WWE NXT Super Tuesday Results And Review (9/1): Who Walked Out As The NXT Champion? Steel Cage Match Announced For Next Week, And More

NXT Super Tuesday took place at Full Sail University in Orlando Florida with PC trainees in attendance. A highly anticipated card was scheduled as Legado Del Fantasma took on Breezango and Isiah Swerve Scott in a 6 man tag street fight. The main event featured the first ever 60 minute Iron Man Fatal 4 Way Match which involved Johnnny Gargano, Finn Balor, Adam Cole and Tommaso Ciampa to determine the new NXT Champion.

Isiah Swerve Scott and Breezango Defeated Legado Del Fantasma

Review: Really good opener. The crazy spots including the forklift dive were awesome. However, I don’t know why they would go to commercial during the spots with Tyler Breeze getting kicked with the trash can and Fandango going through the table. That really could’ve been great if they showed that in the match and not during commercial.

Tegan Knox explained her history with Candice LeRae on the independents and going through NXT together. She said she is not the same Candice LeRae she knew. She said she will do whatever it takes to fix the situation with her and Candice.

Candice LeRae Defeated Kacy Catanzaro

After the match, Candice said that she is jealous of Kacy and Kayden Carter’s friendship because it reminded her of her and Tegan’s friendship. She agreed to have dinner with Tegan to talk it out.

Review: Good match. Candice has a great vicious side to her in the ring. I wish they give Kacy some kind of gimmick or something to put her on TV more because she definitely is very talented and athletic in the ring. However, this was all to get to further the story of Candice and Tegan Knox.

Rhea Ripley was in a video promo saying she is sick of Mercedes Martinez sticking her nose in her business. She challenges Martinez to fight in a steel cage match.

Timothy Thatcher Defeated Bronson Reed

Review: Pretty good physical match. I don’t know how I feel about a Bronson Reed/Austin Theory rivalry but I guess we’ll see how that goes. As for Thatcher, this means that he will get first dibs at Damien Priest for the North American Championship.

Mercedes Martinez was shown in a video promo accepting Rhea’s steel cage challenge for next Tuesday.

Fatal 4 Way Match Iron Man Match Ended In A Draw Between Adam Cole And Finn Balor As The Score Was Gargano: 1, Ciampa: 1, Cole: 2 And Balor: 2

Review: I really enjoyed this match as much as I expected. All of them worked their tail off in this match for one whole hour. I didn’t expect the match to end the way it did. I was certain Ciampa was going to win but they are going with either Adam Cole or Finn Balor. I’m not too big on them doing a draw between two of the 4 men but if this is the direction they are going, I believe Balor should win the title. Balor has had the most wins and he is the bigger name on the roster. I don’t know where they go with Ciampa but I hope they don’t go with another feud with Gargano since they had finished that rivalry.

Overall Review: Really great show tonight. The matches leading up to the main event really set the tone for the night and the main event delivered. I wasn’t too big on the finish but the excitement throughout the night and how the opening match got me glued to the screen for the rest of the show.

Overall Grade: 7/10