WWE NXT Results And Review (8/12): Popular Star Makes His Return, Keith Lee Taken To The Hospital, And More

This edition of WWE NXT took place at the Performance Center in Orlando Florida with PC trainees in attendance. The matches advertised for the show included another triple threat match to determine who will qualify for the North American Championship Ladder Match at Takeover XXX with Kushida, Cameron Grimes and a mystery opponent, plus Karrion Kross took on Danny Burch.

Karrion Kross Defeated Danny Burch

Keith Lee came out to the ring after the match with a contract in his hand. Lee said he pleaded with Regal to give him the match with Kross at Takeover. He said he would not lay his hands on him until Takeover. Lee said he and Regal signed the contract for the match and all it needs is Kross’ signature. Scarlet gives Kross the contract and he signed it. Scarlet gave it back to Lee. Lee picked up the contract but then a fireball bursted out, nailing Lee’s face. Officials came in to help Lee to the back.

Review: Pretty good match. No doubt that Karrion was going to get the win to show how dominant he is. I don’t think Burch should’ve had as much offense than what he should’ve gotten though. I didn’t expect that fireball at the end with Lee and I thought it was a very unique way to intense the rivalry.

As the match between Drake Maverick and Killian Dain was happening, Lee was put in the ambulance truck. The Undisputed Era arrived at the Center as the ambulance left.

Killian Dain vs. Drake Maverick Ended In A No Contest

The Undisputed Era came out to interrupt the match and took them out. Cole is upset with what Pat McAfee did to him last week. He dared McAfee to show up next week and step into the ring with him. He said he will show everyone that McAfee is in over his head.

Review: I didn’t see what the point of the match was until Undisputed Era came out to stop it. It’s a shame though that Drake was brought back just to kind be in the same position he was in before rather than be in a long term program with Santos Escobar for the Cruiserweight title.

Santos Escobar Defeated Tyler Breeze

Fandango came out with a stick, attacking Mendoza and Wild but the numbers game was too big for him as Escobar took him out. Isiah “Swerve” Scott came out to make the save, causing them to retreat.

Review: Pretty good match between the two competitors. Nothing really spectacular but Escobar is becoming pretty good heel with his run as champion. I wish though he would get more TV time to be build up even further.

Dakota Kai in a video promo talked about getting inside Io’s head so that she will be able to beat her. She said she doesn’t need friends or allies, she will beat Io Shirai at Takeover by herself to become NXT Women’s Champion.

McKenzie asked Mia Yim before her match what Keith Lee’s condition is and she said from what she knows he is going to be okay. She said she has to be focused on her match coming up.

Mia Yim Defeated Indi Hartwell

Review: Another good match. I didn’t see much point to it other than to get Mia’s reaction to what happened to Lee in the beginning of the show and to showcase her a little bit.

Bronson Reed Defeated Damien Priest

Review: The action in this match was really intense and the chemistry between the two big guys were on point. I thought the roll up pin was kind of a underwhelming ending to the match though if I had one complaint about it.

Io Shirai talked about Dakota Kai in a video promo about her using people. She said Dakota was terrified of Shayna Baszler and she will be scared of her at TakeOver. She said Dakota is not in her head, she had just pissed her off.

Before the match, Robert Stone talked about his brand being on fire. He offered Kacy Catanzaro to join his brand but she rejected by kicking him in the leg.

Mercedes Martinez And Aliyah Defeated Kacy Catanzaro And Kayden Carter

Rhea Ripley came out and attacked Martinez in the ring. Aliyah helped Martinez beat Rhea down until Shotzi Blackheart came to Rhea’s aid, causing Aliyah and Martinez to retreat.

Review: Good match. This was all to set up for Rhea to come out and face Mercedes after she costed her the match last week.

A video promo showed Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae at their home. Candice told Tegan Knox to stay out of her business. Candice believed that their kingdom is doomed but Johnny said it is not with him around. Johnny claimed he will beat Ridge Holland to go on to TakeOver to regain The North American Championship.

Timothy Thatcher showed everyone in his Thatcher’s Thatch Can class the single leg Boston Crab and an Ankle Lock as he put it on a person with a Finn Balor shirt on.

The mystery opponent for the triple threat match was revealed to be The Velveteen Dream.

Cameron Grimes Defeated Velveteen Dream And Kushida To Advance To The North American Championship Ladder Match

Velveteen Dream attacked Kushida after the match. Dream was gloating in the ring until Finn Balor appeared. The show ended with Dream and Balor going face to face.

Review: Good main event to the show. I don’t know how I feel about them having Grimes in the match since I’m not too big on him but they got to have a heel in the match.

Overall Review: This was another really good show. They built up each match heading into TakeOver XXX well with the people involved. However, they could’ve probably done without the Mia Yim match.

Grade: 6/10