WWE SummerSlam 2020 Results And Review: New Champions Crowned, Big Name Returns, And More


WWE SummerSlam 2020 took place at the Amway Center in Orlando Florida as a part of WWE ThunderDome with virtual fans in attendance. The match card was stacked with title matches and grudge matches including Drew McIntyre vs. Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, Asuka challenging Bayley and Sasha Banks for their respective Women’s titles and Dominick Mysterio taking on Seth Rollins in a Street Fight.

Bayley Defeated Asuka To Retain The SmackDown Women’s Championship

Review: I didn’t expect this match to open the show but it was a solid opener. Both Asuka and Bayley put on a great match as expected and the way Bayley would retain was good, however I wished she had just beat her after she had done her face plant finisher to her but it kind of made it for it with the beat down on Asuka to stack the odds against her for her match with Sasha. I also wish they would’ve just went right into the Sasha and Asuka match where Sasha would take advantage of a wounded Asuka right then and there, telling the referee to start her match. The beat down afterwards probably would’ve been better too if they attacked Asuka with a weapon on either her arm, leg or mid section to stack the odds even more in Sasha’s favor.

Dominick Mysterio was with his mother and Rey Mysterio backstage. He asked his mom to leave so he can talk to Rey alone. She left and he tells Rey that it’s his fight. Rey tries to convince Dominick that he needs him out there but Dominick tells Rey that he needs to go at it alone. He asked Rey not to interfere. Rey agreed.

Kevin Owens came out to join the commentary team.

The Street Profits Defeated Angel Garza and Andrade To Retain The Raw Tag Team Championship

Review: The match itself was really good. I enjoyed the pacing of the match and the back and forth offense. I do not agree though on the Profits retaining. Now they have to break up Garza and Andrade because I don’t see how they could continue this tag rivalry. Not only that but now what other team could be the next challengers for the Profits. At least if Garza and Andrade win, you can have the Profits try to chase to get the titles back or have The Viking Raiders challenge them. Now, what heel tag team do you have feud with The Profits?

Kayla Braxton interviewed Bayley and Sasha Banks. She pointed out Sasha helping Bayley retain but Bayley calls her a biased journalists and she was happy about her successful title defense. Kayla asked Sasha if she believed Bayley will return the favor. Sasha said if Bayley could beat Asuka then she knows she can beat Asuka. She said she will love it when she makes Asuka tap in their match. Bayley also claimed that it will be a clean sweep for them as she swept the ring with a broom.

Mandy Rose Defeated Sonya Deville In A NO DQ Loser Leaves WWE Match

Review: The match was good with how they were able to tell the story of their deteriorated friendship but their could’ve been a lot more they could’ve done in it. Mandy brought a table out from under the ring and nobody went through it, she just used it to slide the chairs towards Sonya. It was an interesting way to use it but still, how do you bring out a table and no one goes through it.

Seth Rollins Defeated Dominick Mysterio In A Street Fight

Review: The storytelling in this match was amazing. Dominick put up one hell of a fight in his first match but it was obvious that Seth was going to come out with the win. I thought Dominick’s mom Angie coming out was kind of pointless but her expressions as she watched on backstage really added to the match. Overall, I really enjoyed it.

Asuka Defeated Sasha Banks To Become The NEW Raw Women’s Champion

Review: I didn’t like how Asuka came out to not selling the beat down they gave her after the match with Bayley. However, the match itself really delivered and it was probably better than Asuka’s match with Bayley earlier in the night. Asuka winning was the right way to go and they are starting to tease the break up of Sasha and Bayley. The sun set flip power bomb from the apron to the outside looked really brutal but it was spot of the night for sure.

Drew McIntyre Defeated Randy Orton To Retain The WWE Championship

Review: I thought the match overall was really good until the finish. Randy should’ve won the title here but Drew ended up winning with a back slide roll up finish. I don’t understand why they keep doing these roll up finishes. I know they were trying to make it seem like Drew got a lucky one on Randy for probably their next match. However, if this was the case I would’ve rather he just hit him with the Claymore Kick out of no where to get the pin. I guess for once WWE was right, we never saw that finish coming and it was disappointing.

The Fiend Defeated Braun Strowman To Become The NEW Universal Champion

After the match, The Fiend got speared in the ring. It was Roman Reigns. Reigns beat up The Fiend in the ring and speared Braun outside the ring. He hit Braun over and over with a chair. Reigns got back in the ring and speared Fiend again. Roman held the Universal title up in the air as the show ended.


Review: It was a good main event. I didn’t expect it to be falls count anywhere but it worked for these two. The announce table failing to break after Braun choke slammed Fiend on it felt like an awkward moment since it obviously was supposed to give way. I also didn’t see why it was going to main event until after the match with Roman’s return. It did have the right man win but the match itself was not too main event worthy. I’m glad to see Roman back, not sure if he turned heel here because of how he was acting as he beat down both Braun and Bray but I’m not going to speculate on that. It might be just him having a more intense persona.

Overall Review: This was a pretty good SummerSlam. The ThunderDome experience was a lot better than how they used it on the previous SmackDown with how the fans were reacting to what was going on in the ring as it was happening. The soundboard crowd noises is something they got to improve on because they kept repeating the same noise during some of the matches. They need to pipe in the creative chants that the live crowds would do like when they yell “one fall” during the in ring introduction, the “What” chants, the “You Deserve it” chants and everything else the real fans would chant.

The matches had a solid booking with what started and ended but it could’ve been a bit better. Overall, this wouldn’t be on the top 10 list of best SummerSlams but it was enjoyable to watch with this new ThunderDome experience and everyone on the show brought it with each match on the card.

Overall Grade: 7/10






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