WWE NXT (9/30) Results And Review: Go Home Show For ‘NXT TakeOver 31,’ Balor And O’Reily Go Face To Face, And More

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This edition of NXT took place once again at Full Sail University in Orlando Florida with PC trainees in attendance. It was the final show before NXT TakeOver 31 which also featured matches such as Shotzi Blackheart vs. Dakota Kai and Damien Priest teaming up with Io Shirai to take on Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae. Plus, NXT Champion Finn Balor was scheduled for a face to face confrontation with Kyle O’Reily before their title match at TakeOver with 2x WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels as the host.

Shotzi Blackheart Defeated Dakota Kai

Review: Good match. That sliced bread move on the apron looked frightening and that was not too necessary for the match though. Other than that, I enjoyed it.

Tom Phillips has an interview with Santos Escobar and Isiah Swerve Scott for their Cruiserweight title match at TakeOver. Swerve questions that the chances he had against Escobar in the past were fair. Escobar said that he is just making excuses and that he is a loose end that needs to be tied up. Swerve complained about Legado Del Fantasma always interfering in their matches and claims Escobar knows he is better than him. Swerve said he will show the whole world what he is capable of. Santos said that Swerve will fail at winning the title like he always does. Santos said that he remade his image out of respect for the lucha culture and that Swerve has no respect for it. He said he will use that to retain and Swerve said he would like to see Santos try.

A video package of Kyle O’Reily’s journey to get to the spot where he is now is shown. Highlights of independent wrestling matches he has had in the past were shown in it. He said the Undisputed Era has changed his life. Adam Cole said he has known his entire life that Kyle is one of the best. He said he has been waiting his career for this and to face his dream opponent Finn Balor. He claimed that when he wins the NXT title, it will be the same as when Cole won the title and the Undisputed Era will stick together.

Sarah interviewed Candice LeRae and Johnny Gargano about what they want to accomplish before TakeOver in their match later on. Johnny said their destiny is here and Candice said they will prove that they can beat Io and Damien Priest.

Cameron Grimes came out to the ring. he talked about not being in a good mood because he didn’t win the gauntlet eliminator last week. He introduces a stepping stone invitational match and introduces his opponent Joey Pistachio. He beats the opponent easily with his double stomp finisher. He was about to introduce his second opponent until Ridge Holland attacked the second opponent. Cameron told him he’s not a part of it but Ridge came in and landed a head butt to Cameron to start their match.

Cameron Grimes Defeated Ridge Holland By DQ

Review: I didn’t understand where they were going with the Cameron Grimes invitational until Ridge Holland showed up. This was not even a match but a slaughter to Cameron to build up Ridge as a monster. I’m still interested to see how they continue this build with him.

Sarah interviewed Austin Theory about his recent struggles. He said he saw Kyle O’Reily’s video and was inspired. He claimed that Kyle O’Reily should catch up to him.

A video package of Kushida was shown with him saying that people have mistaken his humility for weakness. He claimed he will be victorious at NXT TakeOver 31 over Velveteen Dream and dance to the core of NXT.

Kushida Defeated Tony Nese

Velveteen Dream appeared on the screen after the match. He said that he always performs on the biggest spotlight.

Review: Pretty good match. This was designed to show Kushida’s vicious side and to give him momentum for his match with Velveteen Dream at TakeOver.

Cameron Grimes was holding a towel on his eye asking about Mr. Regal until he walked in front of a returning Dexter Lumis. he asked where Regal is to him but Dexter gave him no answer. Grimes called him a freak and walked past him.

Adam Cole was in the ring. He talked about how the Undisputed Era have dominated NXT for 3 years. He claimed that nothing has changed with the Undisputed Era contrary to what people have said. Cole called Austin Theory out for his comments about Kyle O’Reily. Austin came out but kept his distance on the stage. Adam threatened to beat him down where he was if he didn’t enter the ring. Austin came into the ring for the match.

Adam Cole Defeated Austin Theory

Review: Really good match. Austin Theory had an impressive showing with Cole and he definitely has some potential. Adam Cole gave Theory a really good run for his money.

Sarah interviewed Damien Priest and Io Shirai to talk about thier tag match for later on. Damien said they are going to take care of business with the Gargano’s. Io Shirai talked in Japanese and said the words “Rock Star” to Damien. Damien said she is cool as hell. Io said he is cool as well.

Kayden Carter Defeated Xia Li

Kayden tried to show respect to Xia after the match but Xia pushed her away. Kacy Catanzaro tried to get Xia’s attention but Xia shoved her away.

Review: Pretty good match. This was to advance a character change with Xia Li.

Shawn Michaels appeared to introduce the face to face with Finn Balor and Kyle O’Reily. They shook hands. Finn said he is looking forward to the match. Kyle said he is looking forward to it too. Shawn claimed that Finn has been the best he has been and Kyle is NXT’s best kept secret. Finn said he knows how good Kyle is an dhe has proven himself all over the world. Kyle said Finn is good at stroking his ego. Kyle said it is a certain defeat for Finn. Finn asked if he will show up with Undisputed Era or as a man. Kyle said it’s not about Undisputed Era, it’s about his moment. Shawn asked if there is a power struggle with Undisputed Era. Kyle denied it. Kyle said Finn will have no excuses when he beats him. Finn said there will be no excuses when he beats Kyle. Kyle said this is the biggest moment in his career. Kyle said it is BS that he is considered the underdog because he has not been in the ring with someone like him. Finn said Kyle has everything it takes to be champion and he would beat anyone else for it except Finn Balor.

Johnny Gargano And Candice LeRae Defeated Damien Priest And Io Shirai

Candice LeRae nailed Io with a back stabber after the match as Io confronted Johnny.

Review: Good match. I think the face to face confrontation should’ve closed the show but the match was enjoyable. It also showed that both Io and Damien are pretty much retaining the titles at TakeOver from the looks of how it ended.

Overall Review: It wasn’t a great go home show and what they tried to accomplish for the buildup to the show didn’t really get me that excited. Although, I thought the face to face confrontation with Swerve and Escobar was actually better than the confrontation with Finn and Kyle. I thought Swerve and Santos had more fire and energy to what they were saying. Finn and Kyle was pretty good but I’m still not too sold on the match and sold on the belief that Kyle is beating Balor. other than that, the matches were really good and the fact that Dexter Lumis is back is even better.

Overall Grade: 5/10



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