Dream and Tommaso Ciampa

Review: Really awesome match to kick off the show. I could see they are really getting behind Kushida with Dream and Ciampa putting him over in this match. I’m sold on what Kushida could do in the ring but I’m still not full sold on the character.

The Undisputed Era cut a promo backstage with Adam Cole on the screen. Cole said he is still not medically cleared to compete but he is confident that Undisputed Era become tag champs again. Strong claimed the titles come back where they belong.

Ember Moon Defeated Jessi Kamea

Dakota Kai attacked her after the match with a kick to the face on the apron. Dakota tells her that she will not push her out of the spotlight.

Review: The match was pretty good. This was to give Ember more of a push and to set up a feud with Dakota Kai.

They took us backstage where Bobby Fish was hurt. He was hobbling on one leg as The Undisputed Era helped him up.

Bronson Reed Defeated Austin Theory

Austin went on the mic after the match saying he is the future of WWE. He said he has done more in the business than Bronson Reed. Austin dared Bronson to get back in the ring for another match.

Bronson Reed Defeated Austin Theory (Again)

Review: The match was good. This is obviously leading to some type of storyline where Austin Theory gets redemption and gets a winning streak going somehow. I wasn’t a fan of him losing a lot at first but I’ll see where this is going to lead for him.

Xia Li and Kacy Catanzaro were interviewed. Kacy was asked why she chose to face Xia in the show but Xia interrupted her saying this is important to her and thanks her for having the match. Kacy said Xia has been a friend to her in the past and she is always up for the challenge. Xia said she needs this win. Kacy tells that the best woman will win.

The cameras caught up with Austin Theory as he was going to his car. He said he quit and drove away.

Legado Del Fantasma Defeated Isiah Swerve Scott, Jake Atlas and Ashante Adonis

Review: Crazy match. I don’t think they needed to do as much crazy spots as they did in this match but I really enjoyed it and I’m glad Fantasma went over to help keep the faction strong.

Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae are at their home with the wheel. Johnny complains that he hates wheels. Candice convinces him to spin it and he does. The wheel lands on buried alive. Johnny freaks out about it. Candice spins it and lands on trick or street fight. She is excited while Johnny is angry. He spins it again and it lands on casket match. Johnny asked why the wheel wants him dead. He flips out and leaves.

Ever Rise Defeated Drake Maverick and Killian Dain By DQ

Review: I’m really loving the chemistry with Killian Dain and Maverick. The match was what it was but the ending and their interaction was entertaining.

Backstage, Roderick Strong was shown knocked out. Officials and Kyle O’Reilly tended to him.

As they came back from commercial, Regal was surrounded by Oney Lorcan, Danny Burch, Breezango and Kyle O’Reilly. Kyle said he is going to the hospital with them. Oney and Danny tried to convince Kyle to team up with one of them to take on Breezango. Kyle says no and left. Regal announces that it will be Breezango defending against Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan.

Kacy Catanzaro Defeated Xia Li

Xia attacked Kacy after the match. Kayden Carter tried to come to Kacy’s aid but Xia took her out. Xia continued the beat down on Kacy but Raquel Gonzalez attacked her. She lifted Kacy up and threw her to Kayden. Raquel slammed Kayden down to the mat. She declares that she will be Rhea’s nightmare at Halloween Havoc.

Review: The match was pretty good. I thought the finish was a little anti climatic but it was to get to Xia’s heel turn. I think Raquel should’ve came out after Xia left the ring once she took out Kayden and Kacy so that Raquel could come in and finish them off.

Cameron Grimes was interviewed about his match with Dexter Lumis next week. Cameron bragged about stomping Dexter last week. McKenzie tells him that it will be a haunted house of terror match. Dexter watched him through the door window. Cameron seemed afraid but shrugged it off. He said when he beats Dexter at Halloween Havoc, he is going to the moon.

A video promo showed Io Shirai spinning the wheel. She lists the options and says she will beat Candice in all of them.

Timothy Thatcher has his Thatch As Thatch Can exhibition in the ring. He claimed that to have success, someone will have to show no mercy. He introduces Andrew as his partner. He tells him to shoot for the leg. Timothy got him in the arm lock and twists it as Andrew is tapping. Timothy tells him to take the wrist but Andrew gets him in a headlock. He lets go as Timothy was in the corner. Timothy tells the referee to get in the ring and knocks down Andrew with a forearm to the head. The ref rings the bell.

Timothy Thatcher Defeated Andrew

Review: Interesting segment and match. I’m glad they did something different with this instead of a video promo of the Thatch As Thatch Can.

A video promo showed Damien Priest getting a tattoo. He said he understood why Johnny came at him the way he did. He said Johnny has never changed but what changed is that he is here. He said he can take the pain in whatever match the wheel lands on and asks if Johnny can.

Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan Defeated Breezango To Become The New NXT Tag Team Champions

The masked person that helped them celebrate with them. He takes it off and it was revealed to be Pat McAfee. He puts them over as the champs and says that is Undisputed. The show goes off the air.

Review: The match was pretty good. There was a spot where Tyler Breeze didn’t fully connect with a kick but it happens. I think the ending to the match kept me more into it than the actual match to be honest. I didn’t expect this ending with Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan being the one to win the titles. I did have the suspicion that McAfee was behind all the attacks though. That was kind of predictable but in this case I didn’t mind it.

Overall Review: This was a pretty good show. It was more of your average enjoyable NXT show. The matches and segments were good and they were really moving the storylines along with Halloween Havoc coming up next week. I’m pretty excited to see what they do with that.

Overall Grade: 6/10


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